ज्योतिषशास्त्र [jyotishastra] the art of reading light:
.. karmic astrology is reading the light of chaos .. it is the astroscience of the psyche .. the first pyschonanlysis ..
.. chaos is this order that we do not understand .. because our awareness to read it, is not deep enough .. not enough detached .. not enough disinterested .. not big enough ..

.. karmic astrology tells about the revolutions of the sun and the planets .. the dance of the seasons .. the harvests of the moons .. the singing of the planets .. the music of the constellations ..
.. it reminds us that we are light of the past and legend of the future .. but also that we can allow ourselves to become predictable creatures of suffering and envy ..
.. karmic astrology reads the houses of the moon, .. the lunar knots, .. the black moon, .. the retrograde planets .. the eclipses of the moon and the sun .. the color of the stars .. the stars of smoke .. the reflections of the galaxies .. the murmur of the seasons .. the weight of the shadows projected by planets alignments ..
.. karmic astrology is an existential poetry, a harmonic music, a melody of a new future to re-write .. and the tale of a dream like past to be totally reinvented ..
.. it is the first science of human psychology .. it describes the nature and the depth of our psyche .. and the depth of our remembrance, makes our future pathetically flat, .. or fantastically unpredictable ..

देववानी [devavani] the art of reading the oracle ..
.. reading of the old Tarot of Marseille as a sounding instrument of the unconscious
.. art of tantric numerology, decoding of the sacred key of Numbers in our unconscious psyche..

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