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the 8th Full Moon of Year XII ..

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] .. in श्रावण ठमास [śravana māsam] the full moon that helps redraw love relations between soul mates .. and patch the karmic tissues of the existence ..

On the 15th of August, at 14:31 ( GMT+2 ), it’s full moon, it's  रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] ..
it’s रक्षा बन्ध [raksha bandhan]. the feast of the deep and conscious bounds between best friends and partners .. joining the family of flesh and blood .. with the family of affinity and heart ..

she is the eighth full moon of this solar year .. रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] helps true and deep relational bounds to be redrawn more nicely and more firmly  ...
she is also time to make peace with ones past relations .. and with ones body humorous wounds ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 8th Full  Moon of [shravana] on Thursday the 15th of August 2019 at 14:31( GMT+2 )

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

श्रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] is a Full Moon of Capricorn j
the Moon E transits already at 28°17' of  मकर राशि [mahkara rashi] (=Capricorn j),
in House III, in the नाक्षत्र [nakshatra] of धनिष्ठ [danishtha] ..
her solar ascendant (AS) is at 26°30’ of तूला राशि [thula rashi] (= Balance g) in the नाक्षत्र [nakshatra] of वैशाख [vaishakha] ..
her Part of Fortune D is at 26°29’ of Aries a, in House VI, in conjonction with  Vesta L with her solar descendant (DS)  .. the Part of Fortune D is somehow the lunar ascendant, .. mythologically, she is the magnetic vow and wish of the Moon E for the transformation of our Earth D.. for our transformation during this incarnation .. and the transmutation of our destiny ..

this full moon is the summit of the eighth moon of Year XII, the fifth full moon of the hindu calendar, श्रावण ठमास [śrāvana māsam] ..
.. the Sun A transits at 28°17 de कर्क राशि [karka rasi] (=Cancer d) in the नाक्षत्र [nakshatra] of आश्लेष [ashlesha], surrounded, in House IX, by the close and interiory plantes of Mercury B, Venus C, and Mars F .. Juno M, the fusional and loving सक्ति [shakti] is joining the party  .. the astrological summit of this summer is slowly coming .. it will happen at the ninth new moon of भाद्रपद अमावास्या [bhadrapada amavasya] on the coming 30th of august, at noon, 12h40, when all these interior and close planets will be in complete conjonction 0 with the Moon E and  the Sun A .. all the truth about our heart relations, tantric bounds, and family links will be then exposed and sought .. the reliability of a human, depends of the nature of his karmic tissues and the quality of his close bounds .. a tantric bound is not a sexued connection, a tantric bound allows a human to endlessly tam his anxious mood and allows him to wait for ever in peace .. even if stress and sufferance,  affection and attachment, will continue to reach him as nasty snakes ..

.. reminding us that ..

strategict inner changements, have to be made always by us alone, .. with our own initiative, with our own allowance and courage .. even if we reach a huge feeling of immense loneliness and total indifference .. a real change is like a ritual of initiation, like a path of metamorphosis .. a change needs us to invest all what we know .. and all what we settle in ourselves in consciousness .. in this will be deeply tested by facts ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode

she is the Full Moon of Lion e of the Year XII .. the eighth Full Moon of the Year XII .. chinese Year of the Earthen Pig ..
.. the Full Moon of long journeys and sea adventures on the other side of the world  ( the Iliad and the Odyssey ), the last great pilgrimages and the last great fishing .. the big harvests and big commitments ..

.. the Full Moon of the fish spawning and of the large monsoons of the end of summer ..which experience and solicit Earth after a too long period of waiting of drought .. 
.. the Full Moon that helps redraw the bounds of affinity and friendship .. the Full Moon that helps confirm of commitments and partnership agreements .. that helps redefine the renewal of the pledges of good behavior .. and the reminder of the limits that can't be crossed .. a bound remains us what is not included into the same bound .. that what it doesn't want to have in itself from itself .. his mark of belonging and clear demarcation ..

.. the Moon E transits at 22°25 of th third décan of Aquarius k, in House III, and comes closer from the Bottom of the Sky (FC), her Part of Fortune D is contiguous in Taurus b with the solar Descendant (DS) , in House IV surrounded by Uranus I andVesta L .. return to the love affairs of the origins, .. return to the basic problem of the relation .. need of continence and need of belong to something greater than what we are .. ..
.. the Sun A transits at 22°25’ of Lion e, House IX, and comes very close from his Middle of the Sky (MC) .. mixing magic of being and feeling of loneliness  .. ecstasy and apprehension .. the roof of the Sky is made to be habited alone .. or by very very few of us ..

.. reminding us that ..

unconsciously everything is programmed and is working on schedule by itself .. without our consciousness and without our consent .. but if, for a good reason, a human being, exalted by the wave of individuation blown by the mood of Leo e, wants to reprogram himself by himself, in consciousness, as a individual, he will encounter huge difficulty and fragility .. complexity and inertia .. facing the risks of being conscious of all the strategic issues happening unconsciously in himself ..
to become mature and autonomous .. conscious of ones thoughts and ones acts, is the most difficult and impossible thing on earth, .. even if it was the ever most expected thing inside us ..  

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] is the eighth full moon of Year XII  :

this full moon helps true relations and deep links of confidence
to be redrawn nicely ..

रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima] is the full moon of all tantric bounds
between compatible human souls ..
between trustable close friends ..

.. she highlights psychic bounds,
energetic bounds
and physical bounds ..

.. between soulmates of life ..
between brothers of destiny ..
and between partners of karma ..

.. at रावण पूर्णिमा [śravana purnima],
natural bounds have to be redrawn ..
deep relations have to be rehonored ..
vital connections have to re-acknowledged ..

.. the richness of a human soul,
results from the qualitative network of its close friends,
.. of its real brothers ..
of its true relations ..

.. our psychic energies are intricately connected,
as our physical skills are remotely connected

.. relations uplift us and help us to stay
as one qualitative and regenerated individual ..

.. we unconsciously weave a tantric tissue of connection ..
and this tissue actually protect us
.. from our destructive egocentricity
and from our personal incapacity..

.. from our personal decline
and from our inner evil :
our regression in self-made loneliness ..

.. our inner evil is our humoral non-reliability ..
our evil is our stubborn non-sense ..
our evil is our recurrent non-trust ..

.. our consciousness is built
on the resonances we give to our thoughts ..
on the motivations we give to our acts ..
on the reactualizations we give to our relations ..

.. never forget that if our psyche is collective,
the atomic structure of the manifested body
is collective too ..

.. the lack of qualitative relation we show
in our psychic entourage, mirrors the lack of vital cohesion,
we feel in our physical body ..