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3rd Full Moon of Year IV ....

चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] in चैत्र मास [chaitra māsam] .. light on the real value of choices and non-choices, .. of desires and non-desires that are offered to a karmic mind ..

.. on Wednesday morning April 8, 2020, at 4:35 am, .. it's Full Moon day, the apotheosis of the 3rd Moon of Year IV, .. चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] .. celebrating the month of चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam] .. a Full Moon celebrating the death of a way of being .. and the surprising resurrection of a mind .. the precariousness of an existence .. and the emancipation of an conditioned life .. the emergence of a starving predator in oneself .. and the fear of falling prey to one's own hunger ..

.. this Full Moon, चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima], underlines the peak of the Easter Moon .. it is the Full Moon of the Spirits of the Wind .. the First Full Moon of Spring .. the Full Moon of the end of a cycle of suffering .. and the resurgence of a desire to surf on the lightness of being, .. a rebirth of the newly shaped ego, built by the transfiguration of an urgent project to be achieved, .. an ecstasy of the mind in the flowering of the narcissistic self at all costs ..

.. in sidereal mode, this Full Moon is clearly placed, in this year IV, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of चैत् [chitra], at 24°36'of Virgo f, .. time of the great opportunities to be seen and time for the great versatility to happen in the mind .. time for divine surprises to embrace and time for the humble rediscovery of the total precariousness of existence ..

Karmic Astrology

Short astrological reading for the 3rd Full Moon of April 8, Year IV, at 4:35 a.m. (GMT + 2)

according to traditional Vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

.. the sidereal mode represents today the backdrop, the background, the backstage of the unchanging soul, the process of an eternal spirit which announces the color of initiatory events, and therefore, not objective events, .. the symbolic and therefore the subjective problematic to be crossed intimately earlier, .. the sidereal mode highlights the force of a past, which always acts in us in the present .. with its strength of gravity ..
.. the tropical mode represents rather the factual, the tangible world seen by our personality of today, a pretext world in which things appear somehow to our eyes, to our conscious, in the physical matter and the forms of today .. the tropical mode foreshadows an oracle of the personality, a premonition of the individual, a process of the ego, shaping a conditioned future, sifted by the preoccupations of the present .. the true causal is elsewhere and will remain hidden ..

.. in sidereal mode, this 3rd Full Moon, चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima], is at 24°36' from Virgo f, in House of VIII, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of चित्र [chitra], .. her solar ascendant AS is at 16° from Capricorn j .. as a Full Moon, her solar descendant DS is her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D which is therefore at 16° from Cancer d .. she lights up a fallow period, a need for taking real patience, a need for detachment from the urge ..

.. the Sun A is at 24°36' of Pisces l, in House of II, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of रेवति [revati], .. the Sun A inexorably approaches Uranus I, which sails at 11° 26' of Aries a, .. an Uranus I which he will join just after the next New Moon .. Uranus I is in semi-sextile 1 (30°) with Venus C.. and flirts with her, despite the distance that is more and more growing .. big changes will be announced in 15 days .. the temptation of a romantic relationship with a possible change of a way of life will take us soon .. fueling rebellion for the established and fueling revolution of one's lifestyle  ..

.. the problem always comes from the increasing conjunction 0 of Pluto K, Jupiter G and Pallas P ( which were in maximal in conjunction 0 on April 5th ) + reinforced by the one of Saturn H, Mars F and the solar ascendant AS, which are all in Capricorn j, in House of XII .. and force the status quo, fuel the blockage while nourishing the claustrophobia of the blockage and the desire to escape from confinement .. the outcome of this sequestration will still take time and leave deep and indelible traces .. more each of these planets will enter retrograde mode earlier, eternalizing the agglomerates of the sky ..

.. Venus B and Vesta L are in conjunction 0 at 10° of Taurus b, passing from House of III to House of IV .. Venus B is in trigone 4 (= 120°) with Mars F at 12° of Capricorn j .. and in semi-sextile 1 with Uranus I .. fueling a romantic and atypical love, a contradictory and controversial relation ..

.. Chiron at 12° and Lilith at 14° are always in conjunction 0 in Pisces l, House of II .. constantly fueling the crisis of the schizophrenic couple : when do you come back again ? .. when will you finally leave ? ..
above all, remain who you are and who you have always been ! .. when will you finally change ! ..

.. Neptune J at 25°25' of Aquarius k and Mercury B at 1°06' of Pisces l, inexorably separate in House of I .. Neptune J is also staggered 5 with the Moon E, and in semi-sextile 1 with the Sun A .. the collective unconscious and the ghosts of the past are back on service .. the manipulations of the psyche have become easy again and are going on pretty well ..

