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1st Full Moon of Year IV ..

माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] .. in माघ माष [maghā māsam], the full moon of the immersion in the deep desire and the sacred vows of the goddess ..

In the early morning of Sunday February 9th, 2020, at 8:34 am, it is Full Moon day, .. the apotheosis of the 1st Moon of Year IV .. माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] .. the Moon E transits, in this Year IV (2+0+2+0), .. IV being numerologically the year of Rahu ƒ, symbolizing the possible repossession or dispossession of any physical goods, .. in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of अश्लेषा [ashlesha]  ..

.. अश्लेषा [ashlesha] is the serpent coiled sensually on itself and on its condition, .. on its alter-ego and on its कर्म [karma], .. on its nature and its destiny, .. on its karmic continuity and its dead ends .. in short, on its snake survival memory, .. completely coiled in its karmic matrix .. अश्लेषा [ashlesha] is the snake of the Eden garden ..

.. in sidereal mode, the full moon transits therefore at 25°53’ of Cancer d, in House of VI .. Cancer d is the house of Mother-Goddess माकलि [mahkali], representing the Moon E spirit, the goddess of the light of the Night and the mirror of the Sun A, .. of the unreality of time and the appearance of space .. Cancer d is the house of the matrix of all memorial reminiscence, in spite of any apparent change brought by life, beyond death, .. and beyond all cyclical and multiple reincarnation in the flesh .. she is the house of permanent psycho-somatic modification of the sensitive being, despite the characteristic remanence of its archaic survival self .. she is what changes, transmutes and adapts on the surface, to better remain in depth .. she is divine madness, fabulous heresy  that settles in one's soul, combining unconsciously and incestuously in oneself, in turn, all the known facets of one self with other unknown facets of another self, .. she reigns without interruption over our hybrid emotions .. over our emotional intelligence .. अश्लेषा [ashlesha] signs the last solemn time of Cancer d .. this 1st full moon celebrates so early, behind the scenes of Leo e, the rise of the desire and the need to be really able .. desire to be able to own oneself one day entirely .. and the need to be able to reign over the world, .. for one day to touch the real power on oneself .. because inside us, we constantly escape from our work on ourselves, our power always escapes from ourselves ...

.. if माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā amavasya] was the time of secret and silent vows, .. in the intimacy of the new moon .. माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] is the expression aloud in the light of the full moon, of his desires for oneself and for the world .. माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] is the clear formulation of the vow, .. a public ritual, such as माघ मेल [magh mela], .. an immersion in the waters of the Ganges made with one's brothers soul .. his brothers on the way .. a drama of his desire to one day be able to reign over himself .. it is a manifestation of his inner magic, .. it is a personal contribution to the power of outer magic, .. the magic of the world, .. the माघ [maghā] of the mother goddess .. it marks the beginning of the implementation in the matter, in one's matter, .. of one's vital force .. of one's creative force .. the will of the goddess माकलि [mahkali]  deliberately becomes our own will .. our own power ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 1st Full Moon of Year IV, Sunday morning, 9th of Feb. 2020 at 08:34 (GMT+1) the [maghā purnima]

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

.. the Moon E of माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] is, this Year IV, still in अश्लेषा [ashlesha], last नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of Cancer d, symbolizing the attachment to one's material and to one's environment, .. to one's clan and to one's memory .. to one's personality and to one's alter-ego .. to one's initial condition and to one's totally outdated past ..

.. her Sun A is at 26° of Capricorn j .. her solar ascendant AS is in trigone 4 with Rahu ƒ and in sextile 2 with Ketu @ ..
.. making the mistakes and pitfalls of the past rising up to the surface, situations will seem to repeat themselves, .. but, hopefully this time, without our panicking ..

.. her aspiration is expressed in her solar ascendant AS, which is at 15° of Aquarius k in शातभिष [satabisha] and in conjonction 0 with the duo of Mercury B and Neptune J ..
शातभिष [satabisha] represents the urgent need to take care of oneself, to withdraw from the world with intelligence and to live fully, but with modesty, one's inner spirituality .. spirituality being the fact of knowing how to live and to live fully what contributes to one's existence .. to live one's life, without converting others to one's beliefs .. without letting others take us away from our intimate and dreamlike aspirations ..

