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13th Full Moon of Year XII .. Gateway to Year IV ..

पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushya purnima] in पुष्या माष [pushyā māsam], the full moon of nostalgia of a zero point, the return to the adoptive mother ..

Friday January 10th, 2020, at 20:23 , it's Full Moon day, the apotheosis of the 13th Moon of the Year XII .. पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] in पुष्या मास [pushyā māsam] .. she is also the time of the Full Moon of Time « Zero » of Year IV ( 2+0+2+0 ) : प्रकेवल शून्य पूर्णिमा [prakevala sunya purnima] .. a time dedicated to a retreat in the mountains, in oneself, fasting in silence, in the abstinence from all destructive excesses for the body or for the soul .. for oneself, as for others ..

.. we also call this full moon : शाकम्भरी पूर्णिमा [shakambhari purnima] .. शाकम्भरी [shakambhari] is the goddess who makes the seeds germinate in complete but nourishing darkness, she is the rain which waters the earth in depth, she is the cold which allows the soil to settle .. and the roots of plants to regenerate in peace and silence .. she is the divinity who inspires ascetics, vegetarians and vegans before time .. she is the goddess of « who lives light, lives happy », without attachment but with respect for all forms of life .. she is the divinity of forgiveness and tolerance, harmony and peace with the world, because the world is hosting us and because the world does not belong to anyone .. she is the daughter of the divine and feminine trinity of भुवनेश्वरी [bhuvaneshvari] who inspires with her emotional intelligence, cohabitation, conflict resolution and community life, .. she realms over earth भु [bhu-] over atmosphere वनेश्व [-vanesh-] and over the skies री [-swaha] .. she is the conscious energy which holds in the invisibility and the non-movement the harmony of the world together .. पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] is the full moon of the adoptive mother, .. the foster mother .. she is a return to the essential with determination and selflessness, but without violence or harassment on oneself, nor on others ..

.. the नक्षत्र [nakshtra] of पुष्या [paushyā] is dedicated to Saturn H, the Black A Sun ( the fallen Sun A that became mortal again ), the complexe correlation of Moon E- Saturn H- Sun A - Pluto K is an important inception for self-giving and for seed sowing, .. for fertility in oneself and for germination in the world .. first of all, she creates in ourselves a sanctuary and a burial pit, .. she is ourselves a grounding and a grave, in the deep darknesses of Mother Earth, created by the black moon or by the penumbral eclipse of the moon, .. then she is an inception to germinate and grow, .. to grow and flourish with greenness towards the luminous sky,.. towards one's moon full which will radiate within one's darkness ..
.. शनि [shani], Saturn H is the Black A Sun, the former and ancient Sun A who became the Earth D of the Moon E, the Body of the Soul .. whose death, like an extinct volcano, now generously gives life ..
.. यम [yama], Pluto K, is the rich lord of the lunar times of harvest .. and the cycles of death, he is the master of the rains and the hells, the नरक [naraka] .. of the tides of fogs and of lunar limbo of death, the मर [māra] .. he dies and gets reborn every three days to show us with spirit the sacred path from life to death, .. and from death to life ..


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 13th Full Moon of Year XII on 10th of  Janvier 2020, at 20h23  (GMT+1)

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] is the 13th Full Moon of Year XII .. or the Full Moon « Zero » of Year IV (2+0+2+0) ..

.. she is, in sidereal mode, a full moon in Gemini c, placed in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पुनरसु [punarvasu], celebrating the nostalgia of the old matriarchal empire .. the one of our maternal grandmother, keeper of the family keys .. or the one of our adoptive or foster mother .. the one who protected us while waiting for us to be able to protect ourselves by ourselves ..

.. her solar ascendant AS is in Leo e, in माघ [magha],
.. her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D is in Aquarius k in धनिष्ठ [dhanishta], house of spiritual materialism or spirituality rooted in physical matter ..
धनिष्ठ [dhanistha] is the expression of inner wealth, and the gift of putting into practice in outer wealth ..
.. the Full Moon is in opposition 6 with Saturn H, Pluto K and Ceres O who will enter in perfect conjunction 0 with the Sun A and Mercury B in 3 days ..
.. on the very day of Full Moon, Uranus I the revolutionary and atypical philosopher ceases to be retrograde ..
.. the smoke planets, Rahu ƒ and Ketu @ are far more than 10° and begin their harmful and poisonous interferences ..
Rahu ƒ harasses the Moon E within her natural and benevolent inclinations, ..
Ketu @ harasses the Sun A and Jupiter G within their natural and sovereign optimism ..

