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Course K-Yoga for beginners and practitioners in Biel/Bienne

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Foundations Courses: "Basics": from 19:00 to 20:00

- Horizontals - Foundations, Bases, Axes, Orients, Positions, Quality of Inspiration, Support Points. During Basics classes: Kundalini Yoga Vinyasa, Hatha, Asthanga and Vinyasa will be graduated. These powerful yogas are graduated by levels according to the participants


Daily K-Yoga Courses :

Practice, Energizations, Corrections, Initiations, Experiments ..
The subject and the schedule of the courses has considerably evolved, it has varied, enlarged and expanded at the beginning of September 2020:

A New Cycle for Beginners began in mid-August 2020
This traditional Yoga comes from the highlands of the Himalayas.
It transforms body tensions, psychological pressure, stress, obsessions and anxiety into profound peace, sweetness, power and a sense of unity.
These K-Yoga classes are open to all, and can be used according to your objectives and physical possibilities, as much of initiation and experimentation course as deepening.
This Yoga will transform you, quickly increase your concentration, meditation, intuition and physical performance.
But above all, this Yoga will touch you in the depths of your being, and awaken the strong and calm energy that has been dormant in you for so long ...
A knowledge of traditional Hatha Yoga is not necessary, but can be a welcome help.