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4th Full Moon of Year IV ..

the magic of the Wesak .. to be able to live in total harmony with one's thoughts .. and with one's emotions .. released serenely in their total freedom ..

Thursday May 7, 2020, at 12:44 at noon (GMT + 2), we enter the fourth full moon of Year IV, वैशाख पूर्णिमा [vaiśākha purnima] in वैशाख मास [vaiśākha māsam] : ..

.. it is the magic full moon of Wesak वैशाख .. the last « Super-Moon » of Year IV .. a key time, an important pivot of the year 2020, the Chinese year of the White Metal Rat 白色 金屬 老鼠 .. a way of a possible vibratory change of the mind .. a rocking towards another convergence .. or a transcendence of outdated beliefs and of apparent divergences .. the inner dilemma is to be embraced, .. the Wesak is both a revolution and an adaptation .. a fabulous wonder and a total disillusionment .. the Full Moon of the Wesak is the peak of an enormous wave of cyclical thoughts and emotions which rises in us with force and insistence, shaking our memory .. the full moon of the Wesak is a key moment, which expects of us that we finally overcome our mind so predestined and that we overlap our emotional so tormented .. with brilliance ..

.. there are no negative emotions, there are only emotions that we refuse to overlap .. thoughts and emotions constitute the essential of our mind, .. any thought, any emotion, however noble it may be at the origin, is becoming negative at the end if it is not transmuted, .. thoughts and emotions unceasingly wake up the memory of what was, by weakness or by fear, neither transformed, nor calmed in us .. the fears and desires which are within us, neither transformed, nor appeased, permanently separate us from the constant movement of the world and the unchanging truth of ourselves ..