मर्मन् [marma]
[marma] acupressure is an acupuncture practiced mostly by the pressure of the fingers or by all the hand, [marma] is part of the asian traditional and medicines made by the hand (= digipuncture or shiatzu) .. it uses the stimulation of the vital points to rise the missing energy or disperse too much energy ..
.. to stimulate, harmonize and disperse ..

it is a musculoskeletal and myofascial manipulation in depth, aiming to the return of fluidity, proactivity and mobility of the body, (flesh, fascia, muscle, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves, viscera, pulse, blood and lymphatic flood), his tension and imbalance leading to a multitude of dysfunctions.

it arouses homogenization, dynamisation, dissolution of tensions, fluidity of the lymph, by deep massage and precise pressure on acupuncture points, vital points and nerve connections. [marma] acupressure highlights 10 physiological layers, reachable by 10 hand techniques and 10 different levels of pressure.

.. there is no physical tension without mental tension or stress ..
.. there is no mental disharmony without physical disharmony or disease ..

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