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7th Full Moon of the Year IV ..

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] .. in रावण [śravana], celebrating the apotheosis of श्रावण ठमास [śravana māsam],
the lunation of the re-weaving of the relational tissue of the apparently ripped .. or mismatched .. or confused  तन्त्र [tantra] ..

.. Monday August 3rd, 2020, at 18:00 (GMT + 2), we enter the seventh Full Moon of the Year IV, श्रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima], placed this year at 17°38' of Capricorn j, she transits at this ver moment right in the center of नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of श्रावण [śrāvana] .. 

.. she is also called : रक्षा बन्ध [raksha bandhan], she is the feast of the heart's bonds declared in one's soul and conscience .. celebrating the deliberate choice of one's favorite partner of fate .. the conscious choice of one's true siblings bonds of soul and of heart ..

.. in sidereal mode, she is a Full Moon in the « earth » of Capricorn j, her solar ascendant AS is at 23° of Scorpio h, .. her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, is therefore at 23° in the  « earth » of Taurus b .. these two « earth » elements announce an energetically powerful and disturbing full moon .. strangely vibrant and malignant .. the Sun A is in Cancer d .. anything is possible in the background, .. and all twists and turns are possible at very last minute, .. as much the solutions of conflicts, as the escalation of the situation, .. as much the reunions, as the re-separations .. a new energy-consciousness seeks to incarnate on earth .. in our flesh and in our entourage .. the « earth » elements and the energy of the vibratory tides of the Full Moon E psycho-somatise and embody emotional situations of the nature of family, of marital and of friendly relations .. calm and storm will therefore be present .. this full moon will be either electric and very disconcerting .. nor apparently totally boring and calm .. things happen ..


Karmic Astrology

Quick Sky Reading for the 7th Full Moon of रावण [śrāvana], Monday August 3rd, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. (GMT + 2)

according to traditional Vedic astrology, which counts in sidereal mode

.. she is a Full Moon E in Capricorn j, her solar ascendant AS is in Scorpio h .. her lunar ascendant in Taurus b, House IV .. a Full Moon E in sidereal Capricorn j  shakes up the basement of the family .. the stability of the official couple .. moreover, the Bottom of Sky (FC) of this Full Moon is in conjunction 0 with Mars F and Lilith .. the Bottom of Sky represents our behavioral roots, our family « archetypal models », .. the dark part of our power over our feelings and our affinities, over our affections and our contradictions .. Mideaven (MC) and Bottom of Sky ( FC / Imum Coeli ) form the axis of power over oneself .. or the one the « alter-ego » has over oneself .. Ascendant and Descendant form the axis of self-awareness and the awareness of the nature of the other ..

.. the Sun A is in Cancer d, in trine 4 with Chiron , so rich in powerful emotions and in very impactful damages .. it is a moment of readjustments and conflicts .. of successive dislocations and blockages .. the impression is that nothing works anymore smoothly, .. that everything is in interference .. that everyone walks blindly, gropingly, without consciousness of what's really happen to all of us .. or that everything will very soon be re-defined, closed on itself .. and that it is necessary to quickly consume the desire to move, to rapidly emancipate oneself socially, .. to take advantage of consuming life superficially .. it is therefore another side road that opens up fleetingly to us .. this space of true discomfort will not stop growing until August 17th, 2020 at 5:10 pm .. time of the total alignment 0 of Mercury B with the Sun A .. and Mars F with Lilith .. the thought and the desire to do will finally be valued .. because for the moment, no real hope in oneself or in the world is present .. everything is on pause or in survival mode ..

.. the Sun A is in House of VIII, in staggered 5 with Ceres OR at 16°R of Aquarius k, in House of III .. no heir to perpetuate one's acquired, .. no successor to make one's work grow ..

.. Juno M is at 22° of Virgo f, in House of X, in square 3 with Pallas L in Sagittarius i, House of I .. feeling of never attracting good working partners .. but rather embarrassing partners of misfortune ..

.. Pallas L is in square 3 with Chiron at 15° R of Pisces l, House of III .. and Chiron is in sextile 2 with the Moon E, at 18° of Capricorn j, House of II .. feeling that the learning comes at an exorbitant price, and perhaps nothing has really been understood yet so far ..  

