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the 7th New Moon of Year XII ..

आर्द्रा अमावास्य [ardra amavasya] .. beginning आषाढ मास [ashadha māsam] the month dedicated to huge physical workouts and to karmiic emancipation processes .. to be yet finally started ..

Tuesday 2nd of July it’s new moon .. the seventh new moon of this solar year .. आषाढ अमावास्या [ashādhā amavasya], opening आषाढ ठमास [ashādhā māsam], .. the true and wild path to the inner Self .. the guided path through the darkness of the गुरु [guru] .. आषाढ अमावास्या [ashādhā amavasya] was usually time to undertake important pilgrimages around the world, .. important workouts in the caritative fields .. or in the spiritual mountains, for some .. or doing absolutely nothing, and being lazy slut laying in the shadow, for others ..