Himalayas - Sacred Voices of Kalachakra

Himalayas - Sacred Voices of Kalachakra

In & Out Of The Body Experiences / Part One

This CD has been designed to significantly increase the anchoring to the earth of your body, and to promote a good quality of synchronization of your cerebral hemispheres, during your meditations. Listen to this CD carefully, this is the equivalent of a medicine, it is not a traditional CD production.

Weird sounds, strange vibrations, very special tones and harmonies were chosen intentionally. To promote the best experience, meditate on the Kalachakra, and on the OM mantra.

You can also use a form belonging to the sacred geometry, in 5 points such as the pentagram, the yin yang sign or in 4 + 1 points such as the Celtic cross or the Christian cross. The strength of your personal mantras will be truly increased tenfold. Here is the proposed meditation.

First step: focus your attention on the unity of the mandala, let yourself be absorbed by its total cohesion ...
Second step: keeping your gaze on the mandala, observe its surface, its aura, its white vibration grow ...
Third step: let yourself be carried away and dive into the skylight in the heart of the mandala ...
Fourth step: admire in the smallest details, and horizontally, the details of the holy city, which this mandala shows from the top ...
Fifth step: observe the consciousness in you who is engaged in the contemplation of this mandala, observe the detail of your consciousness that observes ...
What you see will belong to you totally, and only exists within your consciousness ... But is not this the most important?

A psycho-acoustic technology called BMR® (Brain Waves Modulation and Impulse Response), licensed by the Resonant World Institute is used throughout the CD.

All performances: vocals, Tibetan bowls, harmonic vocals and overdubs were played and recorded by Vincent Baettig on ProTools HD® audio editing station.

The production was mixed and mastered for the first time at the Resonant Worlds Institute in March 2006. A second time in November 2011.

Thank you to all my teachers and singers for inspiring me in this adventure.

The tantric tones come from the music and vibration of the planets: Earth and Saturn, Moon and Jupiter, Venus and Mars, Mercury and Sun.

35 CHF
Vincent Baettig
52 min