.. Venus C is at 2° of Gemini c, in conjunction 0 with Rahu ƒ, at 3R, House of VII .. in semi-sextile 1 with Mercury B which is at 3 ° in conjunction 0 with Vesta L at 2° of Cancer d, House of VIII .. and which is staggered 5 with Rahu ƒ at 3°R of Sagittarius i .. we sometimes have to distance ourselves from desire, to discover what makes us tirelessly desire within us .. 

.. Mars F at 25° in conjunction 0 with Lilith at 27° of Pisces l .. learn so as not to be frustrated in working unconsciously against oneself for a long time ..

.. in opposition 6, Juno M in Virgo f, faces Chiron and Lilith , both in a quarter of a sextile (+ 10° to -15° interference) .. when we feel not strong, we are 'always associates with those that we should not, those who imprison us and oblige us .. a real partner gives us a feeling of freedom, .. controlling, confining and forbidding does not make us grow ..

.. Saturn HR is at 4°R of Capricorn j, House of II in semi-sextile 1 with Ketu @ at 3° R of Sagittarius i .. it is not running after the other, that the other will confidently come to us ..

.. Neptune JR at 26°R is in dissonance of a quarter of a sextile (+ 10° to -15° of interference) with Ceres OR at 16°R of Aquarius k .. as besides, Mars F at 25° is in the same dissonance with Chiron at 15°R of Pisces l .. signifying conflicts of fidelity of the past with the present .. the contradictions are not an illogicality, but an attempt to keep power over the other ..

this full moon of Capricorn j in sidereal mode, reminds us that ..

.. sibling bonds, in the Indo-European tradition, represent well beyond family ties, the true family of heart and aspiration (the brothers are those who breathe the same desire, the same spirit / real brothers breathe for same thing) .. the family is supposed to offer the minimum quality of links, .. before finding meaningful links with other beings close to the heart and the spirit .. so let's pamper this family, while perhaps waiting someday she teaches us to find or choose something or someone even stronger .. someone who leads on the path of our true spirituality ..

according to the new western astrology, which counts in tropical mode ..

.. she is the full moon of Aquarius k, her solar ascendant AS is in Sagittarius i .. she is called the « Green Corn Moon » .. or the « Grain Moon » .. or the « Spawning Fish Moon » ..

.. the solar ascendant AS is in trine 4 with Mars F and with the Bottom of Sky, (FC), which is a good omen .. because a full moon in tropical Aquarius k is very versatile and capricious .. very unstable and innovative .. it announces unexpected changes, by tilting, because several stars are in square 3 .. the events occur by breakage, by crack in the energy and burst violently in the field of reality .. reality being the field of consciousness in which the real of our « me » is constantly contested or challenged ( reality is : to be in the kingdom of a king other than oneself, .. to be confronted with the king of a given place ) .. he is time to get back to your fundamentals .. to your basic freedom .. and freedom is a privilege of the strong ones ..

.. the Sun A is at 12° of Leo e, in square 3 with Uranus I at 11° of Taurus b .. blockage, nothing seems to work in the evolution of thoughts .. nothing is progressing in the projects, because of conflicts manifested interests .. or because of lack of budget or presence ..

.. Uranus I in Taurus b is in square 3 with the Moon E at 12° of Aquarius k .. find the sticking point between one's inner aspirations .. and the new social modes or trends ..

.. Mars F at 19° of Aries a, is in square 3 with Jupiter GR at 20° R of Capricorn j .. and Mars F in semi-sextile 1 with Neptune JR at 21°R of Pisces l .. beings are often joining in their dreams, most bitterly arguing in their realities ..

.. Venus C at 26° of Gemini c, is in square 3 with Neptune JR at 21°R of Pisces l .. new loves momentarily impossible to cook .. old loves so easy to recook ..

.. Neptune JR at 21°R of Pisces l, is in sextile 2 with Jupiter GR at 20°R of Capricorn j .. the collective unconscious is cautious and suspicious .. beings are difficult to awaken to new paths .. and yet easy to handle by their nostalgia ..