.. Moon E and Juno M 18°09'R are fleeting in conjunction 0 .. Juno L which represents the way we experience social distancing and imposed confinement, really complains of being alone, but at the same time, this situation arranges her .. abandoned in Virgo f, House of VIII, house of the crisis and of the announced or foreseen reality, she lives better her contradictory loves .. she hides better her inner follies and her hormonal disturbances ..

this full moon in Virgo f reminds us that ..

.. after a major crisis, wanting to return to the ordinary, to the previous, to what was there before, is natural for our psyche, for our surviving mind .. yet it is the past that is the truth problem, .. it is the past which has constantly fueled the current malaise, .. it is the past which constantly recreates today's injury .. the crisis has only made it worse .. our memory and our habits formed the texture of our psychotic existence and the stuff of our neurotic prison ..

.. let us use our thought to deliberately create from scratch, another past, .. a fluid, non-tormented and non-recurring past .. do not become what we feared that others were for us .. fear does not make only fear .. and thought only thinks what it has already thought and will rethink .. let us become this transformation of ourselves without fear and without pushing to crime .. let us become this world in evolution and in transition, that we planes long ago, childishly imagined for others ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. in tropical mode, this 3rd Full Easter Moon, the Rose Moon, is at 18°44' of Libra g, in the second decan, with an ascendant AS at 10°03' of Aquarius k, .. her lunar ascendant, her Part of Fortune D is at 10°13' of Leo e ..

.. the Sun A is at the end of the 2nd decan at 18°44’ of Aries a ..

.. finally in Aquarius k, Saturn H at 1°, Mars F at 6 ° and the Ascendant at 10°, they give the impression of an increasing well-being, an increase of the body health and a return to the normality of mind ..

.. the Sun A will join Uranus I on 26.4.2020 at 11:40 at 6°37' of Taurus b in House of X, sign of great changes in physical matter or in our social status .. we now have before us, 2 weeks of relative calm, .. finally financial or social left open to abandonment changes .. leaving things hanging now will increase the debt .. and the crisis .. let's renovate the place where we live .. surround ourselves with quality people .. don't let's not be the only thinking head of change ..

.. important phenomenon, as of June 4 at 5:40 pm, Rahu ƒ will enter at 30° of Gemini c .. and Ketu @ at 30° of Sagittarius i, closing a long year and a half of professional or of social status issues (=Capricorn j) and family or marital property (=Cancer d) .. Rahu ƒ in Gemini c, awakens the problem of one's children, one's close friends and also of one's competitors, .. and Ketu @ in Sagittarius i, awakens the problem of one's students, one's subordinates and also one's partners (= one's alter-egos) .. children are also one's natural artistic creations, one's pupils are also one's next natural competitors .. if the parent or the teacher is not progressing and transparent, by lack of vigilance, the danger of conflict or contestation of power will come first from his own children or his own students ..

this full moon of Libra g in tropical mode reminds us that ..


.. we have a little more than 15 days of pseudo-tranquility before us, to make the right decisions, without blind precipitation, .. and clarify the accounts, the debt open .. the challenge for the next few days is respecting contracts or conventions set together in the past, while having to make something new .. of course, each, in his frenzied individualism, in a state of crisis or not, gives himself the right to honor or not his contractual obligations, and d 'act by surprise in his own way, for his own benefit .. each will express his childish challenge to authority, to the institute .. giving himself the right to do as he pleases in the present .. while demanding the another perfect and adequate behavior in the past, the present and the future .. but few of us have a warlike energy at the service of creation and innovation .. what good is it to judge the incompetence of others, if we have shown ourselves to be totally incompetent in our own eyes ..

चित्र नक्षत्र [chitra nakshatra] and चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima]

.. चित्र [chitra] is the energy of the sky contained in the last नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of the Virgo f, .. it is time of the harvest of the very precious, of the so much desired, .. time of the total identification with what has been experienced or grasped, .. time of the loving fascination of what has been temporarily reached by the ego, .. चित्र [chitra] is the luxuriance of the end of summer, this great peak of life (=summit), the discovery of the nature of the wanted, in oneself and in the world .. time to see the unseen .. simultaneously  there is already in the air, the announcement of autumn, of a fall in the dark season, in the west, in पश्चा [pasca], the return to peace into a death of the ego ..
.. it is time then to take a look at what has been accomplished .. physically .. or at what was only been touched by the finger, .. at what has been seen in a fleetingly glimpsed .. or even at what has been only purely imagined in a total phantasmagory .. चित्र [chitra] is time of a gratitude to be expressed, .. of a mind to be reformatted by the crossing of a subjective experience .. it's time to make from it a precious psycho-magic symbol, that will be able to pacify or to clarify our past .. past is a space created from remembering by our suffering mind, .. mind is the guardian of the eternity of our frozen and steady past .. mind is guardian of the resonance of a nagging memory totally unassimilated or unappeased ..