this full moon reminds us ..
.. that it is important to give vacation or holidays to our body and respect its intimate desires, .. to let our mind roam freely in nature without constraint .. to let our body walk in peace and aimlessly .. to be humble and simple work .. feel our soul breathe without fear and desire .. just live .. just sleep and dream of the world that slowly comes to us ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. she is the Full Moon of Cancer d ..
.. she has a solar ascendant AS in Leo e ..
and a lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D in Aquarius k in conjunction 0 with Venus C .. celebrating the White Way of Love ..
.. she realms as a real Queen, without expectation and without need, without urgency and without hope ..
she is the loving and distant attention of the Mother Goddess ..
.. her Sun A is distant and busy, lost somewhere in a Capricorn j world ..
.. the lunar nods of Ketu @ andt Rahu ƒ, real avid black hole of energy, have already stolen her all her illusions and her short-term moral ideals ..
.. it is called the Moon of the Wolf .. the Moon of Hunger and of the Great Famines .. the Moon of Suffering of Lack of Food and Affection ..

this full moon reminds us,,
.. that in our very inner truth we lack of nothing, .. what happens to us, is that we got the sum of our contradictory and scattered wishes, but so obsessed by desire, so hungry of envy, that our eyes do not see what is already offered to us ..
everything happens to us precisely, as we secretly asked for, but we have already forgotten, what we had secretly asked during past years .. our desires are often the result of a big panic, of a cry for lust .. but we just lack of humility ..
.. silence, immobility and peace are the most beautiful gifts that we can freely offer to ourselves .. at discretion ..

छाया ग्रहण उपचाय्य [chaya grahan uppachaya] .. an annular lunar eclipse 

.. this full moon of पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] will be the opportunity from January 9 to 10, 2020, for a penumbral lunar eclipse, (January 9 at 10:23 pm, the Moon E passes by grazing Rahu @ placed at 13°35R of Gemini c in आर्द्रा [ardra] ) .. in the Hindou tradition, she is called : छाया ग्रहण उपचाय्य [chaya grahan uppachaya] « the growing hearth of the shadow » .. the shadow of the annular lunar eclipse will pass over us, dimming the radiance of the sky .. and blushing the full moon somehow .. it is an ideal time for a psycho-magical act, .. for a prayer to the world in silence, .. for a wish to something greater than oneself .. without seeking self-interest .. to do what is asked and useful to be done, without complaining, crying or suffering .. without gratification ..


महान् संहित ग्रहयुति [maha samhita grahayuti] is the great alignment of planets from 13 January 2020 at 16:30

.. the alignment of Pluto K, Saturn H, Sun A, Ceres O, Mercury B, three days after the full moon of  प्रकेवल शून्य पूर्णिमा [prakevala sunya purnima], is a fertilization in depth, .. a great effervescence of germination in the darknesses of our deep Earth .. on the surface of our earth, nothing happens, just the spectacle of life stopped, remained suspended in its movement is shown off .. everything became abstract and abstruse, .. so beautiful and so useless .. it's a time for meditation and silence, .. of non-travel and non-work, .. of non-doing and non-expecting .. it's a moment of confidence within the process of life in itself .. and an intimate need for one's integration in consciousness within the process of life on earth .. within the gravity that makes the elements dance in the way we know them, since the beginning of all times .. the happy people adapt and dance with the gravity .. suffering people endure and suffer from gravity, by refusing with obstination and apprehension to truly adapt to it .. or try to flee gravity or to ignore it ..

.. this great alignement at the end of House of Sagittarius i ( in sidereal mode ) reveals a subtle and heavy influence, a strange but very positive form of darkness, .. showing the common works of the Moon E and of Ceres O, of Saturn H and of Pluto K, in the depths of our fallow lands, .. beneath the surface of our icy winter soils, life goes back to work .. as the invisible telluric forces work too .. the collective unconscious is in turmoil .. as the spirit which is in us, looks at us .. our agenda is turned upside down, slowed down, even stopped .. everything is awaiting a major external event ..

