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ashvini birds
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10th New Moon of Year XII ..

हस्ता अमावास्या [hasta amavasya] in अश्विन् मास [ashvini māsam] the new moon of purification of the conscious .. and liberation of the unconscious ..

Today 28th of September, at 20:29, it’s new moon .. the 10th new moon of this solar Year XII ..
.. अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya] opening अश्विनी ठमास [asvini māsam] transiting through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of हस्ता [hasta]  .. हस्ता [hasta] the constellation of the left hand of the Virgo f, the quantum house of the divine feminine .. at अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya], we are invited to merge with the ten enlightened faces .. and to dive in the nine dark sides of the goddess within .. the महाशक्ति [maha shakti] ..

अश्विनी ठमास [asvini māsam] is the moon of the wild spirits of the wind .. of the wild spirits of the mood .. and of the eternal spirits of freedom ..

.. in the hindu calendar, अश्विनी ठमास [asvini amavasya] opens the रद् नवरात्र पूजा [sharad navratri puja] holidays .. the nine nights and ten days dedicated to the महाशक्ति [maha shakti] goddess, and to the दुर्ग [durga] goddess, .. the fearless warrior nature of the divine feminine within .. during the nine nights, we cleanse the anxious mind, .. as we purify the angry spirit .. during ten days, we cleanse the suffering body by fasting, and the sinful side of the unsatisfied soul by dancing .. then we immerge the clay stages of the goddess deep in the waters of the Ganges, .. in the waters of the divine unconscious .. the initial goal of these पूजा [puja] is to reconnect oneself with the real purpose of one's life, to purify one's mind and to find the healthy ways of one's unconscious, the body, which is a gift of the goddess, .. dancing and fasting for 10 days, in order to find back the connection to one's soul, to understand the language of one's body .. to restart the protective fire of life in one's body, the subtle flame of a spontaneous and natural immune fire, .. in order to reconnect oneself with the desire to live in accordance with the sacred laws of one's body .. that body whose mind is the servant .. the body is naturally pure, divine and loving .. it is the versatility of the mind that causes problem .. its duality that creates instability .. its immaturity that creates the abstract notion of possible good and evil .. of possible improvement or corruption of the soul ..
.. what is good for the body is good for the mind, .. the body is divinely wise .. the body demands both love and challenge, .. softness and clarity .. attention and self-sacrifice .. sensuality and spirituality .. as soon as the body rediscovers the way of his soul, he becomes again like the goddess दुर्ग [durga], an inner citadel of invincible purity .. a sanctuary of benevolent sensuality ..

.. this tenth new moon inaugurates the lunar month of अश्विनी ठमास [ashvini māsam] .. the spirits of the coming wind .. it is time for the great migrations of the winged people .. the need in us to travel in all freedom, .. at will .. in one's great forgotten spaces .. to return to one's energetic places that haunt our cyclical memories .. to leave one's arid lands of humors, .. and to touch one's fertile kingdoms of one's soul .. to wander through one's moors .. to fly into one's infinite heavens .. to overcome the obstacles of one's seas, one's steppes and one's snowy mountains, .. to become the passengers of the winds .. the अश्विनी [ashvini] the horses of heaven .. the twilight riders of one's wild winds  ..


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 10th New Moon of अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya], on Saturday, the 28th of September 2019, in the early evening at 20:29 ( GMT+2 ) ..

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

अश्विनी अमावास्या [ashvini amavasya] is the New Moon of Virgo f, she opens in hindu worship, the religious holidays of the नवरात्र [navaratri] ..
this year, she is transiting through नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of हस्ता  [hasta] with a solar ascendant in Aries a, consequently with a lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D in Aries a too .. she is opening the seventh moon of the hindu calendar, अश्विन् मास [ashvini māsam] .. and she is opening the tenth tantric moon, the one who reveals our possible win or our granted karmic defeat in this solar Year XII ..

this new moon reminds us that ..

rare are those of us, who listen wisely to their unconscious, .. the unconscious is the language of the goddess, the divine wisdom of our body .. in the squeeze of stress, we get lost in our mental and humorous madnesses, and we repeat again and again, the same mistakes from the past .. or from previous generations ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

she is the New Moon of Balance g of the Year XII ..
her solar ascendant is then in Taurus b ..
she is the tenth New Moon of Year XII ..
she is the New Moon of migrations or settlements just before the coming winter ..
she announces the ends of reigns and of hegemonies ..
.. and of old dependencies ..
or the beginning of new paradigms to discover .. 
.. and new spaces to experiment ..

