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3rd New Moon of Year IV ..

चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā amavasya] .. in चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam], the lunation of the root of pleasure .. and of the essence of happiness ..

.. in the morning of Tuesday March 24, 2020, at 10:30 am, it's New Moon day, .. the beginning of the 3rd Moon of Year IV, .. चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā or caitrā amavasya] .. opening the month of चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam] ..

.. चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā amavasya], marks the start of the Easter Moon .. it is the First Moon of the Wind Spirits .. the First Moon of Spring ..

.. in sidereal mode, she is placed, this year IV, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada], at 10° 05' of Pisces l, .. signing the time of the re-incarnation of the wish to be alive again .. and the apprehension of reliving certain torments ..

.. the desire being either the emergence of a natural need, .. of a positive vision to achieve ..

.. either the resurgence of an unsatisfied lack, an unfulfilled pleasure, coming from a root of the past, the remembrance of a negative thought .. envy is often a mood coming from a previous life, .. a feeling of a lack of self-completion experienced in the past .. an unfulfilled need of pleasure ..

.. or the need to re-touch the essence of happiness .. happiness is beyond the search of pleasure .. beyond fears and resentments, .. anxieties and angers ..