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13th New Moon of Year XII ..

प्रकेवल शून्य अमावास्य [prakevala sunya amavasya] in पुष्या मास [pushya māsam] .. the lunation of the slow revelation of the unchanging nature of one's being ..

.. Thursday December 26th, 2019, at 6:15 am, it is New Moon day, .. the beginning of the 13th Moon of the Year XII .. this new moon is called  : पुष्या अमावास्या [paushya amavasya], she opens very early the lunar month of  पुष्या मास [pushya māsam] .. with an annular @ solar eclipse .. a harbinger of significant changes in emotional paradigms .. and an urgent need to stop in his great delusions and fears, in ones crazy leaks and ones schizoid agitations .. the thirteenth moon thus prolongs the year in the course of a long month .. among the Orthodox wisdom, the Winter Solstice is an area of ​​energy crystallization and awareness, .. of forgiveness and compassion, which spreads out each solar year, from 6th December, the Saint Nicolas day, guardian energy of the Water Fire (= the gravitational power of the Moon), to January 5th of the following year, the Epiphany day, guardian energy of the Water Light ( = the magnetic witchcraft of the Moon) .. the Winter Solstice celebrates the magic of the crystallization of the Diamond Water in oneself .. the Diamond Water contributing to the revelation of the common or individual Soul in oneself .. in Winter Solstice, legend says that Sun A can be divinely revealed mortal, and like a Christ on Earth, becoming the Being in us .. while the Soul can reveal itself eternal .. like a Diamond in the Sky ..

.. in this Year XII, this new moon opens, .. twelve days before the epiphany of next January 5, 2020, date which normally announces the energetic start of the New Year, .. a thirteenth Moon in addition for Year XII and a Second Moon for the Winter Solstice .. it immerses us even longer in this immense star-shaped space-time .. and that apparently frozen, .. it binds us in a crystalline cocoon which prevents us from acting or flee as usual, .. it exposes us to our shadow matter and our spirit-light .. it encourages us to think well before speaking .. or to meditate a lot before reacting .. the Winter Solstice is a mirror which reflects the fixed or recurrent nature of our being, .. a convulsively repetitive and very predictable tamasic nature .. it gives rise to proposals never made before, but expected for decades ...
.. we call her : प्रकेवल शून्य अमावास्य [prakevala sunya amavasya], .. the new moon from « absolute zero » point .. a « no gravity » point of view in the flow of time .. or of the ordinary destiny .. a space frozen in a sidereal or in a mineral void, .. which will allow us, perhaps, to reconnect with our eternal soul .. and to our crystalline essence .. to reconnect us more justly to ourselves .. to the eternal ourselves .. both transient and remanent, but which has so much strength and generosity .. in this so special year, प्रकेवल शून्य अमावास्य [prakevala sunya amavasya] is as much the 13th Moon of Year XII, .. as the « Zero Moon » of Year IV .. (2 + 0 + 2 + 0) .. which slowly comes to us ..