.. the key is the eternal desire to learn how to learn and how to understand ..
.. the door is an obstacle that allows to provisorily learn how to separate things .. and how to wait till we are ready .. to learn how to make provisorily abstraction of things .. and to learn how to wait for the right moment at the right place .. and how to seize the real opportunity .. at the right time and place ..
.. the lock is the loss of the envy of learning and understanding .. the ignorance .. the weakness to mn more know how to wait and understand … .. or to no more know how to master ourselves and seize the right time at the right place ..

चित्त [citta] are new keys that allow to better embrace his psychology, to be able to invest more intensely its depths ..
the unconscious as we conceive it today, does not really exist in the old scriptures, and the were maybe right .. we only know the limits, the fears and the repressions of our inadequate consciousness.
the greatest terror of our consciousness is to be useless.

[citta] is the decoding of the modified states of consciousness and the understanding of the keys to the cyclical movements of the human psyche:

  • the modified states of consciousness, the fundamental research in quantum mode, the grasping of moments of change, the time of peaks of consciousness and breaking points .. the alchemy of change ..
  • karmic astrology, vedic astrology, and tantra of numbers .. the ancient solar, lunar and telluric astrology / arabic astronomy ..

the ancient karmic astrology is the first and the most complex vision of human psychology .. the 9 [nakshatra], the 10 faces of the goddess .. Jung led us to rediscover her ..

  • the holon .. the fundamental, the interfering and the manifested ..
  • universal alchemy and[madala] of the [kalachakra] ..
  • the old 'Tarot de Marseille' ..
  • the 9 consciences-numbers of the sufi enneagram ..
  • the city of the sufi prince, the wisdom of tantrika, the eternal protest, the democracy of the inner [egos].
  • perinatal matrices, morphogenetic fields, metamorphic vectors.
  • the interpretation of tales, myths and dreams ..
  • the study of the teaching of the masters and the new researches in fundamental psychology
    (gurdjieff, yogi bhajan, nisargadatta maharaj)
  • the study of zen koans ..

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