.. her restreint is expressed in her solar descendant DS and in her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, which are at 15° of Leo e in पूर्वफल्गुनी [purva phalguni], ..
पूर्वफल्गुनी [purva phalguni] is the need to express oneself freely and without restraint, to manifestly manifest one's ambitions and pleasures, to give oneself the means to satisfy one's material and solar projects .. live one's life, and let others live their life, whatever she mays look like ..
.. the Moon E is in a sextile 2 agreement with Juno M, but in a square 3 disagreement with Vesta L.. she slowly looses her conjonction 0agreement with her Part of Fortune D ..
.. some sordid misunderstandings or missed acts, some deep disagreements or open conflicts are to be expected soon with partners or spouses .. difficult to reinvent magically a relationship instantly and alleviate it from its past ..

.. in perfect conjonction 0 in Pisces l, Lilith at 7°, Venus C and 8° et Chiron  at 9° .. the heart strokes and the karmic passions are back, after having done everything to eliminate them, here again we forget ourselves into them ..

.. Jupiter G in Sagittarius i, House of XI, begins his conjonction 0 with Pluto K and Saturn H .. a new direction of life will be able to be built soon .. and to be forged .. or it will be easier to accept how things of the past happened .. and also to accept that they remain a few more years as well ..

.. Mars F very recently entered at 1° of Sagittarius i, begins in House of X his conjonction 0 with Ketu @ and Pallas P .. to heal sustainably, and to generate degeneration in oneself, it's necessary to know how to surround oneself with just people, to get rid of toxic relationships or to live alone .. to know how to live one's ideals and fully accept one's bad choices and to embrace one's mistakes of the past ..
.. Mars F is in sextile 2 with the Sun A .. the body and its immune system will now be able to regenerate slowly, without major outside bad interference ..
.. Mars F and Venus C are in square 3, and are pushed to overflows of impatience and to mood swings .. or to intense sadness and to untimely rebellions ..
.. Mars F is entering in trigone 4 with Uranus I .. and getting out of trigone 4 with the Moon E .. certain dynamics of change will present themselves sporadically earlier .. they will be essential to grasp .. and not to be missed under any circumstances, because they will not happen again ..
.. Mars F with the complicity of Jupiter G, will create the magic of this month of February .. or will drastically increase the sordid of life ..

this Full Moon of  Capricorn j reminds us that,
.. sadness and passion, fear and anger, inertia and compulsion participate by their decompensation in the same कर्म [karma] .. in the same compensatory dependence .. tantric philosophy incites to embrace one's errors, to accept one's bad choices .. as far as one's errors and one's choices were deliberately ours .. and we not that we were by weakness pushed by the others to make these errors and these choices .. besides do we have the choice? if we are unconsciously convinced of a result and a fact, all the choices we would take will be transformed into their result in what we karmically convinced, will happen .. in माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima], it is time to discover for ourselves in the light what we already convinced since the beginning of our existence .. since the origin of our tribal and genetic subconsciousness ..


according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. this Full Moon E is at 20° of Aquarius k, in the dreamlike and prophetic space of the winter sky ..

.. the solar ascendant AS of the Full Moon of the 9th February 2020 is at 9° of Pisces l, .. her solar descendant and her lunar descendant, the Part of Fortune D, are at 9° of Virgo f, first decan .. the first decan is dedicated to the insight of the Sun A and to Mercury's energy B, to his pragmatic intelligence .. an intelligence which allows him today to resolve marital and family problems with simplicity and efficiency .. in tropical mode, it's really the conjonction 0 of the solar ascendant AS at 9° and of Mercury B at 8° of Pisces l, that set the tone for this restless Full Moon, approaching Neptune J, the lord of the mists of the mind and the nebulae of the unconscious .. Neptune J holds all the keys to conflict resolution .. and knows all the ways to further confuse up our incomplete consciousnesses .. because Neptune J i is the unconscious consciousness in us which is the matrix which holds all our contradictory desires, all our underlying conflicts and all our existential confusions .. Neptune J, the god of the ocean of limbo, is the deepest part of our non-consciousness .. but also the most powerful .. the vastest .. it contains all the desires and wishes created by our karmic matrix that we will make ours in confronting them in the matter ..

