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3rd Full Moon of Year IV ....

चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] in चैत्र मास [chaitra māsam] .. light on the real value of choices and non-choices, .. of desires and non-desires that are offered to a karmic mind ..

.. on Wednesday morning April 8, 2020, at 4:35 am, .. it's Full Moon day, the apotheosis of the 3rd Moon of Year IV, .. चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] .. celebrating the month of चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam] .. a Full Moon celebrating the death of a way of being .. and the surprising resurrection of a mind .. the precariousness of an existence .. and the emancipation of an conditioned life .. the emergence of a starving predator in oneself .. and the fear of falling prey to one's own hunger ..

.. this Full Moon, चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima], underlines the peak of the Easter Moon .. it is the Full Moon of the Spirits of the Wind .. the First Full Moon of Spring .. the Full Moon of the end of a cycle of suffering .. and the resurgence of a desire to surf on the lightness of being, .. a rebirth of the newly shaped ego, built by the transfiguration of an urgent project to be achieved, .. an ecstasy of the mind in the flowering of the narcissistic self at all costs ..

.. in sidereal mode, this Full Moon is clearly placed, in this year IV, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of चैत् [chitra], at 24°36'of Virgo f, .. time of the great opportunities to be seen and time for the great versatility to happen in the mind .. time for divine surprises to embrace and time for the humble rediscovery of the total precariousness of existence ..