नद धारण [nada dhārana] - resonant worlds ( worlds in resonance )
is an institute of research and exploration of consciousness, through the study, the development and the experimentation of body and sound, vocal and meditative techniques, which human seems to have intuitively used since the dawn of time, on all the surface of the planet. resonant worlds studies sacred songs, the oldest ritual music, trance rhythms and songs, harmonic singing, shamanic songs, and what was once called "the music of the spheres".

resonant worlds institute studies the intelligence of the sacred sound, the [yoga] of the sound, the [tantra] of the sound, the [yoga] of the origins .. the link between oneself and the world ..

नद धारण [nada dhārana] - resonant worlds studies the vibratory and energetic impact of words, mantras, the intonation of the voice and body postures on the human mind and physical reality.

.. resonant worlds studies the impact of sacred sounds on the multiplicity, quality and intensity of non-ordinary states of consciousness ..
.. resonant worlds investigates the latest technologies in digital psycho-acoustics, as well as of expression of the ancients: the singing, the magic of the ritual sound, the acoustics of the sacred places .. resonant worlds does not represent any particular philosophical or religious obedience, but it respects deeply what they can all relate to us.