नद धारण [nada dhārana] - resonant worlds - worlds in resonance:

.. we will never know totally the worlds around us, nor the worlds which compose us .. but what they make resound in us, this very sound will belong to us to understand it and to know it .. we are responsible for it ..
.. worlds in resonance, are the particular consciousnesses that are transiently only in us, for us, with us, in our body, in our soul and in our mind ..
the [dharma] of the resonant world institute® , its vocation, manifests itself in three points.
those to dedicate themselves to:

  • the awakening of the body
  • the awakening of the voice / immersion in the sacred sound
  • immersion in the sacred spirit

.. music is the most beautiful of realities, the most beautiful teacher,
   the most beautiful of philosophies, the most beautiful of sciences, the most beautiful conversations ..
.. music is the most beautiful guide to the science of the sacred ..
.. and the sacred is the resonance between the worlds ..


we will never fully understand the reality of subtle worlds, but we can relate to their sacred resonance that is deep within us.

to do so, the resonant worlds institute will offer several bodily technologies, several modes of meditation on the physical, the heart and the mind.

  • the work of the body, the work of singing ..
  • cures, detoxification, nutrition, body therapies ..
  • the experiments of other realities of the body and the transcendence of the real

.. through chanting, practice of music and of sacred sound ..

Sound Yoga

Vincent Baettig

Host of the K-Yoga, Resonant Worlds and Monroe courses in Switzerland.


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