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10th Full Moon of Year XII ..

अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] .. अश्विन् मास [ashvini masam] the first of three moons dedicated to the cycles of the unconscious कर्म [karma] ..

On Sunday, 13th of October 2019, at 23:19 ( GMT+2 ), we enter into the 10th Full Moon of Year XII : अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] in अश्विनी ठमास [ashvini māsam] .. this year, the 10th Full Moon will be travelling through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of रेवती [revati] .. symbolizing the wife of the Sun A .. रेवती [revati] is the contemplation of dream that gently ends up .. the polarisation of a mind that finally realizes itself ..

... अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] is time for the revelation of the passive ingredients and the active agents of one's कर्म [karma], .. the result of the habits and the cause of the actions .. and especially, the karmic result of one's inclinations and one's contradictions.. the Sun A is in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of  चैत्र [chittra], domified by Mars F : .. he is either in conquest of new imagined horizons, .. or in flight from his announced decay ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky for the Tenth Full Moon of Year XII .. अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] .. on Sunday 13th of October 2019 at 23:19 ..

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] is the Full Moon of Virgo f
.. this year, she's transiting through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] de रेवति [revati] with a solar ascendant AS in Gemini c, therefore with lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D in Sagittarius i  .. in the hindu calendar, she is the apotheosis of the seventh moon, अश्विन् मास [ashvini māsam] .. she incarnates the tenth Full Moon, the full moon that underlines our conscious victory or our blind defeat over our accumulated कर्म [karma] of Year XII ..

this full moon reminds us ..

.. that any serious karmic change has to be prepared in advance, has to be managed with mastery, power and cold blood .. the deep wish for a karmic change is not enough .. we still have to guess the karmic causes or to mesure the karmic consequences of this change .. if we are today blocked in an unhappiness or in a deadlock, it's because we have found no viable solution for this complexe problem in the past .. or maybe because we have benefited for years or decades from this stuck situation .. if we do not have changed our unconscious कर्म [karma] in the past, it's because this is the hardest thing to do in the world with accuracy and appropriateness .. in a way, to change कर्म [karma] is to die .. death is the ultimate teaching that should be discovered before our last moment .. in eastern astrology, Chiron is the ultimate teacher of कर्म [karma].. he knew कर्म [karma] but have been punished anyway by कर्म [karma] for eternity by the mistake of his student ..
.. part of the change must be done spontaneously, .. the other part must be anticipated with awareness and intelligence .. knowing now, that impulse and reaction, reason and madness, are the perfect instruments of our unconscious  कर्म [karma ] ..


according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

she is the Full Moon of Balance g of Year XII ..
.. her solar ascendant AS is in Cancer d ..
her lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D, is in Capricorn j
she is the Tenth Full Moon of Year XiI .. she is the possible Wheel of Change 
during this Full Moon of Refocus and Crops, some major concerns may show up ..
some strange nostalgic feelings or past emotions may appear again ..

this full moon reminds us ..

.. that we always copy and we always get inspired by the others to be guided in our existence, we never had in our lives, been in front of the exact model of the person that we would eventually become and be .. even though we draw inspiration from God's divine words बुद्ध [buddha] or sacred texts of a गुरु [guru] saint, we, as a manifestation of the divine in itself, can't be simply a conditioned copy of the others, but this manifestation has tot find out by herself who she is .. and for what reason she woke up here, now, in us ..
.. and when she will know who she is, she will become peaceful and stay awake .. for the one who does not know who she is yet .. to wake up is to inflict the thousand deaths she feared when she was caught in her lethargies, her illusions, her dreams and her nightmares ..



Today it’s full moon ..
the 10th full moon of this solar year ..

अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] ..
celebrating अश्विनी ठमास [ashvini māsam]

अश्विनी पूर्णिमा [ashvini purnima] or शरद् शरद् [sharad purnima]
is the first of the two full moons of the fall,

.. she is the first of the three full moons
revealing us the nature of our karmic mind ..
and explaining us the rules of our karmic condition ..

.. कर्म [karma] is not something concrete ..
it's a concept of the mind ...
कर्म [karma] is just happening virtually in our mind ..
कर्म [karma] is just manifesting invisibly through our deeds ..
कर्म [karma] is the result of our limit
of our knowledge and consciousness ..
of our blindness and ignorance ..
of our attachment and sufferance ..

our mind is a consequence,
.. a karmic result ..
the result of our daily moral and habit,
the result of our daily learning and practice ..
the result of our daily understanding and dubitation ..

our mind is the result of our daily self-education ..
our daily self-discipline and self-observance ..
our daily self-integrity and self-reliance ..
our daily self-guidance and self-esteem ..

our mind is the result of daily
adaptation or non-adaption
to our transcient physical nature
.. and to our deadly condition ..

our mind shows its adequacy or non-adequacy
to master our daily moods and compulsions ..
to master our daily claustrophobias and vertigoes ..
to master our daily projections and hallucinations ..

.. our eyes look, but our mind sees ..
our ears hear, but our mind listens ..
our senses talk, but our mind reads ..

.. for a living being like a human,
everything is about the quality of his mind ..

.. the mind is just a divine purpose, if it comes to peace,
or just a karmic agent, if it doesn’t come to peace ..

.. mind is caught all the time into a terrible move,
the violent move of the stream of thoughts  ..

.. the stream of thoughts comes from the tides
of an unsolved past, still present and waiting in ourselves ..

the thoughts celebrate the reminiscence of the past ..
and create the concept of time or eternity  ..
our thoughts celebrate our past sufferances,
our past pains, doubts and struggles ..

our present is constantly exposed
to the fever tides of our past ..
.. they hit our affect badly and endlessly,
by their raging moves ..
erasing radically the possibility to conceive
a unique present moment, without chill,
panic or terror ..,

.. and will build for sure a future pattern,
very similar to the past mattern ..

to get out of our karmic mind, ..
to get out of संस्कार [samskāra], ..
it’s urgent tonight to wait for a long while ..
to come in peace endlessly..
to stay totally immobile ..
.. and to remain fully silent .. 
for no purpose ..

.. because everything we dream for is already
beautifully here and now,
present and fulfilled ..
.. and my karmic mind is just trying hard
to ruin this amazing beauty,
this grateful presence, .. this thankful silence, ..
.. this wonderful peace ..

and this stillness that includes everything ..





संसार [samsara] and संस्कार [samskara] mechanics of  कर्म [karma]
.. either we were born by chance,
.. and we have to find a reason to be there,
.. and a reason to disappear again ..

.. either we are born for an unknown purpose,
.. and for us to find it,
for not being the ignorant victim or the blind author ..

.. either we were born to appease a previous hunger,
to pacify a specific fear, ..
.. and to us to overcome it ..
to tame it as much as we can ....


« I am the grandchild of the blind grandmother, she is my unconscious कर्म [karma] ..

I do not know what I know ..
I do not know what saves me and loses me ..

I do not believe what I believe.
I do not believe in what believes and decreases in me ..

I do not desire what I desire
I do not desire what desires and what hates me ..

I am not what I am ..
I am not what I become and what I have been ..
I do not remember it easily.


do I know what I believe ?
do I believe in what I want ?
do I want what I am ?
am I what I know ? » ..


-- words by Kriya Deva --