निसर्ग शास्त्र [nisarga shastra]
vedic naturopathy [nisarga shastra] is a natural detoxification medicine.
the philosophy of this physiotherapy considers the harmony of the man as a contribution or as a relation to his emotional waves and his nutritional, behavior, his affective and relational link with his entourage, and with his way of life ..
four fundamental elements make being sensitized and harmonized:
.. breath, sleep, nutrition and balance of humoral vase ..

[nIsarga shastra] is a science that offers many aspects of health management,
in times of crisis, prevention and lack of harmony in everyday life:

  • parallel natural medicines ..
  • self medication, incentive to self management and self-care by oneself ..
  • daily, preventive and crisis nutrition
    (in agreement with the macrobiotic, ayurvedic, western and tantric naturopathic traditions) ..
  • management of the ordinary flow and of the key moments of ones life (the k-moments are the unexpected checks with open accounts we have with either the sun, the moon and the earth ) ..
  • cures, diets, mono tantric diets ..
  • nutritional meditations .. meditations on ones personal ecosystem ..
  • care of one's hygiene and one's place of life .. existential assessments of one's vitality ..
  • detection of ones harmful and morbid attractions and / or allergies to the desired ..
  • humoral hygiene, non-violent behavior and conciliation ..
  • treatmens using radionics, essential oils, precious stones ..

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