innovation, research on new technologies, new psychologies are vital needs for our mind and spirit ..
the pleasure of innovating, the quest for something new in the context of the ethics of the ancients, are the true sign of vitality of our spirit.
it would be arrogant to claim to really innovating, everything has already been invented .. we still have the pleasure of choosing what to incarnate .. in all creativity ..
constantly, the resonant worlds institute focuses on the emergence of new concepts, on the vision of new horizons:

  • new medicines, therapeutic methods, holistic techniques
  • new massages, body restructurings, cellular reinforcement, bioplasma magnetizations
  • new diets, nutritions, nutritional meditations
  • new preparations of essential oils, precious stones, waves of form
  • new alpha frequency baths, theta, delta, gamma, bwmir
  • new mantras, ragas, polyrhythmias
  • new movements, dance sequences
  • new meditations, visualizations
  • new resonant psychologies
  • new mathematics, new relational numerologies
  • new research in fundamental psycheology
  • new karmic astrology, new vision of astronomy

innovate, invent / experiment, practice / solicit, test / publish,
this is our vocation .. this is our [dharma] ..

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