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11th New Moon of Year XII ..

स्वाति अमावास्या [svati amavasya ] .. in कार्त्तिक मास [kārttika māsam], the lunaison of karmic choice .. and of real non-choice..

Monday 28th of October 2019, at 4:42 AM ( GMT+1 ), it's  दीपावलि [dipāvali] or [diwali], 

.. she is the night of the new moon of कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [kārtikka amavasya], .. she is the feast of lights .. this year 2019, she will be placed into the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of स्वाति [svati] .. स्वाति [svati] is the sword that shows the path or warns of the arrival of destiny .. the sword that shows the choices and the karmic constraints .. astronomically, the star of Arcturus, स्वाति [svati] indicates the way to the north, according to legend, the place from whose destiny emerges ..  दीपावलि [diwali] is the time of the apotheosis of the alchemical Work with the Black, the Abyss (= l'Oeuvre au Noir), it represents the discernment between several quality of the Black .. a Black rich in ferments and in soils of possible realizations .. and an weird and terrifying Black, a hungry Black Hole, a void eating  all the matter and all the light of the universe .. and restituting nothing to the former universe ..

.. we enter into the eleventh new  moon of the Year XII, and the second moon of autumn .. कार्त्तिक ठमास [kārttika māsam] .. she is the second moon dedicated to the light over our कर्म [karma] .. the understanding of our karmic recurrence .. and to the relevance of our karmic choices .. in this Chinese year of the Pig of Earth, वाति [svati] represents the knowledge or not of the acts and choices that bring us long-term luck or not .. the knowledge of symbolic acts and karmic choices .. because in the end, knowing the power of कर्म [karma], do we really have the choice ? .. do we really have a freedom of action ? .. or would everything happen in the quality of self-observation by oneself ? .. self-observation, contributes to the real understanding of the choices and obligations of destiny .. to observe oneself is the first step towards a possible release of its कर्म [karma] .. the actor and the actor are by definition blind or of limited consciousness .. as the subject and the object are .. the passive observer (= the seer) is the only non-intervening identity that is free of all कर्म [karma] .. the passive observer observes the developing of good consciousness and bad conscience in reactivity ..


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 11th New Moon of Year XII, Monday the 28th of October 2019, at 04:42 AM, कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [kārtikka amavasya]

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [kārtikka amavasya] is this Year XII, the New Moon of Balance g,
she celebrates दीपावलि [dipāvali] or [diwali], the feast of lights .. the luminous path crossing the great night of the soul ..
.. her solar ascendant AS  in is Virgo f, her descendant DS is in conjonction 0 with Chiro , the inner karmic teacher .. 
this eleventh new moon, the eighth new moon of the hindu calenda opens कार्त्तिक ठमास [kārttika māsam], the lunation of illusory choices and real non-choices that present to us in the कर्म [karma] ..

this new moon reminds us that ..

.. the missed and repressed acts nourish our unconsciousness with their darkness ... and that the acts that are missed but understood in their  कर्म [karma] and solved, illuminate our night ..

.. this new moon warn and prepare ourselves for the harshness of this coming winter .. the harshness of the outside world is nothing in comparison with the misunderstanding of ourselves ..

.. we don’t need to be safe and secure or to be thrilled and kicked .. we just need to be true ourselves .. harshness of the world do not matter, if we understand right now the sense, in this present existence, of our present life and our coming death ..

anything else is secondary, because anything else could be either fixed or ignored ..

.. so here we are set .. light could be today the supporting presence of the others .. darkness could the possible absence of ourself ..


.. have a wonderful [diwali] .. embrace the others .. they are good for what you have ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

she is the New Moon of  Scorpio h of the Year XII ..
her solar ascendant AS is in Balance g ..
she 's the eleventh New Moon of the Year XII ..
she is the New Moon of the authors and the victims of कर्म [karma], because both are unconsciously interdependent ..

this new moon in Scorpio h reminds us that ..

.. we are only the sum of our karmic choices and our karmic non-choices .. that we do not have the choice of our choices .. and not the non-choice of our choices .. everything is written in the earth that feeds our soul .. author and victim of choice are the two facets of the same coin .. 

.. for months now, the sky have frozen through various nods of conjonction 0 and opposition 6, making not easy any kind of karmic evolution .. exposing ourselves harshly sometimes to our precariousness of our existence ..

.. the power of change has never been low that low.. the autonomy of energy has never been that weak .. the strength of action has never been that blocked .. the power of this new moon is to expose ourselves to the superficiality of our needs and to the blindness of our deeds .. our real life experience is beyond over-reactivity and moods, beyond compulsive desires and commodities ..

