नवद्वार [navadvara], the 9 doors of light : the alchemy of change ..

the alchemy of change is a first result of a tedious work of research and synthesis of the resonant worlds institute on the science of states of consciousness, 6 senses and bodily energies .. the new work pursued here is conducted in the respect of the tradition of the sciences of the body. we western people, all seem to be convinced of a non-relation, of an original dissociation, between the nature of the body and that of the spirit .. but are the spirit and the body really sources and of totally different qualities? .. or is the conviction that the mind would be dissociated from the body, already revealing the first disease of affect, a disease that will bring it irreparably to the death of the body? .. the alchemy of change is a very singular work of personal development that touches the soul through the path of matter and the body .. it represents a work of important fusion between various ancient oriental traditions, without betraying them in their essence, on the contrary .. the bodily techniques used at first will be of tradition: sufi, sedic, taoist, tibetan and japanese .. 9 months, or more exactly 9 moons, is the time of gestation of the great projects of the body human. 9 months of treatments, 9 months of meditation, 9 months of vision continuum of his consciousness .. during 9 months, we will, during 10 intense acupressure sessions, meet our body and our body consciousness, in many aspects:
physical, magnetic, vibratory, perceptive, cognitive, spiritual and conceptual .. the body techniques used will be: acupressure, [tuina], [marma] and rolfing ..

these body techniques will enable us to come into contact with 9 levels of carnal consciousness, 9 levels of consciousness of the matter of our body .. the behaviors of body structure form a measurable variable, at all times. the most beautiful work that can be done emotionally or psychically, often leave room for too great a level of transfer, uncertainty or induction .. are things as I thought them , perceived, or am I still misled by my mind, my beliefs, my desires, my fears and my aversions? to better open the energy and awareness of its 9 carnal layers, we will apply the techniques of diet and nutrition:
macrobiotic, ayurvedic, naturopathic, yogic and taoiste .. so that our psyche does not interfere in the process by its distrust, or its anxieties, we will use the meditation techniques of [kriya yoga] and zen buddhism. the daily body work is based on [pranayama] and tantric [yoga] ..

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