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scorpio inner fire
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11th Full Moon of Year XII ..

कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [karttika purnima] .. mistrust and ignorance of destiny, fear and obsession with power, predestinate the कर्म [karma] of the non-divine power of the shadow mind ..

Tuesday 12th of November 2019, at 14h38, in the early afternoon, we enter into the eleventh Full Moon of Year XII, कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima], in कार्त्तिक माष [kārttika māsam] .. she transits this year into the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of कृत्तिका [krittika] in Aries a.. she is the last full moon of autumn, the शरद् [sharad] season .. waters of winter, हेमन्त [hemanta], are coming with the following moon, मार्गशिर माष  [mrigashira māsam] ..

.. also called  देवी दीपावलि पूर्णिमा [deva diwali purnima] .. or त्रिपुर पूर्णिमा [tripurari purnima], .. she is the full moon of the promised immersion into the luminous waters of the true gods, the सुर [sura] or the देवी [deva] .. or the dreaded fall into the dark waters of the demons, the असुर [asura] or the सुरारि [surari] ..
.. कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima] is the return to earth of the eternal gods .. or the twilight of the idols, .. respectively, त्रिपुर पूर्णिमा [tripurari purnima] means in sanskrit : the light of the victory of the trilogy of true gods, .. the power of the generosity and prosperity, on the triptych of false gods, .. the grip of greed and ambition .. and over all, the moods of lack of power over oneself .. self-doubt and weakness in themselves are worse than the powerful and greedy demons ... ...
.. the त्रिपुरासुर [tripurasura], the demons of the mind that bring darkness and confusion into the human mind, are, according to the वेद [veda], a humoral entity within three bodies, anchored in the deep matter of our thoughts .. they turn our mind into humorous parodies of the eternal gods, असुर [asura] and देवी [deva] .. they provoke spasmodic and sabotage wanderings of the mind .. they arouse in us, the morbid magic of the black माया [maya] .. installed deep in the falsity of our thoughts, they make our mind, blind and timorous, .. and our consciousness, tendentious and fallacious .. to get stronger and to perfect itself, the psyche, like a tree rooted in a hostile environment, or like a fire confined to the hearth, is based on a moral or physical asceticism, this asceticism is called : हठ पाक [hatha pāka] in Sanskrit, meaning : accelerated burning .. it is always performed unconsciously and negatively within us, .. based on limiting beliefs, .. demanding psycho-magical rituals and daily restrictive beliefs .. to grow, to persist or to progress towards a form of perfection, the ordinary psyche tends to restrain itself to the veneration of moral symbols and taboos, .. to the stimulation of certain senses and to inhibit others, .. to the mental tyrannic invective and to the denial of certain inner feelings .. but this is not enough to put one's mind into fire and one's life into control .. all these elements technically constitute the relevance or no-relevance of asceticism,..  religious or not, moral or not .. conscious or not .. an asceticism is a mixture of restrictive obligations, of self-denial and of disregard for weakness in oneself .. with a hidden form of self-glorification ..
.. the positive variant of asceticism should aim in the long run, at the surpassing of the conditioning which limits us, .. to the emancipation of a mind too much dependent on the circumstantial, .. this is what would make the sacred of a demanding ascesis,  but so stimulating, by its transformative and perfectionist power .. the sacred asceticism forges in us the हठ पाक [hatha pāka], the determination for an accelerated burning .. a complete combustion of oneself, ..  the obsessive desire for conquest of the inner light .. and the claim to the definitive exit of the blindness of the conscious .. sacred asceticism is a real necessity for the perspicacity of the mind and for the vitality of the body .. asceticism is made to give us faith in the inner god .. in one's fire dedicated to the «self» ..

Karmic Astrology

Short Reading of the Sky for  the11th Full Moon of Year XII, Tuesday 12 of Nov. 2019 at 14:18 in the early afternoon,  कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima]

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima] is the eleventh Full Moon of Year XII, 
.. she is the Full Moon of the Balance g, placed this year in Aries a, into the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of कृत्तिका [krittika], ..
commemorating the contribution of heaven to earth, .. remembering the gods who came to earth to contribute to our genetic lineage.
her solar ascendant AS at 21°52’ of Aquarius k, in conjonction 0 with Neptune J Retro at 21°53’ and Lilith at 27°23’, both of them, king and queen of our unconscious genetic roots and lineage ....
.. therefore, this 11th Full Moon has a lunaire ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, placed in Leo e .. nourishing the nostalgic desire to confess to the world that we had been tempted to be, a long time ago  ..
.. the Sun is in conjonction with Mercury B Retro .. making the short-term secret project or secret pleasure trip complicated ..

