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the 9th Full Moon of Year XII ..

पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] .. in भाद्रपद ठमास [bhadrapada māsam], the full moon of our immersion in the ashes river of ones desires and aversions ..

.. on Saturday morning, 14th of septembre 2019, at 06:35 ( GMT+2 ), we enter into the ninth full moon of Year XII, पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] .. she's the last full moon of this summer .. an the first full moon of the fall ..

.. with the energy भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima], we are invited to immerse ourselves in the humoral waters of our psyche .. the waters of our desires and our aversions .. this full moon calls for a physical body to be completely lightened and pacified .. our physical body, finally free of an agitated and tormented mind, .. the full moon of a body's spirit purified of any sufferance and unleashed of any painful attachment, .. or of any struggled memory ..
.. to make it simple to understand, any utopic thought or illusion, any sweet craziness or phantasmagory is good, as long as they bring us to the peace of our soul .. to the emancipation of our body .. and to the silence of our spirit ..

.. गणेश विसर्जन [ganesh visarjan] is an hindu holyday, happening just one day before  भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima] .. on that day, clay statues of Ganesh are plunged into the Ganges waters .. the clay of our illusory beliefs, the clay of our transient idols are symbolically coming back to the silt of the karmic river .. back to the divine body of the mother  goddess  .. lord विष्णु [vishnu] is peacefully meditating on the transient cohesion of physical matter .. and the mother goddess manifests like a mirror, all the thoughts of lord विष्णु [vishnu] into forms,  into beings and souls, as a flowing transient reality stream ..
.. it is time for  पर्वन् श्रद्धा [parvan shraddha], time to be faithful to those who have left us, .. time to appease the unfulfilled desire of our departed ancestors, .. by fasting and by offering them the food we were about to eat ..

.. the 9th full moon enlightens the alchemy of the « golden work » .. the golden work is the return to an edenic excellency, a purity found-again into a native cohesion .. in shivaism philosophy, we call it :  « golden tantra  », स्वर्ग तन्त्र [svarga tantra], the total emancipation of the body from any mind impurity .. from any unnecessary sufferance or unappropriated desire of our mortal soul ..


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 9th Full Moon of भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima], on Saturday, the 14th of September 2019 at 06:35 AM ( GMT+2 ),

according to the traditional karmic astrology, counting in sidereal mode ..

भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima] is the full moon of Leo e,
this year, she is into the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पूर्वश्भाद्रपद  [purva bhadrapada] with a solar ascendant in Leo e, and a lunar ascendant, the Part of Fortune D in Aquarius k .. she is the sixth moon of the hindu calendar, भाद्रपद ठमास [bhadrapada māsam] .. and the ninth tantric moon ..
.. the Sun A and Mars F are still in conjunction 0 in Leo e House of I, but pressure gets slowly released .. the body regenerates also very slow .. too much slowly indeed ..
.. Mercury B and Vénus C are in perfect conjunction 0 in Virgo f, which favors appearance strategies and facade partnerships  ..
simply said the art of distant relationship and the art of interacting socially without involving oneself to much, without risking anything .. and without exposing oneself to any ned of a change ..
.. the Moon E and Neptune J R, Lilith and the Part of Fortune D .. are all in conjunction in Aquarius k, in House of VII .. in full activity ..
and constitute the unconscious force of our psyche .. the spasm and the contradictions of the past are back .. the unconsciousness is fully charge and ready for action ..
.. Ceres O and Jupiter G are in growing conjunction 0 in Scorpio h, in House of IV, favorising deliberate celibacy or conscious return to the family .. for certain, time wait-and-see,  for others, its time for opportunities ..
.. Saturne H and Ketu @ are in perfect conjunction 0in Sagittairius i, at the end of House of IV .. the business conjuncture remains stagnant and stuck, at least till the end of the month .. everyone is holding back impatiently .. waiting desperately, .. distrusting or complaining about the other .. getting lost in anxious guesswork and stupid expectation .. but nothing progresses .. nothing new comes out on the horizon ..

.. this 9th full moon reminds us ..
that a relationship, a partner trust takes years to be built, .. to be built up healthy .. but it can be reduced to ashes in an instant .. the mood is a destructive madness .. the mood is a karmic agent .. which reduces our life to a few repetitive spasms .. an unconscious who feels suffocated, will need to express itself through unpleasant and regular convulsions or through destructive and seditious crazinesses  .. but nothing good arises from the mood .. mood poisons us and brings us closer to the karmic coffin ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode ..

she is the Full Moon of Virgo of Year XII ..
the ninth full moon of Year XII, the Full Moon of big Harvests or of big Resolutions .. and also of important Corrections on Courses to be done urgently in consciousness ..
the Moon E, Queen of the Conscious, and Neptune R J, King of the Unconscious in retrograde mode, are conjunction 0  with Lilith and the Part of Fortune D in Pisces l..
the Sun A, King of the Conscious, is in conjunction 0 with Mars F, in divorce with Juno M , and in conflict, in square 3 with Jupiter G ..
moods swing and verbal slips are contained, but the unconscious remains in its vindictive and arrogant underlays ..
because the conscious, beyond appearances, is really weak and doubts itself..

