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12th New Moon of Year XII ..

अनुराधा अमावास्या [anurādha amavasya] .. in मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam], the lunation celebrating the awareness of the importance and the uselessness of suffering ..

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019, at 16:09, it is New Moon day, मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya], the beginning of the 12th Moon of the Year XII : मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] .. this year the New Moon E is transiting in Scorpion h, in the नक्ध्र [nakshatra] of अनूराध [anurādha] .. अनूराध [anuradha] symbolizes the sweet being who is at the very center of our concerns and of our loving attentions, .. अनूराध [anuradha] is also the imaginary face of the benevolent entity that protects us .. अनूराध [anuradha] wakes up, in a certain way, the protective energy that has relayed the one of the natural and ubiquitous mother, .. she has become the beloved one with passion .. and the celebrated one with devotion ..
.. मार्गशिर अमावास्या [mrigashira amavasya] is, in sidereal mode, the New Moon in Scorpio h of Year XII, with solar and lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, in कृत्तिका [krittika] at 29°17' from Aries a .. कृत्तिका [krittika] is time to really flee evidences, one more time, as far and fast as new can .. or to confront and solve our karmic problems ..
.. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is the soul-energy that we seek to reach in someone or to become in ourselves, with a lot of instance and a lot of suffering .. a free and wild soul that we harshly tend to be or to possess .. with delight and suffering .. मार्गशिर [mrigashira] is this quest for an other self or the oneself .. the hunt for the sweet and true self ..

.. मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] is the moon that usually closes the solar year, the Chinese Year of the Earth's Pig .. this Year XII, there will be a thirteenth moon which will begin on December 26th, 2019, and which will artificially prolong this year to January 24th, 2020, to the Chinese New Year date of the White Metal Rat 庚子, [gēngzǐ] also called : the Rat of the Fields ..  the energy of a Rat  [shu] made of .. or attracted by metal [jin], showing an appetite for money and a seek for valuable goods to be gained in mass with method and strategy, this White Metal Rat will mark the very beginning of a new cycle of 60 years, by the deployment of great ambitions and passions, .. with great excesses and emotions .. through important investments and prospections .. of huge projects and immense material gains .. the Rat of the Fields will be busy within us and will move us with enthusiasm, .. he will draw and elaborate methodically within us, his new nest, step by step, .. his new realm, brick by brick, .. his new hope, seed by seed .. the Rat now wants to prosper within us .. and within the world ..

.. but the year XII is not finished yet, by far not .. मार्गशिर माष [mrigashira māsam] brings us, at the very last minute, many twists and incidences, in his last straight line ..