नाद [naad], the [tantra] of sound
.. at the beginning, there was the breath, the voice, and the word ..
.. and together they were dancing on the surface of the waters ..

नाद [naad], is the art of psycho-acoustic .. and the sound of the sacred:
the sound of the sacred is a conscousness and a philosophy, a language and a vehicle ..
psycho-acoustic is the modern science of the spirit of sound,
of his soul and his embodied vehicle ..
today's psycho-acoustics are for us, part of the eternal quest for the sacred sound of the [naad] ..
psycho-acoustic is the sublime art of induction, the sublime art of incitement, the sublime art of the sustenance of emotion.
by the baths of harmonic frequencies, by the immersion in the soundtracks of the sacred sounds .. psycho-acoustic is the medicine of the soul ..

नाद [naad] the art of today's harmonic,
highlights the study of the sacred sound of the ancients .. this art reveals:

  • a new vision of sound, a new philosophy of sound ..
  • a new approach to sacred music and the amazing benefits of acoustic immersion in harmonics ..
  • new technologies using on purpose harmonics and psycho-acoustics,

who awaken the structure our psyche, and or guide us through it ..

नाद [naad] is a journey through the light of sound, to ones self, beyond our shadows ..

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