.. चैत् [caitra] is the energy of spring, .. the energy of dawn which takes now its real set up .. चैत् [caitra] is the energy of the Full Moon which reflects the power of the Sun A, placed in Pisces l, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of रेवति [revati] .. रेवति [revati] is the terrestrial wife of the Sun A, the Fire of Heaven .. she is her complement, she is the Water of Limbo, at the origin of the life, she is sequentially regenerating the nourishing earth and the memory of subsistence, .. Water temporarily forms the benevolent energy-will of the goddess, who prepares us for the long journey in the space and time of the clear season .. चैत् [caitra] is therefore the nutrition of a new mind, positive and confident .. a mind which guesses the beauty of the opportunities to be seen and contemplated in the world, to help itself to transform itself easier and forever into this kind of beauty .. and not be tempted to grasp it physically for its survival, .. चैत् [caitra] is time of a resilience to be done with adequacy, to relearn how to live in peace with yourself and in serenity with the world .. time to re-imagine the gifts of life, to welcome the unexpected, to adapt to the changing .. time to rediscover one's hope and one's true light, .. one's virtue and one's original fire .. चैत् [caitra] is time to visualize one's future precious harvests and the magic of one's interior symbolism : the पुण्य चयनिका सक्ति [puniya cayani shakti] is an energy of the mind which sees and welcomes beauty in the clear season, allowing to see beyond forms and events .. without rehashing and fomenting .. without waking up the demon of the past .. without casting its shadow on the coming future .. चैत् [caitra] is the contemplation of the flowering of the cherry tree .. in Japan, we call this special flowering event :  the 花 見 [hanami] of [sakura] .. चैत् [caitra] is this very particular transient beauty, symbolizing the magic power of ब्रह्म [brahma], god of renewal, vitality and ephemeral beauty .. to change the past, the experience, it is necessary to transcend the mind .. the mind becomes then a magic instrument of adaptation .. and no more the hellish damnation of an inner ghost .. nor an inner vampire who would bleed us from inside .. it is time to surrender and let the retendes go ..


चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] .. apotheosis of the month of  चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam] ..

.. चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] is the Rose Moon, .. this year she is a bright Super Moon .. which brightens up the nights of this beginning of April 2020 .. more than ever this moon is an invitation to contemplation beauty .. and not an incentive to act or to possess .. Easter symbolizes the obstacle of reminiscence of the past into the present, maintained by the suffering of the outdated mind .. in Judeo-Christian alchemy, Easter is time when the awakened, emancipated man, in the true sense of the term, gets rid of his claiming past which nourishes his blind passion, .. he gets rid of the suffering which nourishes his unfulfilled experience ..

.. an obsessively relentless relived past in the mind, makes our choices and non-choices, .. our envies and non-envies, .. our deliberate acts and our failed acts, absolutely derisory or vain, and absolutely equivalent or consecutive .. a mind, which is by definition turned towards the past, cannot see that the choices are repeated out of fear or of false hope .. regular deliberate acts are only known acts that have been already endlessly repeated in the past .. and missed acts, are only missed by our own lack of interest and attention, .. for a mind lost in the psychoses of the eternity of the past, there is in fact no choice, .. and non-choice is only procrastination or non-interest of an unwanted or unknown choice, unveiled, attracted or aroused by our lack of fire ..

.. in spring, चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] reveals, by the quality of one's inner vision, one's aspiration to evolve towards the sublime, the hope of changing the will into immaterial beauty .. by the nature of one's thought, चैत् पूर्णिमा [caitra purnima] reveals the really wanted behind the thought, one's implicitly aroused subliminal in the physical matter .. this Full Moon is the first Full Moon of the season of the Spirits of the Wind : ..

.. the Wind is this agitated nature of the thought, which constantly rehashes the past, .. because the wind is the consequence of a causal past, of which he is not his own creator, .. he is only his creature, abandoned to himself .. to his torment of non-understanding or of his retention .. by the way, a thought does not have any problem with its contradictions and its change of constancy, .. with its follies and its defections .. with its displaced projections and with its schizophrenic expectations, .. because it is created from scratch by these very same components .. in itself, desire and fear, .. sadness and resentment, are only consequences of one an other .. alternations of one another .. and will ultimately only contribute to the same form of tormented thought .. to the rise of the same Spirits of the Wind ..

.. « if I do not control my will, I am not my creator .. I would however control or appropriate the want of others .. but that is worth the power on others, if I do not have power over me »..