.. this full moon reminds us that ..
the energy of remaking ceaselessly and the power of fulfillment are found, like fossil energies, in the depths of our being, in our unconsciousness ... using purposefully the energy of the Full Moon of भाद्रपद [bhadrapada], for 10 days, from September 13th to September 23rd, on the day of the autumn equinox, we will have all the time and opportunity to guess intermittently, the true nature of our unconscious .. by observing the extent of our obsessive reactivity and the strength of our behavioral slippage, .. the full moon coasts in the night sky, Neptune and Lilith €, which are the two best-known stereotypes of the power of the unconscious ..

Today it’s full moon ..
पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima]
the ninth full moon of this solar year ..

she is the last full moon of this summer,
.. and the first moon of the fall ..

the ninth full moon is the vision
of a possible space,
a state of « no more struggle »
and of « no more sufferance » ..

as the hedonist philosophy says :
.. with ataraxia, the total appeasement of
any desire and any aversion..

the ninth full moon is an entry door
to a possible completion of our past needs,
.. and a possible dissolution of our past desires ..

the ninth full moon is a « let go »,
an immersion into the flows of life  ..

and a « hold on »,
a restraint on the shores of ones destiny ..


पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] ..
is a time to release any « has to do »
and any « has to be »

.. and a time to dissolve any « resentment »
and any « complaints » ..

it is time to finally release the memory,
and to reinvent it ..

.. time to maybe find a way
to « re-member it » one more time, ..
to make it our flesh ..
.. but differently  ..

it is time to dissolve the past,
and to reshape it ..

..  time to find a way
to « re-pass through it » one more time, ..
to make it our path ..
.. but differently ..

we have attracted all what we really have wanted,
.. as we have attracted all what we have faked to not want  ..

we have experienced yet only
what we were ready to understand ..
.. but we did not understand yet,
what we were not ready to experience  ..

a stacked memory is source of sufferance ..
.. as a flowing memory is source of revival ..

a suffering mind is a source of entrapment ..
.. as a lightened mind is a source of emancipation ..

new coming pains divert the mind
from old damn pains ..
.. as new coming desires divert the mind
from old addictive desires ..

only a new coming pleasure,
can relativize the memory of a past sufferance  ..

.. as only a new coming sufferance
can relativize the memory of a past pleasure ..

पूर्वभाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [purva bhadrapada purnima] ..
is a time to turn a page,
.. and to open a new chapter ..

it is no more time to divert the mind
with past pains and past pleasures,
..  as it is no more time to celebrate
the memory of positive sufferance
and of struggled desire ..

it ’s time to relativise all of them,
and to erase them all ..

all past sufferances and all past pleasures,
.. all past memories of
a past mind
and of a past fear ..

we have still a peaceful life to fully live .. 
before we passed away ..





पूर्वभाद्रपद [purva bhadrapada]

.. this year XII, the full moon of भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhadrapada purnima] will be, in the sidereal mode, at 26 ° 58 'of Aquarius k, precisely in the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पूर्वभाद्रपद [purva bhadrapada], symbolizing the front feet of the nuptial bed .. she is the invitation to ientangle ourselves with more sensuality or to disentangle ourselves from too much promiscuity .. पूर्वभाद्रपद [purva bhadrapada] represents the banks of the river of destiny .. the beginning of our immersion in the amniotic waters of the psyche .. a slow entrance into the basin of the unconscious .. the opening of the gates of the goddess's lair .. from the very bottom of the troubled waters, her eye full of love and compassion (= लक्ष्मी [lakshmi]), is looking at you and is sweeting you, .. inviting you and challenging you .. weighing you and provoking you ..
.. भद्र [bhadra] is the bed of the river, the litter of the pond, the mud of time, created by the ashes of past desires and past aversions, which will nourish one day, the flower our lotus, the पाद्म [padma] of mindfulness .. भद्र [bhadra] is the ringed door which opens on the invisible world of the psyche, .. l fallen soul, blinded, but always in love with the divine love .. this ringed door that brings us back to the realms of the primordial and causal unconscious, the Eden which we remember nothing about, but about which we phantasm so much .. Eden is a space out of time, an sanctuary garden of a eternal peace  .. we only have a unconscious memory of her loss, .. of our banishment from her paradise, .. a fall which is to the unconscious cause of our karmic existence .. to the hidden cause from our कर्म [karma] .. to the cause of all the sufferance of our soul, which becomes addictive to the mirages of desires and to the aversions of the mind .. the spontaneity and the easiness we have lost in  Eden, have created our duality ..

