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4th New Moon of Year IV ..

अश्विनी अमावास्य [ashvini amavasya] .. into अमावास्या [vaishakha māsam] the lunation of the contemplation of one's improbable, but nevertheless possible transformation ..

Thursday April 23, 2020, at 4:26 am (GMT + 2), it is New Moon day, वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya], the beginning of the 4th Moon of the Year IV (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) .. वैशाख मास [vaiśākha māsam] .. opening the Second Moon of the Wind Spirits ..

.. this year, वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya] transits through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of अश्विनी [ashvini] .. traditionally, अश्विनी [ashvini] commemorates the time of daring and fragile beginnings, .. of courageous endeavors and distraught forward flights .. causing beautiful surprises and panic thoughts .. great calls and impulsive skids ..

.. वैशाख [vaiśākha] is a नक्षत्र [nakshatra] straddling Libra gतुला [thula], and Scorpio h, वृश्चिक [vrishikha], it expresses a temperament as frank as mixed .. as open as aggressive .. as relevant as provocative .. as enthusiastic as resentful, .. in short, a temperament which depends too much on external conditions and others, in the expression of its thoughts and feelings .. shall we know how to seize the opportunity of this improbable, but yet possible change, with so much compulsive energy in us and around us ? ..

.. वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya] announces the Full Moon of Wesak .. the lunation which celebrates the process of a total change of perception, .. of a divine alteration of the senses .. a moon which puts in mystical trance, some of us , .. and put in a sobering-up cell, others of us ..

.. Tibetan Buddhism calls this process : the emergence of the « clear and penetrating vision », .. projected in a complex and absurd world, which suddenly becomes transparent or even logical, .. understandable to the point of becoming delightfully organized and spicy .. this vision is an altered state of mind ..

.. this phenomenon is called : a བར་ དོ་ [bardo] .. or an अनारभ्यत्व [anarabhyatva] .. an intermediate and disturbing state, which highlights a choice between two movements, .. between two processes : between death to oneself, or rebirth of oneself .. ordinarity of the existence, or magic of the being .. inertia of any condition, or transmutation of the feelings .. blindness of the feelings, or illumination of the thoughts .. the Wesak is, in a way, a choice of consciousness between materialist determinism and spiritualist emergence .. it represents the sensation of a magical change in the substance of the being .. of a self-transcendence of the mind .. creating a capacity for vision through things, .. and beyond the duality of existence .. a discernment that sees the parallel realities behind the obscurantism of beliefs .. or the spiritual materialism of desires .. an empathy and a letting go that sees beyond the multiplicity of points of view and personal judgments, .. a « unified field of consciousness » beyond complexity ..

.. the Wesak is a divine « bug » .. a mind conditioning bug, which creates a clash in the psycho-sensory system .. a freeze frame .. a sublime self-recall and questioning of one's conditioning .. which in its own way, the shaken mind is observed and caught on the fact of its unreality .. the mind wakes up and becomes emancipated .. for a moment, the previous self-awareness could suddenly be feeling liberated, but desperate, .. enlightened, but disillusioned, .. denied, but abused by the past .. by being both more detached from the world and social conventions .. and even more connected with the universe and its vibrational field of consciousness .. the mind would suddenly become both the initiate and the sacrificed one at the same time .. the manipulated and the insurgent one, .. because the usual consciousness or intelligence is no longer up to handle the current or future existential situation ..

.. in Wesak, everyone is, in their own way, wrong and right .. everyone converges on a point of gravity .. and rushes all at once towards a real « black hole » .. the energy of the world takes us, like the flood of the Ganges गङ्गा, towards our destiny, towards a point of convergence of consciousnesses .. and inevitable bursting of old hopes .. towards a point of fusion of energies .. and a desirable dissolution of old beliefs, which now separate us of the vibratory unity of the universe ..

Karmic Astrology

Short astrological reading for the 4th New Moon of April 23, Year IV, at 04h26 am (GMT+2)

according to traditional Vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

with this new moon, the sky is untied, .. new agglomerates are created, .. an improbable but  possible change is looming ..

.. conjunction 0 of Sun A with Moon E at 9° of Aries a, in House of II .. conjunction 0 conducting to a change of thought or lifestyle .. a conjunction 0 put into sextile 2 with the solar ascendant AS at 7°, with the Part of Fortune D at 7° and with Ceres O at 6° of Aquarius k, in House of XII .. this sextile 2 gives it a feeling of return of legitimacy or ideal abandoned in the past ..

.. Rahu ƒ at 8°R of Gemini c, in House of IV, in trine 4 with the solar ascendant AS and Ceres O .. Ketu @ at 8°R of Sagittarius i, in House of X, is therefore simultaneously in sextile 2 with the solar ascendant AS and Ceres O .. return to ambitions to be manifested .. return to the need of taking revenge on a thankless or unjust past ..

