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Publication provisoire

12th New Moon of Year XII ..

अनुराधा अमावास्या [anurādha amavasya] .. in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam], the lunation celebrating the awareness of the importance and the uselessness of suffering ..

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019, at 16:09, it is New Moon day, मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya], the beginning of the 12th Moon of the Year XII : मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] .. this year the New Moon E is transiting in Scorpion h, in the नक्ध्र [nakshatra] of अनूराध [anurādha] .. अनूराध [anuradha] symbolizes the sweet being who is at the very center of our concerns and of our loving attentions, .. अनूराध [anuradha] is also the imaginary face of the benevolent entity that protects us .. अनूराध [anuradha] wakes up, in a certain way, the protective energy that has relayed the one of the natural and ubiquitous mother, .. she has become the beloved one with passion .. and the celebrated one with devotion ..
.. मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya] is, in sidereal mode, the New Moon in Scorpio h of Year XII, with solar and lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, in कृत्तिका [krittika] at 29°17' from Aries a .. कृत्तिका [krittika] is time to really flee evidences, one more time, as far and fast as new can .. or to confront and solve our karmic problems ..
.. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is the soul-energy that we seek to reach in someone or to become in ourselves, with a lot of instance and a lot of suffering .. a free and wild soul that we harshly tend to be or to possess .. with delight and suffering .. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is this quest for an other self or the oneself .. the hunt for the sweet and true self ..

.. मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] is the moon that usually closes the solar year, the Chinese Year of the Earth's Pig .. this Year XII, there will be a thirteenth moon which will begin on December 26th, 2019, and which will artificially prolong this year to January 24th, 2020, to the Chinese New Year date of the White Metal Rat 庚子, [gēngzǐ] also called : the Rat of the Fields ..  the energy of a Rat  [shu] made of .. or attracted by metal [jin], showing an appetite for money and a seek for valuable goods to be gained in mass with method and strategy, this White Metal Rat will mark the very beginning of a new cycle of 60 years, by the deployment of great ambitions and passions, .. with great excesses and emotions .. through important investments and prospections .. of huge projects and immense material gains .. the Rat of the Fields will be busy within us and will move us with enthusiasm, .. he will draw and elaborate methodically within us, his new nest, step by step, .. his new realm, brick by brick, .. his new hope, seed by seed .. the Rat now wants to prosper within us .. and within the world ..

.. but the year XII is not finished yet, by far not .. मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] brings us, at the very last minute, many twists and incidences, in his last straight line ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 12th New Moon of Year XII, Tuesday the 26th of November 2019, at 16:09, मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya]

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya] is the twelfth and fore last New Moon of Year XII, .. and the ninth in the Hindu calendar ..
.. she is the New Moon of Scorpio h, transiting through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of अनूराध [anurādha], ..
अनूराध [anurādha] commemorates the loving person we hold in the very center of our emotional attention, .. the sweetly loving and beloved being, .. the avatar and the substitute of our sweet and overprotecting mother ..
.. her solar and lunar ascendants are at 29°17' of Aries a, in House XII, in close conjunction 0 with Vesta L R placed also at 21°51'R of Aries a .. the desire or the need to make a back step, may be suddenly felt now within us ..
.. the Sun A, the Moon E and Pallas P the lonely female warrior, are all in conjunction in Scorpion h .. they are isolated and exiled altogether .. alone and against all of them ..
.. Mercury B and Mars F are isolated in Balance g, our psychological and physical health only depend now on our relationship with the officially beloved on, .. this sweet buddy that is now so often, so distant and so strange ..

this new moon reminds us that .. ..

