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ज्अधर ञान [adhara jana] the vedic physiotherapy

  • my body has to learn how to play with the force of gravity ..
  • or will suffer more to endure it ..

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ज्अधर ञान [adhara jana]
[adhara jana] physiotherapy is a post-traumatic postural reeducation, a homogenization of tensions by slow and progressive body manipulations.

  • structural integration (= rolfing) and postural correction, this physiotherapy leads to the release of spirals of crises by postural manipulations.
  • corporeal and fondamental restructuring, it restores an essential and original body harmony.
  • reenergizing the energetic axes (= osteopathy, [abhiyanga], [shiatzu], [an-mo], [tuina] and thai massage), it is reequilabration of the organic, articular and muscular energy circuits, brings back in movement the mechanisms of engagement, sustenance and release ..
  • harmonization of breathing times, it arouses efficiency of breath vitality, depth and pacification of breath-expire cycles.
  • fluidification of cardiac rhythms, it is management of cardiovascular arrhythmias, soothing of spasmodic claustrophobias and vertigos.
  • cohesion of vital fires: immune et digestive, growth and reactive, sexued and regenerative .. it deals with the behavior of acquisition, transformation and release of the body ..
  • adaptability, it increases the tolerance of the immune "buffer", the temporization of moods, empathy .. and finally propensity to compassion.

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