.. the nature of reality will remain a mystery forever hidden within the fundamental,
but the desire to know, will remain the true pleasure of being ..
.. it will be the true manifestation of our reality .. and this is our truth ..
.. to stay, the knowledge of the old had to change every day, he had to adapt to the men who practice it, he had to blend in the time that passes, and still today, it must give desire to to evolve in the apparent modes of the moment, in the difficult phases of our precariousness ... in times of extreme crisis, of questioning and failure.
.. to remain true, the truth flows like the river .. to remain known, the knowledge changes of skin like a snake .. the tradition is the old art of learning to change permanently, by retransmitting to the other ones fire, ones joy, ones comprehension ..

.. authentic knowledge is the creator and guardian of the desire to be alive ..
.. life is nothing but a tension that drives oneself to love beyond appearances .. life is nothing but a growing desire to understand what or who pushes to move forward and evolve beyond obstacles.
.. the tradition of the ancients initiates to the wisdom of knowledge, the knowledge pushes to the right action, the right action brings us to the evolution in the unknown ..
this evolution makes the tradition at once fragile but mature, imperfect but eternal, inaccurate but pure, mortal but solid .. like the knowledge that celebrates it.
because knowledge is only transition, it is incarnated one day in us .. according to the ancestral tradition .. the true can one day finally be born in us ..
we make it grow or fall, evolve or decline .. this knowledge becomes the truth, our truth ..
because it gets continously incarnated in us, we are constantly changing the truth, despite ourselves ..
and despite everything, this truth also modifies us without our notice .. the truth grows and changes to our contact .. this contact changes the truth ..

tradition has not always been the best guardian of the truth,
but she has always been the guardian of the art of approaching the obstacle,
she was the instigator of the new to meet and the initiator of the unknown to experiment ..