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The Tree of Silent Words

The Tree of Silent Words

A Sensory Experience into the Tree of the Psyche ..

A sound meditation that we ourselves in the matrices of the Tree of our Psyche .. our consciousness is a collective dream .. like the tree that houses a multitude of identities, but radiates a single and same consciousness .. our psyche offers the same structure as the tree, intelligently mixing simplicity and paradoxes .. universality and infinite complexities .. 4 matrices surround our empty trunk, of me, the space of a dream that seeks itself: the family matrix, the societal matrix, the ethical matrix and the reliance matrix (reason or religion) .. this CD offers a progressive meditation in the spaces of the tree that carries us .. and the tree that contains us. .

this CD uses the new Beta frequencies: Sigma, K-Complex and Gamma.

35 CHF
Dhyan Prakash