this new moon reminds us that ..

by continuing to flee one's obstacles, .. to escape one's problems,  by continuously wanting to escape to the end of the world .. or deep in the mazes of one's head, .. it tightens even more the karmic knot of one's rope around one's throat .. the solution is neither in passion, neither exaltation .. but neither in calculation nor coldness .. the solution is in the comprehension .. in the clarity of the karmic challenge we are exposed to .. keeping the peace of non-stress .. the solution is in the confidence in the vitality of one's body .. in the remodeling of one's past,  .. « if I frees the unconscious of my body, if I heals the flesh and blood of my memory .. I free myself from my stucked past .. and from my steady sufferance » .. 


Today it's new moon .. it's अश्विनी ठमास [asvini amavasya] ..
she is the first new moon of autumn, 
the moon of an awaited end ..
.. of a sensation of a cycled fall ..

she is opening the tenth moon,
अश्विन् मास [ashvini māsam]
is announcing the expected slow fall of a dying sun ..
and the possible slow rise of one's inner immune fire ..

this new moon is the final act of a past sufferance ..
she is the final word of an accomplished lifetime ..
she is an awaited loose and an unexpected win ..

अश्विनी [asvini] are the travelers of the wind ..
and the wild horses of our hungry soul ..

अश्विनी [asvini] are the early travelling birds ..
and the wild flying creatures of the coming dark night ..

अश्विनी [asvini] are the free running thoughts .. 
.. and the wildly ridden emotions ..

अश्विनी [asvini] are the ridders of twilight 
and the crazy fears of our windy mind ..


our mind is
a resonance of a dual wind,
.. a natural child of a dual mood ..

there is a free spirit of all winds ..
there is a mighty lord of all mists ..

all those winds we ride without knowing we could ..
all these mists we realm without knowing we could  ..
.. because we do not feel free enough 
to ride them with enough wisdom and wildness ..
.. because we don't feel one enough
with our शक्ति [shakti] ..


the शक्ति [shakti] is empowering
one's unconscious
the joy in the beloved ..
the light in the desire .. 
the magic in the pleasure ..

the शक्ति [shakti] is recharging 
one's unconscious
the full power in the body ..
the full trust in the mind ..
the full rely in the destiny ..


in the traditional astrology,
counting in sidereal mode,
this अश्विनी ठमास [asvini amavasya] transiting
through the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of हस्ता [hasta] ..
हस्ता [hasta] is the symbol of the left hand of the Virgo f,
the hand of the silent and divine unconscious, 
the hand of the natural and human tendency,
the hand of the hidden and evil desire ..

this Virgof new moon shows up
an Aries a solar ascendant ..

.. such a new moon is an occasion 
to face our deep addiction to moods 
and our superficial commitment to evolution ..

.. such a new moon is an occasion
to get rid past beliefs and stupid theories  .. 
to cleanse unachieved work 
and non released forgiveness ..

.. such a new moon is an occasion 
to find the strength to restart everything from scratch ..
to move finally to a peaceful and welcoming place ..
and to rebuild there, a new relation with one's world ..

.. with such a new moon, in such a day,
we may discover the joy of standing on one's own,
in total freedom and wildness ..


.. the today's sky may unveil some of the loneliness 
we may have experienced with some company ..
and the steady trust we may feel when we are only on one's own ..


such a tenth new moon is always the occasion 
to stay silent and still at home ..
or in a retreat lost in nature ..
to meditate about the reason of our eternal moods
.. about the nature of our moving shades of grey ..

a mood is always an intelligence,
a mood has always a purpose,
a mood has a always winning strategy 
of the reacting unconsciousness ..

a tenth new moon is time for an introspection ..
.. time to make a step forward in the unknown .. 
.. time to say good bye to the past ..
.. time to forgive the injury 
and turn the page of a sufferance ..
.. time to get rid of negativity,
of endless tiredness,
of never stopping pain and sufferance ..

.. a new life may just be about to begin ..

the winged goddess is observing us in silent,
with her endless love
and her invisible presence ..