.. we call this Full Moon of February,  the Chaste Moon, but also the Storming Moon, the Moon of Hunger .. it is the Moon of Snow Silence, but also the Moon which Bets, which Magnetizes, .. the White Night Moon .. it can to be the turning point of the current year, because she could tell us in dreams that very night, our own destiny .. our own initiatory journey ..

this Full Moon in Aquarius k, reminds us that,
.. a human can give up his karmic addictions only when he feels rich internally and free existentially .. the feeling of incompleteness, sadness and precariousness, creates dependence and rebellion, addiction and self-flagellation ..

माघी पूर्णिमा [maghi purnima], the light over the magic of destiny ..

.. माघी पूर्णिमा [maghi purnima] is the time of luminous vows dedicated to the magic of the coming new year, .. because there can be no magic, without new vows or without renewed vows .. magic sublimely requires or supposes a contribution and a compromise, .. a dedication and an obedience .. to greater than oneself, .. to our psychic and physical matrix .. to benefit from a system, we must in our way contribute to it, .. we must nourish it in one's consciousness and in one's actions .. the magic, whether white or black, requires : .. a commitment of body and soul, .. a marriage of love and devotion to the goddess .. a vital energy to be  poured out or a self-denial, .. a service or a sacrifice of free will, .. a price to consent or an imposed fine to be accepted ..


माघ [maghā] the matrix of deep desires ..

.. as a human, we try to focus on the content only, on the existence of our personality, .. we continuously focus on a subjective personality with which we identify .. we give meaning and relevance only to our content .. and we too often forget to think about our container, .. the matrix that houses us .. the mother goddess माकलि [mahkali] that envelops us .. this energy that contains us and holds us together beyond appearances .. the success in the realization of one's desires and one's wishes is therefore to know the possible point of coexistence between : one's contained individuality, .. the individual, .. and one's containing matrix, .. the conditional context .. the power of the matrix is ​​called in the first two preliminary stances of the अष्टाङ्ग [ashtanga] of Hinduism : the respect of the desire and of the vow of the goddess महादेवी [mahadevi] : यम [yama] is the overflowing flow with the desire of the goddess, .. and नियम [niyama] is the restrictive vow of the goddess ..
.. in Greek mythology, Ἵμερος [Hímeros] is the deity of uncontrollable desire and multiple love .. while Ἔρως [Eros] is the deity of dedicated desire and unique love ..


माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] the luminous magic of power over oneself ..

.. माघ [maghā] is at the origin of the word : magic .. it means in Sanskrit : the understanding of the wish of the matter .. or the mastering of the wish of existence .. magic or witchcraft are based on the use of the hidden meaning of things .. this meaning which governs esoterically matter, reality, .. and the will of living beings .. this sense which motivates and puts into action the world .. at our level, magic reflects the nature of the spirit of the human who imagines it and surfs on it .. the meaning which motivates magic excludes other meanings by definition or by interest .. the subjective principle of good and evil is resolutely exclusive .. of what serves or does not serve me, becomes obvious .. magic becomes easily the quest for what I need to be completed .. on a ordinary way,  secretly love quickly becomes desire, .. pleasure then becomes lust, .. sensuality then becomes lascivious .. need becomes greed .. attachment becomes addiction .. envy becomes suffering ..
.. the label of good or bad that my mind puts on things, only engages myself, but not the world .. by manipulating in myself the subjective notions of good and evil, beneficial and evil, I only ultimately commit myself and emotional forces which contain me .. if my generated emotions impact the world which surrounds me .. and the relations (= interactivities) which constitute me, .. it is not said that the world resonates durably in my direction or for my interest .. on the other hand, the emotions magically created in myself will impact greatly my senses and my strengths ..
.. to confront us with the world, we need motivation and devotion, sense and interest .. at the end, my understanding of myself and of my personal nature, must feed my forces of desire and action ..

