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12th Full Moon of Year XII ..

मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] the full moon of the return to home .. to the oneself .. for the sacrifice of a false identification to the love of a higher self  ..  

Thursday December 12, 2019 at 6:51 p.m., it's Full Moon Day, the completion of the 12th Moon of Year XII .. 
मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] .. she is leading us to the Winter Solstice .. the longest night of the crystallized Sun A ..

.. मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] is in transit this Year XII, at 25°45’ sidereal of the very beginning of the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of मार्गशिर [mrigashira], in Gemini c, .. this year, this Full Moon is loaded in a very caustic way, on the one hand, by a staggered 5 (=150°) with the triple conjonction 0 of Pluto K, Venus C and Saturn H, who makes her autistic and locked in on herself, like a claustrophobic mother worried about her infertility .. or depressed by the lost of her offspring .. and secondly by another stagger 5 (=150°) with Mars F who attracts and sucks her out of herself, with a great thrill and a certain eroticism ..

.. आमार्गशिर [mrigashira] is the quest for the sacred in oneself, .. the protection of inner purity, despite the appearances and vagaries of life, .. and the need for the sacrifice of the false self, the separated self from the oneself, .. the need to dedicate oneself to a greater aim than oneself, ... for the resolution of one's कर्म [karma] .. the time is now to open one's soul to other dimensions ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 12th Full Moon of Year XII, Thursday evening, 12th of Dec. 2019 at 18:51 (GMT+1),  मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] ..

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

.. in sidereal mode, the Full Moon of मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is situated, this Year XII, at 25°05’ of Taurus b, in House of VII, .. her ascendant is at 2°38’ of Scorpio h, .. increasing the sensation of existential loneliness or discomfort, the sensation to be really trapped in duality and lost in one's very personal problem .. but her Part of Fortune D is also at 02°38’ of Taurus b, increasing the possibility to finally see things as they are .. or to to continue project our psychological problems on the others .. to listen to others .. or to accuse the others to be the cause of one's probe .. to take ourselves finally in charge .. or to childish expect that someone else could care about ourselves, someone like a new loving father, or like a new compassionated mother, someone could save us from ourselves and from our own misery,  .. in the meantime, we always surround ourselves only by people with a complicated past .. and by toxic relationships that have already bogged us down so often .. and we never learn from this ..

.. this Full Moon of मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is in square 3 with Neptune J, staggered with Mars F, in trine 4 with Juno M (= [lakshmi] ), .. which makes it very complex to negotiate, as surprising in her opportunities, as ungrateful in her concretizations .. as disconcerting in her proposals, as absurd in her karmic rehearsals .. as embarrassing in her generosity, as indisposing in her frigidity ..

.. the Sun A is in Scorpio h, his ascendant AS is at 2°38’ of Scorpio h, .. the Sun A enters at the end of conjonction 0 with Pallas P(=[durga] }, .. the pure and lonely she-warrior, announcing the beginning of a long internal fight, as much for her survival, as for the preservation of her purity, .. an internal fight which is engaged in the form of a morbid and suicidal inner game, .. but deliberate and somewhat masochistic, .. because of the proximity of Mercury B already 9°59° equally in House of I, coming closer from the Sun A makes the awareness of this problem more obvious .. the problem is not so much a coming death, or a serious illness .. but rather the loss of the old moral or social image, but totally bygone of oneself .. creating of an eroticization of one's own fall, .. because of a long existential decline in a pathological form of oneself, .. this has created a long creative infertility of oneself in the past, .. on the approach of Jupiter G at 8°01’ of Sagittarius i from Ceres (= [saravati] at 15°55’ equally in Sagittarius i.. either things will change and revitalize .. or will freeze and tire even more, with the approach of Capricorn j ..

