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Publication provisoire

3rd New Moon of Year IV ..

चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā amavasya] .. in चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam], the lunation of the root of pleasure .. and of the essence of happiness ..

.. in the morning of Tuesday March 24, 2020, at 10:30 am, it's New Moon day, .. the beginning of the 3rd Moon of Year IV, .. चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā or caitrā amavasya] .. opening the month of चैत् मास [chaitrā māsam] ..

.. चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā amavasya], marks the start of the Easter Moon .. it is the First Moon of the Wind Spirits .. the First Moon of Spring ..

.. in sidereal mode, she is placed, this year IV, in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada], at 10° 05' of Pisces l, .. signing the time of the re-incarnation of the wish to be alive again .. and the apprehension of reliving certain torments ..

.. the desire being either the emergence of a natural need, .. of a positive vision to achieve ..

.. either the resurgence of an unsatisfied lack, an unfulfilled pleasure, coming from a root of the past, the remembrance of a negative thought .. envy is often a mood coming from a previous life, .. a feeling of a lack of self-completion experienced in the past .. an unfulfilled need of pleasure ..

.. or the need to re-touch the essence of happiness .. happiness is beyond the search of pleasure .. beyond fears and resentments, .. anxieties and angers ..

Karmic Astrology

Short astrological reading of this 3rd New Moon of March 24 of Year IV, at 10.30 am (GMT + 1) [chaitra amavasya]

according to traditional Vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

in sidereal mode, the 3rd New Moon of Year IV is the one of Pisces l, ascendant Gemini c ..

.. she is located in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada] .. symbolizing the control of one's moods and one's unconscious slippages, .. by consented social isolation or by voluntary purifying asceticism ..

.. in mega-conjunction 0, the Moon E at 10° 04', the Sun A at 10° 04', Chiron at 11° 09' and Lilith at 12 ° 16' of Pisces l, House of XI, .. this mega-conjunction 0 is in semi-sextile 1 with Uranus I at 10° 39' of Aries a, but also in House of XI .. making this Black Moon, very very black, very windy and very interfering ..

.. she awakens in us the specter of our past, in very sulphurous or embarrassing way, .. as vindictive as traumatic .. as obsessive as repressed .. the unconscious resurfaces with insistence, embarrasses us and haunts us ..

.. Neptune J at 24° 53' of Aquarius k, in House of X, in sextile 2 with Venus C at 26° 05' of Aries a, in House of XII .. in semi-sextile 1 with Ceres O at 25° 55' of Capricorn j, in House of IX .. makes the fertility of weird ideas and the pandemic of weird viruses very active, in our own house as in our own body .. at the same time, flashes of intuition can allow us to better understand the past, .. and to feel even some embarrassment or shame for our unconscious and blind behaviors we have shown off in the past ..

.. Venus C pretty soon (at 28.3.2020 5:30am) in trine 4 with Pallas P, Jupiter G and Mars F .. we are approaching the maximum seclusion, .. and the strongest feeling of confinement .. our jail partner, spouse, or child, will may seem to us, to become our most dangerous contaminator and enemy ..

.. Mercury B at 12° 20' of Aquarius k, in House X, in sextile 2 with Uranus I .. lets welcome a possible change of vision of ourselves, a shift in our professional or social sphere .. the change is now visible, probable, feasible ..

.. Mercure B soon (at 3.4.20202) in conjunction 0 with Neptune J .. provoking a possible change of vision of our family past, Neptune J aligned with Mercure B, allows us to better understand the relationships of our past, which created our family and our family tree, as we know it today and as we are about to perpetuate ..

.. the solar ascendant AS and Part of Fortune D, at 5° 46' of Gemini c, in conjunction 0 with Rahu ƒ at 9° 42' of Gemini c .. let's learn today how to do what we don't know how to do .. or what we have never done, this way ..

this new moon of Pisces l reminds us that ..

