the sound touches the physical body:
the sound makes all the skeleton vibrate, the sound makes resound all the bony cavities, organic and muscular of the body, the sound shapes, shakes and readjusts the whole architecture of the body,
the sound enters the body through the skin,
the sound embraces the flesh, the sound electrifies the nerves of the body.

the sound touches the emotional:
the sound transports, affects, moves and connects, the sound produces dreams, sensations and desires by its tone, its melody and its texture,
the sound creates the feeling and arouses the empathy, the sound is energy.

the sound touches the intellect:
the sound informs, communicates, transmits a message, an intelligence, the sound projects a vision,
the sound supports an action by nature and the impact of its rhythms.
the sound touches the heart and the mind:
the sound transforms by transforming itself, the sound reveals or calls an energetic presence,
the sound resonates, harmonizes, mixes, modifies and adapts,
the sound heals, balances, disturbs and elevates.

the sound touches the consciousness:
the sound reveals creator, creation and creature, the sound is everything,
sound reveals being, sound connects with being,
the sound reveals the silence, the sound reveals the non-expressed, the sound reveals the unspoken,
the sound reveals the projection of thought,
the sound reveals the intention, the sound reveals its quality, its origins, its intentions
by its harmonic richness,
the resonance of sound reveals our harmonic awareness, our ability to connect, or uplift to more
the sound reveals the greater than oneself, the sound connects us to the greater than oneself,
the sound reveals context, presence and consciousness,
the sound connects in us the listening, the resonance, the instrument and the intention
by the magic of the harmonic states of consciousness.

 .. at the beginning there was the verb, and the verb flew over the waves .. .. at the beginning there was the sound,
the big bang by which everything started, and will start again ..