this full moon reminds us that ..

our lack of inspiration, our lack of creative fire, pushes us by nostalgia to re-engender the same कर्म [karma] .. the weakness that impeaches us and tempts us, makes romantic love unlikelable .. and the ordinary loves absolutely unbearable .. what emains us, is only to feel the phantasmagorical appeals and the archetypal illusions of extra-ordinary love .. extraordinary love does not fear neither distance nor daily life .. neither obstacles nor circumstances .. but it needs an intense and prosperous intimate fire .. a fertile and powerful one .. this special fire is not there today by chance or by gift, .. it is provided there  by our roots, by our innate abilities .. and by our results, by our acts accomplished in the present ... the glory of the karmic past do not harvest that much fire for the great projects we have of the future, .. for the ones we have so much need and expectation ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

 she is the Full Moon of Scorpio h, placed at 19°53' of Taurus b, at the end of the second decan, dedicated to the Moon E, to the prosperity and to one's stability, to one's dominancy  and one's durability ....
.. her solar ascendant AS is at 16°00’ of the Pisces l, in conjonction 0 with Neptune J Retro at 16°01’ and with Lilith at 21°31’ ..
commemorating the need to consider now the result of our major projects and the consequence of our past fusional relationships..
.. therefore, this 11th full Moon as a lunar ascendant in House of VII, the Part of Fortune D, placed in Virgo f .. the need to integrate and to understand, to accept and to go beyond ..
she is the eleventh Full Moon of Year XII, also called : the Full Moon of the Dead .. or the Moon of the Old Souls .. she is the last moon of autumn, शरद् [sharad] .. the twelfth moon will announce the arrival of the season of Water, the magnet of winter .. हेमन्त [hemanta] ..
.. she is the Full Moon of Transmutations of the Bodies and Transfigurations of the Memories .. the memories, the स्मर [smara], must be fertile lands, .. always loving but not in a nostalgic way, to maintain, to plow incessantly and to fertilize the past .. a sterile or nostalgic past, castrated or suffering, never brings back anything good, .. the past must be constantly reinvented, .. it's up to us to transform the actors of our past, into actors of genius and talent .. to see only their misery and to judge constantly their incompetence, brings back no energy and no creative fire, .. to our mind and  to our aging and dying bodies ..

this full moon reminds that,

.. we are in our unconscious globality, the blind legacy of our past, of our infantile crises and of our outdated revelations .. we are today the result of our childish desires and of our chilly fears .. we sacrifice and limit our current life, to the inertia of our past desires and our blind fears .. that which is not understood, is transfigured and transmuted constantly in something else pretty similar .. without knowing the कर्म [karma] projects cynically us and incarnates us in other roles of the same pathetic theater, .. from predator, I become a victim of myself .. from judge, I become the accused of myself .. from innocent, I become the guilty of myself .. let also see from now, the genius shown by the actors of our past,, .. and let us be inspired sufficiently to create a prosperous future, strong and powerful enough to transform us sustainably .. a being must be able to be free and wild like an असुर [asura], who enjoys fire in oneself .. but to have authority over this oneself and to le a light be in oneself, .. like a देवी [deva] .. 

.. the legend of the वेद [veda] says that gods and demons are very similar in the nature of their origins and of their ascetics .. and that they have the rights the others, to exist, even if the existence of some of them seem to be developing at the expense of the others .. the luminous and benevolent gods of today, were the dark and conquering demons of yesterday .. all देवी [deva] were once असुर [asura] .. the legitimacy of a reign is a very subjective value .. all असुर [asura] dream of a luxuriance and of a prosperity, of a conquest of power and of the maintenance of their dominance .. all असुर [asura ] and almost all देवी [deva], defend their interest, .. continue their stranglehold .. and seek for the usefulness of knowledge .. the non-interest, the non-intervention and the non-usefulness of the buddhism, are inconceivable values ​​for the असुर [asura], which he will see the other, the देवी [deva] or the other असुर [asura], as a sign of stupidity or of decadence .. of castration or of slow agony .. as a parody or a disuse of existence ..

