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the 8th Full Moon of Year XII ..

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] .. in श्रावण ठमास [śravana māsam] the full moon that helps redraw love relations between soul mates .. and patch the karmic tissues of the existence ..

On the 15th of August, at 14:31 ( GMT+2 ), it’s full moon, it's  रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] ..
it’s रक्षा बन्ध [raksha bandhan]. the feast of the deep and conscious bounds between best friends and partners .. joining the family of flesh and blood .. with the family of affinity and heart ..

she is the eighth full moon of this solar year .. रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] helps true and deep relational bounds to be redrawn more nicely and more firmly  ...
she is also time to make peace with ones past relations .. and with ones body humorous wounds ..