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goddess eye
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the 9th New Moon of Year XII ..

भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhādrapada amavasya] is a time to dive with open eyes, into the depths of ones dark psyche .. deep through the layers of ones unconscious karmic realms .. 

Today it's new moon .. the ninth new moon of this solar year, placed this month into the नक्षत्र [nakshatra] of  पूर्वभाद्रपद  [purva bhādrapada], opening श्भाद्रपद ठमास [bhādrapada māsam], the ninth moon of the year ..
.. श्भाद्रपद ठमास [bhādrapada māsam] is the last moon of the four summer’s moons dedicated to सिव [shiva] .. and to the understanding of कर्म [karma] by the everyday's practice of life .. to the conditionnent of life .. to the entanglement of actions ..
.. flow of time and circonstances bring us to an already written and predictable destiny ..

.. भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhādrapada amavasya] usually announces the last new moon of this summer .. 
she is celebrating the end of the fire season .. भाद्रपद पूर्णिमा [bhādrapada amavasya] is the eye of the goddess, pointing at ourself .. with vigilance and curiosity .. भद्र [bhadra] is the round door, a basin leading to cause of the mysteries, the mysteries of ones existence ..