.. the असुर [asura] is first of all, a primal fire, a desire that needs to be fanned and revealed, to be acknowledged and be dreaded .. the primal fire of the असुर [asura] aspires to the enjoyment of the external light .. the light being  the expression of one's fire over the world .. the legend says that very often the देवी [deva] have recourse for regulate the dirty work, to some असुर [asura], converted to their cause and interested by their might, to help them to preserve the durability of their divine light ..




Today it's Full Moon !!
the 11th Full Moon of this Solar Year ..

कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima] ..

.. she is the  देवी दीपावलि पूर्णिमा [dev diwali purnima] ..

the lights of gods landing on earth ..
the lights of flying lanterns in the still sky..
the lights of floating candles on still waters..
all of them are allegories of the lights of our positive mind ..
.. light is our only salvation ..

according to the विज्ञान भैरव तन्त्र [vijñāna bhairava tantra] philosophy ..
conscious inner light is our only emancipation ..
facing of our darkest humoral night ..
facing of our recurrent कर्म [karma] ..

.. कर्म [karma] is the real jail of our dual mind ..
our jail is boredom and anxiety of the untrue ..
our jail is regression and agitation by the untrue ..
our jail is attachment and addiction to the untrue ..

.. our jail is our true fear of darkness ..
.. our jail is our untrue love of light ..

.. actually we are all in deep love and attachment
with our karmic problems ..

.. desire is just a blind remember of past pleasures ..
fear is just a blind remember of past pains ..
we need to go beyond past experiences ..
to go beyond our attachment
to past artificial needs and anxieties ..

.. कर्म [karma] works as a crystallized path,
as a psychic frosted tree, called :
the iced tree of the mind ..

कर्म [karma] is a frozen, bonded and twisted tree
of our karmic destiny,
.. written secretly in every details by ourselves,
and performed meticulously by ourselves ..

.. in the अद्वैत वेदान्त [advaita vedanta] philosophy of hinduism,
जीवन्मुक्ति [jivan mukti] is the spiritual way to get out of this karmic jail ….

.. to consciously purify the mind
and deeply free the soul ..

.. through conscious breath and meditation,
.. through conscious practice and relationship ..

.. जीवन्मुक्ति [jivanmukti] is the way out of old कर्म [karma] ..
जीवन्मुक्ति [jivanmukti] is a conscious meditation
within the conscious breath,

.. जीवन्मुक्ति [jivanmukti] is a conscious relation
within the conscious practice ..

.. conscious,
because physical restraint or restrictive contracts,
can’t bind our desperate soul no longer ..

.. conscious,
because compelled promises or forced assent,
can’t constrain our lost self no longer ..

.. conscious,
because only heart is inspiring, ..
.. but not judging ..

.. conscious,
because only truth is ruling, ..
.. but not restraining ..


.. जीवन्मुक्ति [jivanmukti] is the way to the unveil of the true soul ..
the path to unfold the true self ..

.. and to reach the spiritual emancipation,
of any karmic residue ..
through the pure darkness
and the pure light of existence ..


.. जीवन्मुक्ति [jivanmukti] is the inner truth,
that is by nature, always including,
to free ourselves

.. कर्म [karma] is the bond,
that is by nature, always excluding ..
to bond ourselves to our ego ..


.. कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima] is the full moon of inner demons,
demons of contradiction and incontinence ..
demons of concern and inconsequence ..

she is the backlash of our कर्म [karma] ..
she makes us flirt between irritation and despair
between addiction and complain ..

she is a return of the fears of the past ..
a nostalgic bond to the diseases of childhood ..

she is a return of the psychotic desires ..
a pathetic bond to the hate and love relations ..


कार्त्तिक [kārttika] is the time to cut ..
or rebond with our कर्म [karma]
and to finally overcome ..
or deal again with the same fool’s choice ..


.. this कार्त्तिक पूर्णिमा [kārttika purnima] full moon arouses a dark mind,
lonely and desperate,
overwhelmed with outdated temptations
and lost in daily obligations ..
or jailed by habits and moods
overused contradictions
and psychotic deliriums ..


.. it’s time to observe in silence and meditate ..
to no more promise, but to do what we feel is right
time to be sincere and transparent ..
to no more lie, but to face what we really are ..
time to be finally who we are ..
to no more fake,
but to embrace frankly truth ..


.. it’s time to dare to walk gracefully in the light
without mask ..
without any other alternative ..

it’s time to unveil the sake what we were born for
without bargain
without any materialist purpose ..