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8th New Moon of Year VI ..

रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya] in पुष्या [pushya] .. opening श्रावण ठमास [śravana māsam] .. the lunation of the updating of all current friendships, which make us adhere to the world, and which therefore re-construct us .. and which remind us the bonds of abandoned affectivity, which cyclically and cynically de-construct us ..

Thursday evening, July 28, 2022, at 19:56 ( GMT+2 ), it is New Moon day, .. we enter the eighth moon of Year VI, .. रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya], at 11° of the नाक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पुष्या [pushya], the symbolic constellation of soul foods, .. the purpose of our relationships and our connections, .. the center of our aspirations and motivations, .. which feed the fire of our ancient nature, .. and weave our trans-personal psychological flesh..

.. श्रावण ठमास [śravana māsam] is the lunation of the updating, the updating of the bonds of friendship and of affectivity, which make us adhere to the world and which rebuild us, the relationship gives meaning to its existence .. and bonds in disinheritance that de-constructs us, unwanted, unconsented solitude, renders everything obsolete and deconstructs all meaning of life .. a flow which, like a weft as colorful as it is perfectly symmetrical, makes us move constantly, to link us through the best or the worst, to the essential of what we feel we need in the other ..

.. thus, this evening Moon and these rising stars, inaugurate and bless : श्रावण ठमास [śrāvana māsam] .. the lunation of the last monsoon rains which brew, .. wash and water abundantly the earth .. and that of the circumambulations of the souls which, while traveling the world, purposefully or blindly experience the urge of life by intertwining with each other, .. and learn to understand our existence, by detaching from it, .. and by reconnecting so early otherwise.. souls who re-find and re-separate constantly to re-learn or to re-remember how to connect otherwise ..