.. our lack of choices, and of decisions, has highlighted our inner lack of fire, to take things in charge, to change in a good way the things that contain or hold us, .. to maintain them nicely or to close them properly as they have to be .. this lack of fire will tend to isolate and struggle us in casual relationships, .. isolated together .. together, but alone .. each for himself, in resignation ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

.. she is the New Moon of Sagittarius i, placed at 04°04' of his first decan, decan dedicated to Mercury B and Jupiter G, symbolizing the recovery of consciousness in a precarious environment, the retake in charge of the events of one's life, left for too long adrift ..
.. her solar ascendant is at 23°25' of Taurus b, in conjunction 0 with Vesta L at 16°07'R, signifying the almost obligatory return to home, to the starting point, in complete solitude ..
.. Jupiter G is still for a few days traveling home in Sagittarius i at 28°39', but soon will move into exile in Capricorn j in conjunction 0 with Ketu @, Saturn H and Pluto K .. who will attempt to contain him and to ensnare him ..
.. she is the twelfth Moon of the Year XII, called : the Cold Moon .. she is the first moon of winter, हेमन्त [hemanta] .. the magnetic Moon E that awakes us from our pathetic laziness, with her chills and her coldness .. she is the Moon of the Crystallization of the Water of the Soul .. she leads us to the Winter Solstice .. to the alchemical Christ ..
.. she is the Full Moon of the closing Accounts and of the Confession of the final Regrets, .. she is the Moon of Understanding and Letting Go, .. the Moon of Forgiveness and Compassion for one's mistakes, and one's equivocal behavior, fed by blind passion and sufferance .. and of course, also compassion for the selfish behavior of the others, which only illustrates ours .. we are all alike, but in different phases of the same cycles .. of the same wheel ..

this new moon in Sagittarius i reminds us that ..

.. the non-apparent solitude in which we find ourselves, may be ultimately a real blessing .. in the madness of spring and summer, our impatience, our immaturity to handle difficult times and situations, have made us humorously say and humorously do really anything .. the कर्म [karma] that we have accumulated then, does not only turn against the others, but especially in the end against ourselves, isolating us deeply .. we are totally responsible for our lack of depth, .. our superficiality is now turning inside us into a feeling of loneliness and disuse ... the truth is and stays elsewhere .. it's time to make amends and forgive internally all our errors of judgment and of behaviour .. our panicked egocentrism made us think and feel anything but not the reality experienced by the other and the reality expected by oneself .. this moon just highlights a dusty old back from the past always tormented ..

.. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] literally means : the deer's head, .. the goal of a long hunt, .. the trophy to add to one's list of achievements .. and .. or : the demoniac hunter who methodically tracks his prey, .. the quest of the initiate for the very precious and sacred, the graceful and eternal self .. but it means also in a more initiatory way : the crossroads, .. the secret passage to be found between two worlds .. the tricky ways between two successive or simultaneous incarnations .. the migration from multiple suffering selves to one's non suffering self ..

.. मार्ग [mriga-] is what is in us simultaneously sweet and wild, .. sensual and free, .. unknown and subtle, .. strong and quivering .. in fact मार्ग [mriga-] is the immortal soul that travels within us tirelessly and cyclically, beyond life and death, despite joy and suffering, .. she is the impulse and emotion that makes us oscillate between sensuality and apprehension .. मार्ग [mriga-] is the irresistible attraction and the wave of suffering that the magnet of the Moon E impersonally puts us through .. by veiling us the true reality .. by showing us things that are not real .. by making us desire things that are not true .. by making us do things that are not appropriated ..

.. शिर [-shira] is the head, but also the mask, .. the nerve and the artery, .. the main usual and vital axes, .. the known and fixed directions, .. the major circonstances and the very personal reasons .. the foreseeable necessity and the opportunity to seize .. शिर [-shira] is the role and the need for identification that the Sun A makes us personally play or undergo .. putting us in a play in which the actors are not what they pretend to be, but masked facets of our own blind ego, .. « projections of my secret loves and our total hatreds of my facets ... or a revenge over the parental authority that I have badly experienced and appreciated in my past .. and who brings me still shady .. such an injury to my personal development » ..

