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6th New Moon of Year IV ..

आषाढ अमावास्य [ashadha amavasya] in आर्द्र [ardra] .. opening आषाढ मास [ashadha māsam], the lunation of the real shadows that protect us from our false lights ..

Sunday June 21, 2020, at 08:43 (GMT + 2) it is New Moon day , आषाढ अमावास्य [ashadha amavasya] at 6°13' sidereal of Gemini c, .. Moon E will be close to the star of Betelgueuse, .. and will pass over the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of मार्गशिर [mrigashira], to the one of आर्द्रा [ardra] (at 6°40'), .. it celebrates the beginning of the 6th Moon of Year IV (= 2+0+2+0) .. आषाढा मास [ashadha māsam] .. it is the Moon E of गुरु [guru] dedicated to सिव [shiva], the inner guide for our spiritual adaptation to this world .. and for the change of attitude that should be made in this regard ..

.. it celebrates the entry at 0° tropical of Cancer d, into the world of summer by an almost perfect annular eclipse of the Sun A, seen from Indonesia .. beyond the Solstice of Cancer d, which had happened on Saturday 20.6.2020 at 11.35 p.m., opens up to us the way of summer, the way that will bring in six months back to North .. according to the myths and legends, North is the realm of our solar wild and free origin .. and our final destination .. the realm of the northern polar stars ..

.. आर्द्रा [ardra] is dominated by Rahu ƒ, god of the smoke of spiritual materialism and of the shadow of perpetual dissatisfaction .. and by Rudra रुद्र the angry god of wind and storm, .. a violent and rough version of god सिव [shiva ] .. Rudra रुद् is the god of destruction and of dissolution of the « ego » that claims to rule, to master or even to understand the world ..