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10th Full Moon of Year XII ..

अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] .. अश्विन् मास [ashvini masam] the first of three moons dedicated to the cycles of the unconscious कर्म [karma] ..

On Sunday, 13th of October 2019, at 23:19 ( GMT+2 ), we enter into the 10th Full Moon of Year XII : अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] in अश्विनी ठमास [ashvini māsam] .. this year, the 10th Full Moon will be travelling through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of रेवती [revati] .. symbolizing the wife of the Sun A .. रेवती [revati] is the contemplation of dream that gently ends up .. the polarisation of a mind that finally realizes itself ..

... अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] is time for the revelation of the passive ingredients and the active agents of one's कर्म [karma], .. the result of the habits and the cause of the actions .. and especially, the karmic result of one's inclinations and one's contradictions.. the Sun A is in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of  चैत्र [chittra], domified by Mars F : .. he is either in conquest of new imagined horizons, .. or in flight from his announced decay ..