.. Mercury B at 27° of Gemini c, is in opposition 6 with Saturn HR at 28°R of Capricorn j .. conflicts of generations of thought .. allergy to certain new modes of communication ..

.. in semi sextile 1, Venus C at 2° in Gemini c .. with Mercury B at 3° in Cancer d .. thinking differently can one day bring closer .. intellectualism could be a form of erotism ..


.. throughout the day of August 2nd, the Moon E will have been taken in the amalgamation of Pallas PR, Jupiter GR, Pluto KR and Saturn HR .. thought is trapped in one's recurrences .. of one's past ..

.. on November 8th, re-grand alignment 0 of the amalgam of Pallas PR, Jupiter GR, Pluto KR and Saturn HR .. reminding the problems of early 2020 ..

this full moon of Aquarius k, in tropical mode, reminds us that ..

.. the next few days will be as trying as they are boring .. something in the air seems to be repeating itself for the thousandth time, and the real story is slow in coming .. something new in us must be able to manifest itself .. a personal project and grandiose, an intimate and initiatory journey .. a return to the follies of one’s youth .. something always imagined, but never dared, never attempted ..

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima], the full moon of the heart’s links to be renewed or reformulated ..

.. रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] is a very powerful moon, which will open in some days, in sidereal mode and in the solar sidereal path, the starspace of the Constellation of Leo e .. she is called : the Dragon's Moon or the Eye of the Dragon .. the Dragon of the Seas or the Abyssses of the Earth, is the Lord of Bonds in the Tantric sense of the term : .. a क्षक [rakshaka], a demon-guardian of the sacred meaning .. and of the energetic web of the (or a) World ..
.. this full moon is known to promote the re-meshing of the energy of तन्त्र [tantra], promoting the solidarity of the clan .. or stimulating the re-weaving of the intimate relational web .. the invisible web of the local universel .. she leads to clear decision-making, when choosing or re-balancing the energetics of one's surroundings .. the memory of time is the consequence of the creation of a network of meaningful neuronal links .. sometimes even fortuitous .. a neuronal memory is the result of a linking, a correlating network with experienced emotions .. 

.. रावण [śravana] is the river which forms insidiously within us, .. like a water serpent, like a sea dragon .. she stimulates the desire for self-immersion in a vibratory flow, that will inspire us again and who will keep us linked together, .. who will bring us together from now on for the better .. or for the worse .. and who will take us together towards our true destiny .. because destiny is the way, the direction of the water of the river, of the current which in its conjuncture makes the relation between us, .. and the relation gives the direction to the destiny which carries us..

.. in sidereal mode, when the moon is full in the northern sky in रावण [śravana], the Sun A is mostly often found in नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of अश्लेषा [ashlesha] at the end of Cancer d ..

.. at the next New Moon, the Sun A will have just passed through the sidereal 0° of Leo e, .. it will have passed through the Lion's Gate, the Ring which guards the Stargate on the ecliptic circle .. माघ [magha], Constellation of the Star of Regulus, .. constellation of the realization of the motley sum, of all the conscious and unconscious wishes, formulated in our psyche during the dark season .. it is the conscious embrace of a common destiny .. of a धर्म [dharma], agreed to release the existential कर्म [karma] of an endured past ..

.. in tropical mode, the Sun A will be located at the passage from the 2nd to the 3rd decan .. Regulus, guardian of the South, observer of the North, is the guidance, the monitoring of the rules of the world that kings must respect to the letter, for to become or to remain king ..

.. in this year IV, this full moon of रावण [śravana] will be rich in complexity and contradictions .. wait-and-see attitude and opportunism mingle caustically .. feverishness and reluctance solicit each other .. rigidity and inventiveness coexist .. irritability and friendliness alternate .. it marks a possible change of paradigm, .. a complete reinvention .. or a total dismissal of the old authority .. the old link which no longer has meaning in us, n t is more taboo .. this full moon is a wave of hope to know how to take .. and to know how to ride without any particular expectation .. because expectation tends to frustrate us ..