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the 8th New Moon of Year XII ..

Today 1st of August, it's new moon .. the eighth new moon of this solar year : रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya] .. opening रावण ठमास [śrāvana māsam] ..

she is the third moon karmic of सिव [shiva] .. रावण ठमास  [śravana māsam] .. this moon is known to dissolve and to renew all bounds between best lovers , best friends and best partners .. in the north India, रावण ठमास  [śravana māsam] is the moon of the monsoons ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 8th New Moon of [śravana] Thursday 1st of August 2019 at 05:15 AM (GMT+2)

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya] the new moon of Cancer d
she is transiting in the नाक्षत्र [nakshatra] of पुष्या [pushya] at 14°31’ of Cancer d
in पुष्या [pushya], the excellence in the physical matter and the fragrance of the heart, 
पुष्या [pushya] domified by Saturne Hrepresents the deep connection with the mother earth goddess ..

this new moon has a Cancer d solar ascendant ( Part of Fortune D) at 3°15 of Cancer d
on the very bridge between पुनर्वसु [punarvasu] and पुष्या [pushya]  ..
Mercury B is no more retro from that day ..

.. a new moon, full of nostalgia of former loves and feelings of loneliness, because of her relative position to Venus and to Saturn ..


.. reminding us that ..

.. such a new moon could lead us easily to superficiality and despair, .. to blindness and boredom ..
if our vacant mind remains lazy and weary .. and insists to be not engaged in some deep spiritual uplift,
.. our soul will get irremediably bored and sick of living .. in this typical situation of time hold and no-go, 
« accidents » or « shit » may then easily happen ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode


the Moon E is a Lion eNew Moon,
transiting at 08°38 of Leo, first decan, House I,
she has a Cancer d solar ascendant, at 27°23 of Leo

Venus at 05°00' of Cancer d will join them soon ..
at the 9th new moon Sun A, Moon E, Venus C, Mars F, Mercury B and Juno will be all in perfect conjunction  .. a perfect occasion to call for th return of what we secretly miss and want ..
Saturn H retro en Capricorne j at 150° of conjonction Sun + Moon + Venus, interfers travels, returns from travels .. and any change of paradigm .. let's go forward to the past ..


.. reminding us that ..

.. a new moon shaded by an invisible magic, .. the emergence of the invisible magic of the self .. during such a new moon, the time is hold .. the space is hold .. it is time for us, to discover why we are here on this planet .. what the real deal of all this .. we are not here to be entertained or served by someone .. we are here to serve in peace and love, something, someone, much greater then ourselves .. we are here to finally serve the Self with love and devotion, .. this is the only sense of our life  ..

.. tantric tradition says that रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya ] is the night during which, lord सिव [shiva] unweaves in a single gesture, all what he has weaved during the whole year, .. and so, all human bonds mechanically fall apart ..
.. than all the bonds we love, need to be consciously renewed ..
.. and this is an incredible opportunity for us to show conscious and unconditional love .. to reweave the tissue of our psychic flesh ..

रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya] as an eighth new moon means  :

« listen to what is coming ..
.. listen to the unknown self ..

.. listen to the silent noise
of the inner guidance » ..

.. listen to the silent cascade 
leading to the threshold of inner understanding

« here comes the flood ..
.. we are the overflow of our flood ..
.. we are the reason of our end ..

.. our stagnancy as our stubbornness
are our worst personal enemies,

because we never uplift ourselves,
we will finally die into the flood
of our past missed acts » ..

« we were here to meet our end ..
our personal experience of the self

.. we here to embrace ..
our transient awakening of कुण्डलिनी [kundalini]..
and then our long death » ..

« we were here to achieve our path to the loving Self ..
we were here to make this world better ..
by healingl it from our inner sufferance » ..

«  .. and we just lost ourselves on the way of emancipation ..
we fell asleep and got attached to ourselves ..
bound to our suffering mind again .. »

.. during the रावण ठमास [śrāvana māsam],
it is said that lord [shiva], 
the weaver god within ourselves,
unweaves and reweaves totally
all the tissues of our close relations ..

.. at रावण आमावास्य [śrāvana amavasya],
lord सिव [shiva] like a low tide,
undoes what has been sewn ..

.. at रावण पूर्णिमा [śrāvana purnima]
lord सिव [shiva] like a high tide,
resews what has been undone  ..

रावण [śrāvana] is the moon of relations,
the physical world is built by relations
the human psyche is built by relations,

like the neuronal tissue in our body is ..
like an energetic network of redundancy is ..
like an living algorithm of convolution is ..

it gives cohesion and sense to the mind ..
it gives health and stamina to the body ..

better relations create better memories ..
better relations create better bodies ..
a body is a condensed memory ..

the तन्त्र [tantra] is the living tissue
of all the links and bonds we sew
.. with our real brothers ..
.. with our close friends ..
.. with our life partners ..

so that we could get ready and reliable
.. when bad issues will hit ..
.. when destiny will strike ..
.. when the sun will begin his final
and slow fall to north ..

« listen to the noise of inner silence ..
.. listen to the music of true relation
with the beloved, 
with the only one soul the only one body » ..

« true and deep relation is the best food 
for  the soul » ..