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Week Intensive Autumn Week - Golden Age Kriyas

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The 7 Heavens of Libra

Intensive Retreat Weeks: Impregnations, Integrations, Activations-Activation, Self Awakening
Autumn Week is an Immersion in 6 days dedicated to the work of integral yoga.
This experience is incomparable, transforming (3 sessions of body work per day, 9 hours of daily yoga!) ..

The week starts on Friday evening at 17:30 by the reception and information ..
The intensive Friday night starts at 18:00 ..
We will finish on Wednesday at 21:00, after the intensive afternoon, debrief and the intensive evening.

The new cycle called Vikarin Shakti, offers its first intensive week:
the Golden Age Kriyas

A new view of the Kriyas of the Autumn Vinyasa Kundalini Yoga ..
A new sweet power of the Body to discover ..
The Vikarin Cycle takes us on the path of Integral Yoga during this year from September 2019 to August 2020 ..
All beginnings are gentle and caring, we lay the foundation, we slate the path, we repair the body .. We empty the head of all torment ..

You can participate without hesitation in this intensive week, whatever has been your yoga journey until today.
Try first, two or three days, if not possible, one day only, or then one or two intensive courses, the one of noon or that of the afternoon ..
Try one season .. No complex, no fear, no apprehension, no arrogance ..
Let yourself be carried .. Let yourself be surprised .. Let yourself grow ..
Learn to center yourself .. Learn to take care of yourself ..

Learn to transform yourself through the work and energy of the group .. Samghat संघट् ..