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Yoga du Corps

क योग [k-yoga] the [yoga] of the body
.. the integral [yoga] is the [yoga] of a lifetime ..

  • my lifetime prepares me for the [yoga],
    [yoga] prepares me for my lifetime ..
  • [yoga] is life, life is [yoga] ..

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क योग [k-yoga] or ( kai or key or chi [yoga])
the ancient [yoga] of the body, is the key [yoga], the [yoga] of the fundamental energy manifested
.. integration of nowaday's technics of [kundalini], [vinyasa], [ashtanga], [hatha], [kriya] ..
.. [pranayama], [nidra yoga] ..
.. taiso, shin tao, water [yoga] & earth [yoga], fire [yoga] & [yoga] of light ..
.. white [tantra], meditation on [pranayama] ..
.. [sesshin] : body meditation on [asana] ..
.. whirling: meditation on the moving body ..

  • approach of individual and daily practice ..
  • approach of group practice and group curses ..
  • approach of one's personal, integral and integrative practice in every day's life ..

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