.. conjunction 0 of Sun A, at 9° with Uranus I, at 12° of Aries a, in House of II .. eccentricity and rebellion are exacerbated, provocation and outrage are common, but can cause real and significant damage, in a generally confined situation, .. the pot is under pressure .. burrs are easy ..

.. the Sun A in Aries a, in square 3 with Saturn H, at 8° of Capricorn j, House of XII .. causing irritability and mood swings .. susceptibility and allergies .. the mood is very busy ..

.. Mercury B at 27° of Pisces l, in House of I, in sextile 2 with Mars F, at 22° of Capricorn j, House of XII .. and Mercury B simultaneously in sextile 2 with Venus C, at 21° and Vesta L, at 18° of Taurus b, in House of III .. Venus C and Mars F are therefore in trine 4 .. joint ventures and new partnerships are possible .. contracts and alliances are easily undone and redone ..

.. Pluto K at 1° and Jupiter G at 2° of Capricorn j, in House of XI, in turbulent conjunction 0 and in friction with Pallas P at 5° and with Saturn H at 8° of Capricorn j, in House of XII .. claustrophobia of confinement or allergy to the imposed presence of the boring other ..

.. Neptune J at 26° of Aquarius k, in House of I, is in semi-sextile 1 with Mars F at 22° of Capricorn j, in House of XII, and in semi-sextile 1 with Mercury B, at 12° from Aries a, in House of II .. .. the family unconscious is conflicting again, the psychological manipulation of the parent or child are reactivated and exacerbated .. family issues and conflicts of authority are again in activity .. watch out for regressions of family constellations !.. Neptune J is the planet that energizes this Chinese Year of the Metal Rat, because it is this year in conjunction 0 and at the very position of the Constellation of the Rat for the Chinese, or of the Lizard for the Mediterranean .. Neptune J is the planet of the collective unconscious and of the tribe spirituality (or family spiritism), both representing how we interpret or guess what we do not know .. spirituality is the art of understanding what we do not yet know scientifically, god is a concept which allows to be used as a « joker » in a card game, .. and to represent symbolically by its omnipotence, what we do not know, .. or what seems to be totally opposed to our logic .. the collective unconscious being what influences a human being, without him knowing it, .. and without the community knowing it too ..

.. Chiron , at 13° and Lilith , at 16° of Pisces l, in opposition 6 and in friction with Juno MR, at 15°R of Virgo f, in House of VII .. Junon MR is currently the only retrograde star from the sky .. Juno MR must learn to manage alone his social situation of confinement, which she has in the past desired .. and manage alone the daily life of his existential contradictions .. and especially to understand and manage the tumultuous past of the couple or partnership .. the ego of Juno M makes her believe that by being alone, she will escape observation and criticism, judgment and denigration of the other's eye .. which is very childish on her part , because all the planets are so grouped in the Northeast part of the sky and are all in promiscuity .. nothing escapes their vigilance .. the other has therefore evolved, has Junon M evolved ? or purely and simply regressed ? ..


this new moon of Vesak in Aries a reminds us that,

.. one only really changes when one is absolutely obliged to do so .. and here comes the opportunity .. but loneliness is often only a decoy .. change is only made in contact with the other .. in being alone, an ordinary human stagnates and regresses .. he improves only what he has already experienced .. he observes only the work done, but he does not evolve ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. this new moon opens the time of Wesak, it is also called : the Flower Moon .. because of the significant weather changes it implies .. by the heat surges and the overactivity of insects .. by the frequency of thunderstorms and the variety of playful winds .. it allows an ideal pollination .. passing the flowers to explode with all their petals, pastilles and stamens ..

.. in tropical mode, this 4th New Moon is in Taurus b ascendant Pisces l .. it asks to set clear intentions, and to get to work .. to fertility ..

.. the trio: Sun A, Moon E and Uranus I being in Taurus b, gives it both a powerful power of realization, but also of upheaval .. of awareness, but also of rebellion ..

.. Chiron and Lilith in Aries a, have the power of an eternal teacher and karmic agitator .. the old desires and contradictions are back, all exacerbated .. beware of danger !! ..

.. Venus C is in Gemini c, moderated by its conjunction 0 with Vesta L, .. Mars F is then in trine 4 in Aquarius k, beginning his slow emancipation from Saturn's H seclusion and from Pallas P, the lonesome she-warrior with no family and no friends .. the desire takes us to go out, to see the world again, to see other faces and to live other situations .. but for the moment the means are still lacking ..

