.. time passes, truths change, mystery grows ..
.. only the desire to learn will remain ..
.. the revealed is transient .. the river of time carries finally all truths ..
.. only the desire to love life is our truth ..
.. the unmanifested, the unconscious have no limits .. and beyond impurity ..
.. the only limit is that of our impure understanding ..
.. only our understood univers, is by definition limited and dual, this non-inclusion will make us flirt with the impurity..

.. any past understanding is a prison from which one will have to free oneself one day ..
.. a prison that protects us from ourselves and locks us up, is the Brahmanda Gate ..

अनात्मन् [anatman] impersonality ..
अनित्यत्व [anityatva] impermanence ..
दुःखा [duhka] impavidity ..
.. are wonderful tantric concepts that make look at this world and live into it differently, a nethertheless always transcient world .. the truth will always remain elsewhere .. unveiled ..

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