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5th New Moon of Year IV ..

कृत्तिका अमावास्य [krittika amavasya] .. in ज्येष्ठा मास [jyestha māsam] the lunation of the judgment of the ancient and prime goddess ..

Friday May 22, 2020, at 19:40 (GMT + 2) is New Moon day, ज्येष्ठा अमावास्या [jyestha amavasya], the beginning of the 5th Moon of Year IV (2+0 +2+0) .. ज्येष्ठा मास [jyestha māsam] .. this year, the New Moon E transits, in sidereal mode, through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of कृत्तिका [krittika], .. कृत्तिका [krittika] is the constellation of the 7 Pleiades stars, the pale red stars which illuminate the sky of this end of spring, at 8 ° from the House of the Taurus b .. कृत्तिका [krittika] is the time for important and not easy decisions to be taken and for acknowledging the liberating fire that is granted to them ..

.. ज्येष्ठा अमावास्या [jyestha amavasya] opens the Third and Last Moon of the Wind Spirits .. it is the month that prompts commitments and promises to make to one's alter-ego, as an aside, .. or weddings and large unions to be formalized, in front of everyone .. it is called the Lovers' Moon .. or the Weddings Moon, .. the Moon of the Rose of Love, .. the Strawberry or Raspberry Moon, .. all these fruits of June, which encourage appetites and pleasures to take easy alone, .. or which push the act of sharing and consuming pleasure in sweet company .. it is also the Moon which commemorates the memory of the « first time » that « springs back », (= the prime time, the spring) , .. the reception of the great moments of the emotional life, .. the invitation to the passionate choices, .. to the choices of the belly or of the heart .. these choices more or less good or not good, more or less judicious or clumsy, .. will say a lot on our deep and superficial, naive or speculative nature, which seems to please either destiny, येष्ठ [jyestha], the goddess of life and death, .. or either provoke her anger or her disdain ..

.. destiny has nothing moral here .. morality, manners, only remind the customs and cultural, religious or social, which surround us locally, temporally contain and hold in their ethical shackles, our impulsive selfish desires and our selfish possessive temptations ..

.. the Third Moon of the Spirit of the Winds, ज्येष्ठ [jyestha], third and last नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of the house of Scorpio h, evokes and commemorates integrity in the conscience of body and soul, .. not moral integrity, civic or religious, but the pure biological of the body .. integrity is the quality of the actions and thoughts that inhabit us, .. the emotions and desires that keep us alive with their energy, beauty, vigor and health .. in brief, in life .. in the envy of life .. not respecting one’s biological integrity is in tantric philosophy, the only sin towards the goddess and oneself .. in such context, the goddess was the biological energy of our physical body who granted happiness or who brought misfortune in one’s lifetime ..