.. Mars F is in semi-sextile 1 with Neptune J, the collective unconscious .. and in sextile 2 with Mercury B, the intelligence of emancipation .. slowly regains the immune power it had during the past decade, but it will still take her a lot of time, energy and skill to surf between the reefs of her distrust caused by her past addictions ..



this new moon in Taurus b reminds us that,

.. we are living the end of a truce, let's live it well .. in a few 3 days, the eventful news will resume its rights .. the confinement will continue to change .. bizarrely, in times like this , the memory of the past and the resentment towards the wounds caused, prevent us from living life fully and its changes, with all freedom .. and sensitivity .. the temptations of the past by lust, the stupid skids by aversion are all back, reactivated .. to what will we dedicate this immense energy of change ? ..

.. this year वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya] is placed in अश्विनी [ashvini] .. अश्विनी [ashvini] refers to an awareness, that all knowledge is innate .. and that total madness, and very regressive, is the temptation to forget it .. we know already what we can and must know .. true education only reminds us of it .. we already have the algorithm, it is up to us to feed it with examples that will make it work in us in consciousness ..

.. अश्विनी [ashvini] is a wild horse that we should know how to tame, because only he will one day be able to bring us with courage and candor, far beyond our ordinary landmarks and our known limits .. and beyond our usual recurrences and inconsistencies, in the magic of the unknown .. अश्विनी [ashvini] is a new vision, magic, raw of formwork, .. an agile thought which harmonically links together, the events-symptoms of the observed world .. अश्विनी [ ashvini] is a spontaneous acquaintance, that seems at the same time, to be a total heresy, a desperate infantilism, an embarrassing caricaturism .. it is at the same time the recourse to very old practices, apparently gone, forgotten knowledge, even fetishists .. but also an agnostic vision, which breaks with the habits and customs, .. and which opens another parallel vision on the world .. अश्विन [ashvini] is both archaic and a taboo breaker .. in the Vedic tradition, the अश्विनी [ashvini] were wild beings, as free as the wind, uncultivated, certainly, but free beings, self-taught, who had direct contact with god or with cosmic energy, and wild nature .. अश्विनी [ashvini] is emulsified from the dual energies of Ketu @ and Venus C, divine energies of existential challenges and possessive temptations, apparently insurmountable or impossible to control, but yet invisible and karmic, .. energies also of panic behaviors of withdrawal oneself .. Ketu @ is the god of smoke, without head and without mind measure .. god of the moments of crisis and state of survival ..

.. excessive behavior often compensates for difficult hormonal or immune regulations .. convulsive rage or fear doing what a spontaneous hormonal secretion could not do naturally ..

.. वैशाख [vaiśākha] is for its part an opening of consciousness, made by surprise, by accident, revealing the hidden magic of things at an often exorbitant price .. sanity .. and sometimes, it will make you want to sink into a fatal disappointment, but well justified, because the challenge being impossible, abandonment-depression is predictable ..

.. वैशाख [vaiśākha] is the sign of a sudden transformation, forced or induced by exceptional external circumstances .. it signals a return to possessive convulsions or to total but recurrent panics, therefore conditioned and systemic .. वैशाख [vaiśākha ] is a time conducive to hormonal transformations, kinds of cyclic mutations which achieve in one instance, a total and complex adaptive change, but biologically necessary or immunally urgent .. or a surge of destructuring energy, but viscerally purifying the protective system .. erratic behavior recurrent, confronting an inner lethargy with a powerful visceral force, but compensating of errors of the past .. or a vague great emotional and depressive weakness, but in the end, often very beneficial, sometimes the real danger was coming from what we desperately wanted .. these mutations betray the obsolescence of a massive breastplate, .. which requires temporary exposure to more fragility, to come out of one's forteresse with cracked defensive walls, to be able to rebuild a more suitable immune system .. causing a need to show off your allergies and susceptibility, in total apparent contradiction with the situation and the common reason ..

.. in Wesak, the surprise does not come from the other, which is only a pretext .. the magic surprise comes from within .. from the sublime unpredictability of the self .. वैशाख [vaiśākha] is emulsified by the energies dual of Jupiter G and Rahu ƒ .. associating the desire for greatness of soul, with need of material lust .. the desire for power of the mind, with the lack of practical means ..


अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya] in वैशाख मास [vaiśākha māsam] .. the very beginning of Wesak ..

.. in this very special year of the White Metal Rat, this New Moon marks a new possible turn, .. a probable awareness totally unexpected .. while all the convulsive and defensive syndromes are on edge, .. that all symptoms of deviance and mistrust are present .. a recurring madness promises as clearly, as a completely disconcerting outcome .. with a अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya], the worst and the best coexist and talk together .. the choice of scenarios are conceived and developed now in the mind put under pressure by the latest events .. everything is on the table, karmic convulsions are ready to express themselves for the thousandth time .. and at the same time, the magic of an outcome, however improbable, awakens and unfolds .. our luck, this year, is that we have no other choice but to change to adapt .. the circumstances external stanzas push us towards changes which have now become obligatory .. going back is now strictly impossible ..