.. मार्गशिर [mrigashira], like any ancient etymological concept, is a dual and shamanic identification, to observation and action, .. to narration and implication, .. to object and subject , .. here very precisely to the soul, the doe .. and to the persona, the hunter, .. to the victim and the culprit .. to the liberated and the hindered .. to the spontaneous emotion and to the chained in the role .. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is a possibly incestuous staging, because, the blind reincarnation, and the blind identification of the ego, make us live indefinitely different roles with the same stakeholders .. thereby our parental, filial and marital love will mix incestuously within us infinitely  .. by not knowing who I am, I will not know who hides behind the deer  that I hunt .. and who is hiding within the hunter that I claim to be .. of which demon I could be the toy .. of which angel I could be the hangman ..



Today it's New Moon !! the Twelfth New Moon
and fore last moon of this Solar Year XII ..

मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya]
is the new moon of the « deer head »,
she is the new moon of कृष्ण [krishna], the « eater of all sins » ..

this मार्गशिर [mrigashira] moon is dedicated to forgiveness,
to appeasement and to forgetfulness
.. of all offenses ..
.. of all lies ..


मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya] reminds us about
the concept of original sin
and of perpetual reincarnation ..
.. of guilty ignorance
and so useful innocent amnesia ..

.. as we get reincarnated
in a very small .. and enclosed world ..
.. and as we don’t remember
who we are ..

.. and what we have been ..
.. what we have committed in our former life ..
and what we did so stupidly damage ..
during our last absence of consciousness ..

.. as we can’t guess today
why we are so much attracted by some one,
.. and so much unsettled by some else ..

.. as we can’t get the sense of this life
and as we can’t get the relevance
of any of our past lives ..


it is then possible ..
that during this lifetime,
anyone we chase and kill,
anyone we harass and hunt down ..
anyone we catch and make love to,
anyone we seduce and abuse ..

.. any hunted deer of today's lifetime ..
could be one of our best friends
or of our sweet spouses,
.. one of our lovely children
or of our dear parents,
of yesterday’s lifetime ..


this is the law of पुनर्जन्मन् [punarjanman],
.. the law of reincarnation of all souls ..
this is the law of कर्म [karma],
.. the endless repetition of all situations ..


we possibly meet always the same souls,
because we attract or fight them endlessly
by the same ways,
with the same skills,
but through different carnal disguises ..

.. we possibly are in love with the entities
who really hated us, .. badly abused us,
or nastily killed us,
in a previous life ..

.. we possibly are in war with the buddies
who really loved us .. maybe saved us, ..
or even gave us birth,
in a previous life ..


.. we don’t remember the true tragedy
behind an affinity ..
.. as we don’t remember the true love affair
behind a repulsion ..


we don’t remember the true compulsion
behind a « deja-vu » ..
.. as we don’t remember the true addiction
behind a crisis ..

we may be « serial-lovers »
.. as we may be « serial killers » ..

we are simply in love
with our own known problems ..
we simply hate what confront us
to our own unknown solutions ..

we don’t know the bad spell
behind our desires ..
.. as we don’t know the thrilling magnet
behind our fears ..


or maybe,
we don’t remember them on purpose ..
.. because we wouldn’t know what to do
with this embarrassing truth ..
.. and we have still so much desires to satisfy ..

some innocent minds might be
very nasty and guilty entities ..
some guilty people might be
good and innocent buddies ..


do we know who we are behind the mask
of the hunter or of the deer ?

do we know what the sense of
this non-sense life,
behind the ordinary role we have
in this non-personal theater scene ?

we could feel all so lonely
under the stage lights ..
.. as we could be all so related
behind the curtains of the scenes ..

we are all confronted to our inner void
and blindness,
..when we are showing up on stage ..


we are all committed in collusion
and complicity,
.. when we are going back
behind the scenes ..


ignorance turn us into innocent criminals ..
.. as insanity turns us into guilty victims
opening for us the heaven doors of amnesia ..


— Words by Kriya Deva
translated by Dhyan Prakash —