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2nd Full Moon of Year IV ..

फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phālguni purnima] .. in फल्गुन माष [phālguna māsam] the moon of the dance around the tree of life ..

.. in the evening of Monday March 9, 2020 at 6:49 pm, it is the time of the Full Moon, फाल्गुनी पूर्णिमा [phalguni purnima] .. the apotheosis of the 2nd Moon of Year IV .. she nourishes the emergence of an underlying desire, coming from the very bottom of our guts, .. she stigmatizes the spasmodic drive getting reborn from our dead, in our buried roots .. she awakens envy of life in our wild origins, written in our limbo, .. she symbolizes our wish to be alive .. and relive our initial desire, written deep in our genetic code .. our primordial soil .. or into the depth of our spine ..

.. the energy of our humoral vase awakens .. the energy of our own bacterias starts to work in the earth of our unconscious .. life begins virally to work in us, .. by us or in spite of ourselves .. for the better or for the worse ..

.. this Full Moon announces the imminent and saving arrival of spring, वसन्त [vasanta] (the spring equinox will manifest on March 20, 2020, at 5:43 am), .. she arouses the resurgence of the convulsive and primal desire, getting reborn with great efforts from the fertile black of our earth, from the fullness of silence, from the whiteness of our eternal rest, from the emptiness of peace .. and the dark blue teal of the sky of our winter, she is the call to meet our eternal spirit .. this motionless mirror which reflects everything and its contrary .. this year, the 2nd Full Moon the first « super moon » .. so close from earth, we feel we could even touch her ..