.. maybe the current confinement is a blessing .. maybe this influenza is a unique opportunity for transformation .. by the way, do we have other choices? .. perhaps we are protected by this confinement, in spite of ourselves, from ourselves .. from our inclinations to possibly pretend and our impossibilities to really see .. in these times, we can guess what is possibly positive, what is totally negative is already so easy to see ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

in tropical mode, this 3rd New Moon is that of Aries a, ascendant Gemini c ..

it is in the first decan, dedicated twice to Mars F .. it represents the innovative and combative energy of the human being .. the need to covet and to move to action, .. the need to conquer and to protect ourself better .. the need to seize the opportunity and to feel enthusiasm inside ..

.. we call this Moon which begins : the Pink Moon .. the Moon of Rising Temptations .. this Moon begins the Season of the Wind Spirits, nourishing our windy and crazy mind for the next three months ..

this new moon of Aries a, reminds us that ..

.. lee enter into a phase of the year during which, our pseudo-unconsciousness will express itself out loud, in our fears and in our nightmares .. this pseudo-unconscious today desires and shivers in the same time, .. fears and constantly claims .. by complaining about confinement and manipulation, viruses and frost, fake news and incapable authorities, indirectly humans will never have spoken so much about themselves, .. and about the fear of others, as the one of themselves .. each of us wants to be a teacher of the world, .. nobody can be resolved himself to be a simple student who, step by step, learns to learn .. learsn to understand .. without losing its innocence and its natural purity ..

उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada], time second of the Pisces l ..

.. Pisces l have always represented a necessary moment of isolation and of withdrawal, .. of gestation and of self-maturation .. a time of introspection in total awareness, of the origin of one's own existence .. of our happiness and our problems .. the time of Pisces l awakens the perinatal energy that permeates us when we are born ..

.. birth and death are two incredible moments of great solitude .. we are born alone, and we die alone .. the space, the path which connects these two points, is time to discover the other, .. to meet our companion of travel ..

.. a time to discover the experience of pleasure and displeasure, which is a taste of suffering ..  the experience of happiness and non-happiness, which is a prelude to unhappiness ..

.. उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada] is a way to rediscover the vision of happiness, .. to be able to dance again on the flow of your thoughts, .. to take distance with ourself from our eternal anxiety and from irrational fears coming from our mind .. उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada] represents a first possible step towards the control of one's anger and one's eternal suffering, .. towards a possible control of one's resentment and one's pretension .. उत्तर भाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada] is the energy which allows us to travel around the world, and to meet the others, through the experience of life, .. knowing how to protect others from our unfounded thoughts and our unreasonable moods, .. from our psychotic emotions and our neurotic illnesses .. happiness is a state of liberated spirit, of self-emancipation .. pleasure is always subject to a hidden form of addiction, ..  an addiction to an non assumed transient reality ..

.. the mind is only the eternal resonance of a felt or imagined past .. desired or feared .. memory is an attempt to understand .. a tendency to interpret .. memory is a limitation .. a preventive form of coercion .. we are free to understand what we want .. or what we can understand .. it is up to us to assume the desires and the anxieties .. the false hopes and the real disappointments that all stem from our real lack of adequate understanding ..


चैत् अमावास्या  [chaitrā amavasya] ..

.. चैत् अमावास्या [chaitrā amavasya] is the appearance of colors in the world .. the explosion of shoots, buds and flowers .. चैत् [chaitrā] means as much : pleasure as torment, .. desire as suffering .. need of love as magic of possession .. चैत् [chaitrā] is a collective hallucination, a race for the conquest of life, of an opportunity .. चैत् [chaitrā] is the last नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of the Virgo f, in which the future 3rd Full Moon will radiate in 15 days .. चैत् [chaitrā] is the fascination of the shine, which captures us .. the hypnosis of the color that drives to act, .. nature uses colors, to tempt us .. and to make us compete for her needs, for her plans .. चैत् [chaitrā] awakens our hidden and secret hunger .. चैत् [chaitrā] awakens the desire of envy .. the desire to own again, without restraint and without moderation .. a flowering in March announces the ripening of its fruit in September ..