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12th Full Moon of Year XII ..

मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] the full moon of the return to home .. to the oneself .. for the sacrifice of a false identification to the love of a higher self  ..  

Thursday December 12, 2019 at 6:51 p.m., it's Full Moon Day, the completion of the 12th Moon of Year XII .. 
मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] .. she is leading us to the Winter Solstice .. the longest night of the crystallized Sun A ..

.. मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] is in transit this Year XII, at 25°45’ sidereal of the very beginning of the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of मार्गशिर [mrigashira], in Gemini c, .. this year, this Full Moon is loaded in a very caustic way, on the one hand, by a staggered 5 (=150°) with the triple conjonction 0 of Pluto K, Venus C and Saturn H, who makes her autistic and locked in on herself, like a claustrophobic mother worried about her infertility .. or depressed by the lost of her offspring .. and secondly by another stagger 5 (=150°) with Mars F who attracts and sucks her out of herself, with a great thrill and a certain eroticism ..

.. आमार्गशिर [mrigashira] is the quest for the sacred in oneself, .. the protection of inner purity, despite the appearances and vagaries of life, .. and the need for the sacrifice of the false self, the separated self from the oneself, .. the need to dedicate oneself to a greater aim than oneself, ... for the resolution of one's कर्म [karma] .. the time is now to open one's soul to other dimensions ..