.. पुष्या माष [pushyā māsam] is watering us this year, by its status of the thirteenth moon, with a penetrating and twilight darkness, .. as interfering as beneficial, .. caused by the dark planets Pluto K ( the rich seducer, the Dark Prince, .. or the soul sequester ), and Saturn H ( the generosity of the body, the Black Sun .. or the ruthless judge of the soul ) .. as well as by Ceres O (= the birth attendant or the angel maker ), .. all three participate to a real burial of ourselves, to a form of a living confinement in one's own grave .. but maybe here, the symbolic message is not the expectation of sudden death, or suffocation, .. but the incentive to develop one's roots and rediscover one's senses .. to germinate and grow, .. to rise courageously towards our light, .. one's light .. to seek to hatch one's future flower, towards the sky from the south, symbolized by पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] .. 



पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] ..
is the light of mother’s moon,
shining so lonely and nobly on earth ..

celebrating पुष्या माष [pushyā masam] ..
a month dedicated to our umbilical cord
with the eternal mother ..

भगवती देवी [bhagavati devi]
the mother of all mothers ..
and of all beings ..
.. the energetic link from mothers to daughters ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be a light on ..
the nature of our basic and casual condition ..
.. the matrix of our basic and casual consciousness ..
.. the ends of our basic and casual existence ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be a curtain lift on ..
.. the nature of our emotional and casual intelligence ..
.. the matrix of our primal and casual design ..
.. the ends of our underlying and casual needs ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] iould be a light on ..
who or what incident has conceived us ..
and gave us casually birth ..
.. who or what quality has fed us
and gave us casually the breast to our contentment ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be a curtain lift on ..
who or what vibration has pleased us
and allow us casually to grow more ..
.. who or what wish has desired us
and allow us casually to dream more ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be a light on ..
who or what intelligence has designed us
and gave us casually the capability of thinking ..
.. who and what authority has raised us
and gave us casually the ability of growing ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be a curtain lift on ..
who or what entity has loved us
and gave us casually the power to trust

.. who or what aim has cherished us
and gave us casually the strength to hold ..


पुष्या [paushyā] is the maternal affection ..
that created our basic behavior
.. and our primal mood .. our humoral flesh ..


पुष्या [paushyā] is the matrix vibration
that programmed our basic thoughts
.. and our primal libido .. our humoral emotions ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] could be also the light on ..
who or what magic turned the new born and innocent child,
into the previous incarnation
of an humoral and anxious mother ..


पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima]] could be the light on all this ..
what you could feel emerging within you today ..
could just belong to the never dying bound

.. between the depending you
and your physical depending mother ..





पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] 
as the ending full moon of past year ..

प्रकेवल शून्य पूर्णिमा [prakevala sunya purnima]
is the 13th and last full moon of Year XII  

against all odds, 
it is maybe time to put the light on our unconscious aims
and see the naked truth ..

.. from now, let’s accept to be touched by our fragility ..
and let’s accept to be taught by our vulnerability ..

beyond fragility there’s a powerful reconnection
with inner senses, with inception and spirituality ..

beyond vulnerability there is a reconnection
with inner wisdom, with intuition and sensuality ..


.. thanks to some painful wounds and to scary fissures,
some light will finally comes in ..


.. with the help of this thirteenth full moon ..
let’s reconsider the concept of weakness,

.. with no deny and no lie,
with no excuse and no shame ..

let’s rediscover the concept of our naked truth ..
.. because the seek of our truth
is our way back to our real strength ..


inside us, nothing have to be either pretended
nor hidden to ourselves ..

.. but we have to see always differently but truly,
all the various facets of our never changing reality ..


.. and a new year could finally start
with the next new moon a possible new year may start ..
with new experiences ..
new discoveries ..




प्रकेवल शून्य पूर्णिमा [prakevala sunya purnima]
announces our come back to earth,

to our mother land ..
to our grounding nature ..


to evolve nicely,
we need first to anchor firmly our roots
and to nourish the old trunk with new sap ..


to become the change,
we have first to sincerely love the family
and accept the wounds of the past,

.. because there is an inexhaustible source of light
behind any troubling or painful experience,
that could be one day truly uplifted ..


पुष्या [paushyā] is so important
because our energetic bound with our physical mother
has designed our intimate relation
with our body and with our material earth ..


we always become
what we have been emotionally fed by ..

पुष्या [pushyā] means to emotionaly transmit by food ..
to intimately nourish by emotion ..


पुष्या [pushyā] feeds the gap and creates the continuity
between generations


.. she feeds the nostalgia of a lost fusion ..

.. with the inner mother, ..
.. with the inner spouse, ..
.. with the inner child ..


.. with the inner love ..




-- words by Kriya Deva --