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प्रत्य [prathya] the harmonic

  • प्रत्य [prathya], his resonance is in the heart
    of the science of psycho-acoustics .. the नाद [naad] ..
  • it is the intimate intention of the sound ..
  • the language of sound ..
  • the subliminal message of the sound ..
  • the divine in the sound ..

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संनत [samnata] healing with sound technology
the treatment of harmonics is the heart of psycho-acoustics

the [samnata] harmonic techniques:
- the BMR® (brain waves modulation & impulse response) of the resonant worlds institute®
- the resonance, morphogenetics and metamorphism of the harmonic
- the binaural sound and hemi-sync® of the monroe institute®

प्रत्य [prathya], the harmonic is the body, the intention, the language and the message of the sound
principles of the harmonic:

प्रतिबद्ध [prathybaddha] is upper and lower harmonics, co-active and reactive harmonics,
simplified and polyrhythmic ..प्रत्याह्वय [prathyavaya] is interference and phase shift, convergence and divergence,
the fundamental and the transient ..
.. their interactive dance creates the sound, composes it and makes it shine.
.. the harmonic is at the origin of the sound .. it is its cause, .. its creator ..
.. she is the nature of the sound, her body .. she is the consequence of the sound, her descent ..
.. the harmonic is daughter, mother and grandmother of the sound ..
.. it is the root, the trunk, the foliage and the flower of the sound tree ..

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