.. we all think we help the others, but we refuse to be helped by ourselves .. we wish peace and harmony to the world, but we refuse to have them in ourselves ..

.. this year, the presence of the others has been stillreally more helping than supposedly interfering .. we have lost ourselves in our arrogant stubbornness, now we need to recover ourselves from our pretended weaknesses ..

कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [kārtikka amavasya] in नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of  वाति [svati] .. 

.. कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [karttika amavasya] is the second new moon of autumn, it inaugurates the time of the great human gatherings, the लक्ष्मी पूजा [lakshmi puja], in the temples in meditation and singing, in the streets in feasting and dancing .. it is the equivalent of Western Christmas, it is also the equivalent of the celtic festival of [samain], Halloween .. it is an exorcism of collective fears and one's personal doubts .. an exorcism of convulsive moods and fears of the one's unknown .. apprehension of the wrong choice and fear of one's death, .. apprehension of the strange and fear of one's demons, apprehension of the darkness and fear of one's ignorance .. कार्त्तिक [karttika] represents an urgency, a kind of secret adrenaline rush which pushes to the right choice or to the forgiveness of the wrong choice, .. to the right action or to the compassion of the apparently weird action of the other, .. to the right obedience or to the tolerance of the apparently weird obedience of the other .. कार्त्तिक [karttika] is a cut made with clarity and understanding, without resentment and without violence .. कार्त्तिक [karttika] is the embrace of the appropriate belief in the nature of one's soul, .. the only true belief is the one that gives us back our fire ( = faith) and our light (= hope), in the very heart of the winter's darkness (= the vision of death) .. this faith that allows us to walk through one's night, without totally losing oneself, even while losing a bit ourselves following the others, .. the धर्म [dharma] of the others, while going gracefully to oneself .. the कर्म [karma] then becomes the necessary course of the soul .. and not the damnation of a blind ego .. am I finally grown tall enough to understand and hold myself ? ..





Today it’s new moon .. it’s दीपावलि [diwali] !! ..
the eleventh new moon of this solar year ..

कार्त्तिक आमावास्य [kārttika amavasya]
opening  कार्त्तिक ठमास [kārttika māsam] ..


.. it’s दीपावलि [diwali] or [dipāwali], the feast of light,
celebrated as the darkest day of this ending year,
symbol of the coming of a harsh and dark winter ..

.. she could be the end of our headlong rush  ..
she could be the time to stop our endless loss .. 
and the end of our stupid run around the world,

.. searching desperately for ourselves,
outside ourself   ..

.. she is time to bring the flame of life back home,
back to our own sweet body ..

.. she is time to lighten our body house up,
and to settle down, in peace,
in our winter house .. our aging body ..

.. she could be the opportunity to cut with past कर्म [karma]
if we really are interested by ..

.. the winter house is
the our physical body,

exposed to our permanent diseases and slow death
.. to our non-stop sufferances and steady unhappiness ..

.. at the end,
we are the only one responsable of our ill-being ..
of our malaise ..

people around us try to help us,
but we don’t want to be helped ..
we have fallen in love with our problems and our diseases ..
.. with our weird moods ..


.. दीपावलि [diwali], as an eleventh new moon,
is possibly the last turning point ..
the last revelation of grace for this year ..

.. about our strange way of behaving
and our non-sense of being ..

.. the eleventh moon is a pathway,
through symbolic death of a tempt of survival ..
.. or a real end of a tempt of bankruptcy ..

दीपावलि [diwali] is time to open wide the doors
of our « sacred » temples
and of our very concerned minds ..
of our beliefs ..

.. it is time to open the doors
of our neat and private garden  ..
or of our confined and selfish city ..
of our convictions ..

.. to the outside world,
.. to the parallel worlds,
.. to the underground worlds,
that have the same rights than
our faked and incommodious world,
to exist .. and to flourish in peace ..

.. the danger is no more outside our walls ..
the danger is now inside of our minds ..

.. so, let’s celebrate the inner light
with real joy,

.. let’s celebrate दीपावलि [diwali] ..
without an once of restraint ..

.. let’s celebrate the community
of the last hour ..

.. the long awaited
luminous and joyful hour,

one suspended moment before the coming
of the shadows of our fainted
and faked tiny existence ..


.. and
let things happen as they have to happen ..
they will sort themselves out nicely at the end ..

we need not to strain towards the future ..
the future will come to us on its own ..

when we will be on the highway of its purpose ..
It will just run over us ..
through us ..