.. this Full Moon in late Scorpio h, reminds us that,

.. at the end of any karmic cycle, fatigue is throbbing, .. a desire to sleep eternally takes us .. or a chronic disease is suddenly manifested within us, .. imposing thereby the need to stop some exhausting activities, some erratic behavior, some toxic relationships .. but, will we find which ones ? .. will we be able to choose those that are adapted to us ? .. and abandon those that wear us out ? .. it is not non-activation,  non-involvement and non-relationship that are asked for us, at the end of this Year XII .. we have to continue this mysterious inner game with paradoxes and contradictions of oneself .. but to find a way of gaming with oneself which does not use vitally, neither oneself, nor the others .. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is the desire to learn from the hunter and the need to experiment with the doe, .. which both want within us, to play with life and thrill .. without killing life, but by killing boredom and stupidity .. without suffering, but by flirting with danger and death .. by learning through mistakes and failures in total mindfulness ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. in tropical mode, the twelfth Full Moon of Year XII, is at 19°53’ of Gemini c, her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, is at 26°46’ of Taurus b ..
.. the Sun A is in Sagittarius i, in the third decan co-governed by Saturn G and Jupiter H, .. and his solar ascendant AS is at 26°46’ of Scorpio h..
she is an icy, freezing moon, which easily pushes into paranoid cogitations and into frenzied defeatisms .. into schizophrenic reflections and into schizoid mental projections .. but she is also fertile in new encounters or in new evidences .. a total let go from experiences hold from the past will bring back abundance to ourselves .. spontaneous acts of the heart, gentle work of the body in one's karmic matter make ourselves fertilize again..

.. the twelfth Full Moon is called the Cold Moon, .. or the Full Moon of the Silent Assembly of Ancient Souls (= the Elder Moon), .. or the Oak Moon .. the oak is this tribal and shamanic tree, symbol of surviving through the cycles of time and space, .. a tree that brings us together and instills bravery in us, .. which protects us and tests us all at once in our anchorages ..

.. this Full Moon in Sagitarius i, reminds us that ..

we all need the sweet presence and the advised support of the others in such moments, to stimulate within us the desire to be alive, .. to inspire us with the bravery of being true, strong and sincere .. each being is a form of perfection in itself, .. each being is a teacher in its own matter .. each being is a genius of its kind .. to compare it to others, can only diminish and belittle it .. or diminish and belittle ourselves .. let's wake up inside the other and inside us, only that is beautiful and pure, .. strong and perfect, .. to awake the ugly and the vain, the impure and the miserable, in the other and in ourselves, does not really help anyone .. it brings only more concupiscence and more violence .. more suffering and more need of revenge .. stupidly overwhelming and separating more ourselves from oneself ..

.. मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] is the beginning of the end of a long journey, .. like the return of the prodigal son, a child considered at first as lost or dead, .. trapped in an odyssey around the world, in a revolution around the sun, .. and this child slowly returns to life, to the loving father, through the arrhythmic churning of the 12 or 13 lunar cycles .. a return home or an end that symbolically demands to calm the encountered unhappiness and sufferance, with a personal understanding and a intimate confession, .. with an honorable fine and a great pardon .. this very personal understanding is a मास्या [samsaya], .. : a very subjective and very egocentric form of awareness of what we have gone through and met, to survive this odyssey .. a मास्या [samsaya] is not objective, like the magnet of a full moon, this understanding is subjectively imposed to and within us, by psychological pressure ..  to be not distressed in its own wandering and to be not panicked in its unconsciousness, our mind invents then a fortuitous sense to any experience made, .. but a meaning that is only probable, because non-objective and not really true, because it has to fit our capacity of understanding .. a reason which makes sense of what has apparently been missed .. a reason which makes sense of what has apparently been successful .. मास्या [samsaya] means in sanskrit : « put together randomly by accident » .. the सान्ध्य [samdhya],  is a kind of inner psychic assembly, a kind of moon light presence, which judges our past acts, our embarrassing failures and our so-called successes .. it is dressed and made up by our affective projections, the facets of positive or negative human beings that have emotionally marked us in our met and felt reality, but at the end, these faces are just emotional "stooges", they only illustrate often confused or contradictory facets of ourselves .. of the schizophrenic play of our psyche who seeks or hunts for herself .. in that sense, the मास्या [samsaya] is a doubt in oneself, a misunderstanding that grows up ... a malaise maintained by ignorance .. who needs at the end of the year to be unveiled and perceived to be treated .. and karmically solved .. सान्ध्य [samdhya] means in sanskrit : « the assembly of the separated ones » ..

.. मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] is the apology for what remains fertile within us, in spite of our pathological mistakes, .. of what resurfaces with vitality from within us, in spite of our symbolic deaths, .. of what revives positively within us, in spite of our lethal wounds ..
.. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is a weird inner game, .. a very lethal game, a nasty inner chase to death, in which we are at the same time, the hunter and the hunted, .. for which we are also the theater, the forest that dreams about the hunt and the moon which observes the scene without helping and without saying a word, .. we are in मार्गशिर [mrigashira] the boredom and the envy that inhabit us .. the suffering and the resentment that gnaw at us .. the claustrophobia and the vertigo that fright us ..




मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] ..

she is a Full Moon of an announced return ..
a return to the origins
of our lost happiness, .. and of our found misery ..
of our lost joy, .. and our found sufferance ..

the dual natures of our mind,
have made us
full of faint contradictions,
.. and full of real inconsequences  ..

full of faint divergences,
.. and full of real struggles ..

full of faint desires,
.. and full of real fears ..

in a few words,
full of faint consciousness,
.. and full of real psychoses  ..

we are hypnotized by our fears,
.. as we are submerged by our desires ..

we are the real victims of our neurotic predations ..
.. everything we swallowed inside ourselves
by urge or inadvertence,
by stress or absence
continues to live by itself, inside us,
and haunt us for ever ..
like a ghost ..


as we don’t know who we truly are,
we become just what we met,
.. anything that we met,
in absence of us,
is becoming randomly us ..
casually by accident ..

as we don’t know what the sense of our life,
we become the nonsense of the life we randomly met,
.. anything that we met,
in absence of sense,
is becoming the ghost self ..


only what we want to remember
.. or what we refuse to remember
about the past cycle life,
.. continues endlessly
to think, to act and to talk
.. alone within us,
without purpose ..
and without end ..


 « the hunter and the pray
are issued from the same mind ..

.. the spell and the ignorance
are issued from the same mind ..

.. the illusion and the desire
are issued from the same mind » ..

« my mind is incompletion of my past ..
.. my mind is fragmentation of my experience ..
.. my mind is fuel of my repetition ..
.. my mind is wheel of my [karma] » ..

« I am my own obstacle,
I am my only own solution ..
.. I am the move of my wheel,
I am still the center of my problem »..


Translated by Dhyan Prakash from :
— Kriya Deva / the Rise of the Self —



मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima] is 
time to transcend intimate relations ..

मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima]
annonces a time for a rest  ..
a hold on with duality ..
a real face to face with our unconsequences,
and our fragmented identity ..

as we are not conscious about who we are,
and as we are not unconscious of our fragmented identity ..
let’s listen to our partners of life, with other ears ..
let’s see them, with other eyes ..

we all mean something as a pretext
to mean something else ..

and this will remain unsaid and unseen ..
.. but so true ..


we have the soul mate we asked for ..
we have the enemy we dreamed of ..


we have the family we really deserved ..
we have the friends we created on purpose ..


we have missed nothing ..
we have achieved nothing ..

we just remember .. or simply forget to remember ..

we are just the cause of our neurotic sufferance ..
we are just the consequence of our lack of real joy ..


मार्गशिर पूर्णिमा [mrigashira purnima]
announces the need to take a distance ..
a distance with some concerns, worries and old judgements ..
.. she announces the need of a real resourcing ..
a resourcing with a true need and a true purpose of life


there no given sense for a life, for an existence ..
the sense of life don’t have to be looked for ..
the true sense of life has to be created ..
.. from within ..


मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is a passionate
but blind relation ..

between psychic and unfinished beings ..
« you are me, .. I am you » ..

you are what I missed ..
.. I am what I missed ..

passion is a karmic mirror
« what I loved, I will hate by passion next time  ..
what I hated, I will love with passion next time » ..


passion is a sufferance
turned to addiction ..


sufferance is a passion
turned into repulsion ..