.. magic does not exist outside of my desires and my fears, .. outside of my wishes or my anxieties .. but by being in the presence of my desire or of my lack of desire, .. of my fear or of my absence of fear, I can slowly guess the true magic which animates me since the beginning of my life .. or which I miss from the beginning .. to all my wishes and my fears, I always have to add their unconscious counterweight, like night has to added to day .. if the luminous conscious is accommodating .. the obscure unconscious is non-accommodating .. the perceptible and salutary magic, is located at the point of coexistence between the two, .. or at the crossroads of their paths .. मार्ग [marghā] is the guardian of the taken path, of the given margin and of the law of destiny ..




माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima]
is  the full moon of the New Year's Vows ..
celebrating माघ माष [maghā māsam] ..


only pure vows coming from our deep unconsciousness,
will be realized or changed on that day ..


माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima]
is a wonderful glow of generosity over the night clouds ..
.. she is the shinning light of our true desire in the dark sky ..


she is the sensuous fulfilling energy of the divine mother,
the all mighty goddess माघ [magh] goddess of wealth and fertility
and also भगवती देवी [bhagavati devi] the sensuous goddess ..

.. माघ [magh] is the goddess of light, over our time and space ..
she is the fulfilling power of मन्त्र [mantra]

.. and the grants the deep prayers of our never dying souls ..


माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima]
is a very auspicious full moon that invites us to cleansing asceticisms ..

.. she is the full moon that cheers on purifying ablutions ..
she is the light on our underground desire ..

she is the light on the magic wish of the [magh] goddess ..
this light  is the generous pleasure of [magh] ..

.. by the caring flow of her pleasure,
we will live longer..

.. by the search four personal pleasure,
we will be dead sooner ..

.. we are not alive to take advantage of real pleasure,
but true pleasure keeps us alive much longer ..


माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] is also the fulfillment of
all unconscious and redundant wishes
we did during the recent past cycles ..


.. माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] is the burning flame of
all our contradictory and deviant desires,
all our illusory and ignorant vows
we did by fear or addiction ..

fears and addictions are a weird kind of prayers ..
and the माघ [magh] goddess fulfills all redundant prayers ..


the all sum of all these emotional and motley wishes
manifests the mysterious and dark wish that the mother-goddess has for us ..


माघ [magh] the mother of all wishes,
always fulfills the vows of any redundant emotions.

this fulfillment of all human emotions,
produces the flowing river of the physical reincarnation,

.. the physical reincarnation stream, is the consequence
of all the psycho-somatic vows we addressed to her
and thrown into her benevolent stream ..

.. and she continues carrying them tirelessly
in her river stream body ..


.. so don’t burden the goddess with our constant problems,
with our permanent complains and with our ambiguous prayers any more ..

because she becomes and grants any mood,
any wish, .. any prayer .. weird or pure ..


.. let’s work hard on ourselves,
solve our problems by ourselves
and finally come in peace with ourselves ..

.. then pray to not burden anyone
with your own made problems,
any more ..


.. we are the result of our motley wishes  ..
we just need some time, strength and courage to face it  ..



माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima]
is a perfect time to observe the true manifestation
of our unconscious vows
and the weird result of our secret intimate tendencies ..




during these days of [maghā māsam],
there is as much weird darkness and shadows ..
as there is place for a wonderful shift and light ..

maybe as never before ..
lets turn this darkness into a powerful earth
ready for a fertile growth ..

lets use this light to enhance the sharpness
of our discernment ..

.. we are only beaten by ourselves ..
no one is doing it better than us ..




माघ पूर्णिमा [maghā purnima] 
is time to listen to the silent wish of the goddess ..
to her magic whisper very inside ..

lets finally accept and become who we really and deeply are ..
infortune is the result of all non aligned wishes within us ..


.. our unconsciousness is only unconscious to us ..
the goddess knows who we are ..
and from what dark matter is our unconscious earth mind made of ..
from our unconscious earth, something looking for light,
will finally one day of summer, bloom out and flourish
at the sight of all ..

.. time to discover the nature of our unconsciousness
and guess the power of her manifestation  ..

.. all what we don’t see as the result
of a very simple and transparent magic,
becomes instantly for us,
a much complex and nasty spell
to be solved ..