.. there are two भाद्रपद [bhadrapada] that follow each other in the house of Pisces l: one is पूर्वाभाद्रपदा [purva bhadrapada] and the other is उत्तरभाद्रपद [uttara bhadrapada] .. पूर्वा [purva] represents the premises and the call of desire, .. the mink of the limits of desire and their possible override .. पूर्वा [purva] is a vision of the coming future .. or a new coming fire .. उत्तरा [uttara] is the consequent residue of our fire, or the sequela which will fertilize henceforth in his own way, the coming world ..

.. the memory becomes with time, the cohesion of our flesh, .. the cement of our existence .. a memory is not a simple consequence of a fact, not an energetic retention of a stress .. the memory is the consistency of an unconscious determination .. the cause of a suffering to be endured ..

.. every memory maintains a pain, a wound or a fear, caused by the wear and the vagaries of time .. by protection, the nervous synapses which maintain the memory active, begin to untie and to change .. the exact causal circumstances of memory will start to fade or to reinvent themselves ... the memory cohesion will start to suffer and to crumble, like a ice floe subject to cyclic global warmings .. the unconscious remains in principle, unconscious, .. only the impression of a fall will remain .. or perhaps a feeling of shy .. a feeling of guilt will remain .. only unconditional but-conscious love for one another, may change it one day  ..

.. Eden is clearly a get-back-in-touch with the cosmic mother, with the mother-goddess, .. mother of all continuity and all eternal cycles .. mother of all models of love and all  non-objectal desires .. there is a huge gap between the seduction of a model, the beauty of a desire aroused by the goddess .. and the कर्म [karma] of a desire nourished by apparent otherness, .. by suggestive projection on the other .. by the idea of ​​a previous relation with the other, coming from a previous cycle or life .. in Eden, one must sincerely forget the pretexted otherness, the pretexted object of the desire .. and the pretexted anteriority of this desire of the other .. models of subject and the objects of desire are erased, as much as the concept of past lives too, .. only remains the absolute love of and for the goddess .. the ultimate model of lost unity .. true object of fusional and ultimate desire, flourishing at the borders of hedonism ἡδονή [hedone] in greek (= a philosophy close to epicureanism), but also unfortunately at the border of ego-centrism or narcissism .. and at the end, to selfism .. according to the indo-european myths, at the full moon of September, the goddess invites us to her den, .. to her cauldron, to choose what particularity in us, she wants to be re-fertilize with, .. and reproduce within it to infinity, for a new cycle .. or what part of us she wants to dissolve, to undo and to elude within her to infinity .. she is the river of circumstances and of destiny .. the infinite repetition in all its intimate variables .. she is the fertile loam of all our past experiences, in consciousness and in unconsciousness .. by desire or by aversion ..

the immersion in the basin of the goddess .. the edenic brain, the unconscious ..

.. « the most beautiful journeys are those which bring us through the doors of the unconscious, .. without provoking it and without violating it, .. without underestimating it and without fetishizing it ... without attempting to domesticate it or to instrument it venally  » ..

.. the unconscious is this jungle, this dense and wild forest, which remains in us at once mysteriously strange and familiar, .. impenetrable and permissive, sometimes so hostile and so benevolent .. she is our home for all of us, .. she belongs to us totally .. she is our origin and our final destination .. this jungle, this forest is the Eden .. Eden shelters in its humidity, the काजल [kajala], all the animal natures and all animated forms, all the families of souls and life spirits  .. she is a moist crucible that binds us together in its eternity .. like an ointment, .. she is the jungle, the primal forest, the regenerating unconscious .. which creates us and awakens us, .. animates us and shows us by her desire, our unconscious desire .. and she brings us back to her in her eternal depths ..

.. we came into the world out of this jungle, .. and we will return to her the day of our death, to re-merge with her ... and we will be lost again within her ... according to her mysterious and edenic desire .. our karmic desire, it is not a vital lack, a vital need that fills a void, .. a karmic desire is that igneous matter which overflows us, .. and   makes us leave the ataraxia (ἀταραξία) of Eden, .. the absence of any trouble .. the total peace of being ..

.. the peaceful unconscious is the edenic kingdom of the goddess, ..residing in the depths of the heavens and of the abysses, in the heart of waters and forests, in the meadows and gardens .. in the depths of the vibrating waves .. and the shifting limits of the earth .. the edges of time and space ..

.. Eden comes from एधस् [edhas] in sanskrit which means: wet fertility, .. גן עדן [edhen] in hebrew means: splendor, prosperity and happiness, .. esoterically : secret garden of delights .. matrix of the magics of life .. but also of ऐध [edha] : wisp, flame floating on the liquid, wet flame, deaf and natural passion, spontaneous and nonmoral ( because ऐड [eda] means : deaf to danger and carefree of danger) that grows and spreads like a natural fire, .. that shines without shy and without suffering .. धम् [dham] in sanskrit is : the breath of life, the cry of need, the groan of desire .. the restraint of the spasm of lack .. this energy that separates us, tears us apart and puts us in a state of torment .. [e-dham] is ataraxia, the visnuistic cohesion of living matter found again, without suffering .. without ostentation and without repression ..