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the 9th Full Moon of Year XII ..

पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] .. in भाद्रपद ठमास [bhadrapada māsam], the full moon of our immersion in the ashes river of ones desires and aversions ..

.. on Saturday morning, 14th of septembre 2019, at 06:35 ( GMT+2 ), we enter into the ninth full moon of Year XII, पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] .. she's the last full moon of this summer .. an the first full moon of the fall ..

.. with the energy भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima], we are invited to immerse ourselves in the humoral waters of our psyche .. the waters of our desires and our aversions .. this full moon calls for a physical body to be completely lightened and pacified .. our physical body, finally free of an agitated and tormented mind, .. the full moon of a body's spirit purified of any sufferance and unleashed of any painful attachment, .. or of any struggled memory ..
.. to make it simple to understand, any utopic thought or illusion, any sweet craziness or phantasmagory is good, as long as they bring us to the peace of our soul .. to the emancipation of our body .. and to the silence of our spirit ..

.. गणेश विसर्जन [ganesh visarjan] is an hindu holyday, happening just one day before  भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima] .. on that day, clay statues of Ganesh are plunged into the Ganges waters .. the clay of our illusory beliefs, the clay of our transient idols are symbolically coming back to the silt of the karmic river .. back to the divine body of the mother  goddess  .. lord विष्णु [vishnu] is peacefully meditating on the transient cohesion of physical matter .. and the mother goddess manifests like a mirror, all the thoughts of lord विष्णु [vishnu] into forms,  into beings and souls, as a flowing transient reality stream ..
.. it is time for  पर्वन् श्रद्धा [parvan shraddha], time to be faithful to those who have left us, .. time to appease the unfulfilled desire of our departed ancestors, .. by fasting and by offering them the food we were about to eat ..

.. the 9th full moon enlightens the alchemy of the « golden work » .. the golden work is the return to an edenic excellency, a purity found-again into a native cohesion .. in shivaism philosophy, we call it :  « golden tantra  », स्वर्ग तन्त्र [svarga tantra], the total emancipation of the body from any mind impurity .. from any unnecessary sufferance or unappropriated desire of our mortal soul ..