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1st New Moon of Year IV ..

माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] .. in माघ माष [maghā māsam] the new moon of the blessing of one's silent vows of purity ..

Friday January 24, 2020, at the very end of the evening, at 22:44 GMT + 1, it is New Moon, .. the beginning of the 1st Moon of the Year IV .. माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] ..
.. it is placed very lately, this year 2020, at the very beginning of श्रावण [śravanā], in Capricorn j, to open the month of माघ माष [maghā māsam] .. the month of the blessing of his silent vows of purity .. which will come true one summer day, in the light and the matter of the Lion e .. माघ [maghā] ..
.. माघ [maghā] means as much : the reward for the gift of the self, the reward for the purity of the self, the reward for the generosity of the self .. the reward being the divine consequence, and not the expectation of a gain ..
.. मा [ma] - [agha] means : a gift without task and without sin, .. without vice and without demon .. माघ [maghā] is the time of कुम्भ मेल [khumba mela], the immersion of one's body in the frozen waters of the Ganges, .. in the company of the saints, the साधु [sadhu] .. this is the occasion for the renewal of one's vows of purity and self-denial, in the rites of purification by the waters of the goddess गङ्गा [ganga] .. the साधु [sadhu] reformulate on this very occasion, their vows of holiness, and of purification .. their chastity and their purity inspire the goddess who protects the world, and binds them even more lovingly to her .. purity unites the body and chastity binds the soul to the goddess .. purity creates a state of holiness which awakens the soul and makes it shine on the world in total chastity ....
.. माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] traditionally announces, according to Vedic astrology, the coming arrival of the Hindu solar new year, which will be celebrated on April 13, 2020, at the passage of the Sun A to 0 ° sidereal of Aries a .. in Sanskrit, it will be called in this Year IV : शर्वरिन् [shārvarin] , which means :
.. time of upheavals and seizures .. time of questioning and restarting .. time of destabilizing cogitations and big decisions ..

.. from माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya], the frozen then starts to move, .. the silence becomes a melody .. the river of time begins to flow again in the space of our world .. what was mixed and confused, will be able to separate again .. what was divided and torn, will be able to merge again ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 1st New Moon of Year IV, Friday evening, 24th of Jan. 2020 at 22:44 (GMT+1), [magha amavasya]

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

.. the Moon E is in रावण [śravanā], second नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of Capricorn j, symbolizing the listening of the events which come to us .. the sound of the river of destiny which brings us to its ends ..
.. her solar and lunar ascendants ( the AS and the Part of Fortune D) are in हस्ता [hasta] at 10° of Virgo f ..
.. symbolizing the importance of knowing how to listen to your body and your stomach ... and not the biased opinions of your ego and the divergent traffic of your thoughts .. she a New Moon  which contains us and keeps us in its darkness .. it fertilizes us and macerates in the night ..
.. Chiro  at 8° and Lilith at 6° of Pisces k, in House of VI are in opposition 0 .. placed in square 3 with Pallas P at 8°, and with Ketu @ at 13°R of Sagittarius i ..
.. our existential contradictions tire us and ridicule us .. our reactive mind makes us come into conflict with everything and even contradict dramatically ourselves. ..
.. Venus C at 19° et Neptune J at 23° are in conjonction 0 in Aquarius k, House of VI, an increasingly tight conjunction .. they are placed in sextile 2 with the binomial of Saturn H at 0° of Capricore j, and of Pluto K at 29° of Sagittarius i .. in half-sextile 1 with Mercury B at 20° of Capricorn j .. and in sextile 2 with Vesta L at 20° of Aries a ..
.. timidly new relationships are formed, blindly new loves are declared, sporadically new partnerships are created between people who already knew each other and who have even been in conflict in the past .. new perspectives of interrelation .. or back old karst and incestuous problems? .. in any case, here comes a temporary union of opposites ..
.. Juno M remains in square 3 with Saturn H and Pluto K, .. in stagger 5 with Neptune J and Venus C .. and in stagger 5 with Vesta L .. Vesta L is in stagger 5 with Mars F.. and in stagger 5 with Mercury B ..
.. affective autonomy and emotional prespicacity remain difficult, the strength of the bonds of the past prevents new bonds from being made .. at all times, the body can quickly become ill and strangely tired .. it is time to do the household in its pseudo-friendly and pseudo-loving relationships ..

this first new moon in Capricorn j, ascendant Virgo f, reminds us that, ..
.. this year will be a balance to be found between its old conservatism and its evolution, between its old apprehensions and its ambitions .. between its old habits and its innovations .. conservatism and tradition will collide with libertarianism and revolution  ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. the New Moon E is at 4° of Aquarius k , in the celestial space of the distant stars .. and her solar and lunar ascendants, the As and the Part of Fortune D, are at 5° of Balance g, first decan, dedicated to Venus C and to the Moon E, to one's sentimental intelligence .. which allows ourselves to choose more easily our couple .. and our partner of exchange ..
.. Mars F at 15° of Sagittarius i and Venus C at 13° of Pisces k are in square 3 .. 
.. making the immune system always weak and flickering
.. except Pallas P at 3° of Capricorn j, all the asteroids of the eternal female are in dissonance in very them or in couple with an inertia or a contradiction .. what makes this period very unstable and very tiring ..

we call this moon the Wolf Moon .. the Moon of the Hunger ..

this New Moon in Aquarius k, ascendant Balance g, reminds us that,

.. the past, the family and the tradition are not burdens or curses, which must slow us down, they are psychological dimensions which we must constantly reinvent subjectively ..

माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] ..

.. माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] is a time of introspection in its inner world, .. the time to go back to its source of purity, .. to the roots of one's authenticity .. in what is so much desired and expected at the bottom of oneself ..
.. माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] is the time to immerse oneself in one's wishes for the year .. the time to reveal the vision that we have of ourselves for the coming year .. the time to join one's travel companions, one's new soul family .. these brothers of soul who have chosen the same wishes as ours .. the same path of the soul .. the same process of revelation or of becoming .. the same desire for detachment or for transmutation .. माघ अमावास्या [maghā amavasya] is the new moon of योगिन् [yogi] and योगिनी [yogini], forming the motley community of Aquarius k .. the Aquarius, the new age King of Waters .. the Moon of  माघ [maghā] unites the mysterious strength of the Moon E with the magnetic purity of the Sun A .. the richness of the night with the purity of the day .. it is a given time to plunge back into the body of the goddess, to plunge into the waters of her night to rediscover one's light .. to discover the wish she has for us .. and the wish we have for ourselves .. to unite and merge them .. it inaugurates the time of कुम्भ मेल [kumbha mela] .. time to immerse yourself in the Waters of the Ganges .. in our full humanity and in our possible inner divinity ..