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13th Full Moon of Year XII .. Gateway to Year IV ..

पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushya purnima] in पुष्या माष [pushyā māsam], the full moon of nostalgia of a zero point, the return to the adoptive mother ..

Friday January 10th, 2020, at 20:23 , it's Full Moon day, the apotheosis of the 13th Moon of the Year XII .. पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] in पुष्या मास [pushyā māsam] .. she is also the time of the Full Moon of Time « Zero » of Year IV ( 2+0+2+0 ) : प्रकेवल शून्य पूर्णिमा [prakevala sunya purnima] .. a time dedicated to a retreat in the mountains, in oneself, fasting in silence, in the abstinence from all destructive excesses for the body or for the soul .. for oneself, as for others ..

.. we also call this full moon : शाकम्भरी पूर्णिमा [shakambhari purnima] .. शाकम्भरी [shakambhari] is the goddess who makes the seeds germinate in complete but nourishing darkness, she is the rain which waters the earth in depth, she is the cold which allows the soil to settle .. and the roots of plants to regenerate in peace and silence .. she is the divinity who inspires ascetics, vegetarians and vegans before time .. she is the goddess of « who lives light, lives happy », without attachment but with respect for all forms of life .. she is the divinity of forgiveness and tolerance, harmony and peace with the world, because the world is hosting us and because the world does not belong to anyone .. she is the daughter of the divine and feminine trinity of भुवनेश्वरी [bhuvaneshvari] who inspires with her emotional intelligence, cohabitation, conflict resolution and community life, .. she realms over earth भु [bhu-] over atmosphere वनेश्व [-vanesh-] and over the skies री [-swaha] .. she is the conscious energy which holds in the invisibility and the non-movement the harmony of the world together .. पुष्या पूर्णिमा [paushyā purnima] is the full moon of the adoptive mother, .. the foster mother .. she is a return to the essential with determination and selflessness, but without violence or harassment on oneself, nor on others ..

.. the नक्षत्र [nakshtra] of पुष्या [paushyā] is dedicated to Saturn H, the Black A Sun ( the fallen Sun A that became mortal again ), the complexe correlation of Moon E- Saturn H- Sun A - Pluto K is an important inception for self-giving and for seed sowing, .. for fertility in oneself and for germination in the world .. first of all, she creates in ourselves a sanctuary and a burial pit, .. she is ourselves a grounding and a grave, in the deep darknesses of Mother Earth, created by the black moon or by the penumbral eclipse of the moon, .. then she is an inception to germinate and grow, .. to grow and flourish with greenness towards the luminous sky,.. towards one's moon full which will radiate within one's darkness ..
.. शनि [shani], Saturn H is the Black A Sun, the former and ancient Sun A who became the Earth D of the Moon E, the Body of the Soul .. whose death, like an extinct volcano, now generously gives life ..
.. यम [yama], Pluto K, is the rich lord of the lunar times of harvest .. and the cycles of death, he is the master of the rains and the hells, the नरक [naraka] .. of the tides of fogs and of lunar limbo of death, the मर [māra] .. he dies and gets reborn every three days to show us with spirit the sacred path from life to death, .. and from death to life ..