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the 6th Full Moon of Year XII ..

ज्यैष् पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima] .. true love is beyond time .. circonstances and appearances .. ordinary love as passionate love, are meant to endlessly endure them ..

Monday 17th of June at 10:30 am ( GMT+2 ) it's Full Moon, the apotheosis of the Sixth Moon of Year XII (2+0+1+9) .. 


Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky, for the 6th Full Moon of ज्यैष् पूर्णिमा [jyeshta purnima] 

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode

ज्यैष् पूर्णिमा [jyestha purnima] is a Gemini Full Moon
transiting through the [nakshatra] of मूल [moola] at 1°46’ of Sagittarius
she Sun is travelling through a Gemini constellation’s sky .
she receives from this Sun, a Cancer solar Ascendant ..

Full Moon and Jupiter enlighten fully the night sky for the coming Summer Solstice

.. reminding us that ..

  • our unconscious imagination and our unconscious projections are always our worst enemy ..
    our  fully conscious imagination  and our full conscious projection are our best creative allies ..

what is unconscious is by definition separated from me .. and potentially against me ..
or in an other way, my mind is absent of me, and potentially in confrontation to me ..

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode, 

she is the Full Moon of Gemini, she is the Strawberry Moon of Year XII
transiting at 25°53 through the third Decan of the Sagittarius constellation’s sky, 
she realms in House V ..
the Sun finishes his travel through the Gemini constellation’ sky ..
the Full Moon receives from this Sun light, a Lion solar Ascendant ..

.. reminding us that ..

  • we should be inside much more, than we seem to be apparently and we should be able to be inside, much more than we seem to able to show outside ..
  • loneliness should never be taken as a punishment,
    but as an opportunity to be taken among many others  ..
  • « remember you have been once a star and its light » .. remember the time you where a giant star, or a sovereign sun, powerful and immense, shining in the endless universe with all its light, in all its most beautiful loneliness  .. the moon that turns around our  earth, this cooled piece of star, reminds us that we have been, in our distant origins, clearly issued from the same light, and from the flesh as our sun ..
  • past is past, .. and past has to be passed .. what’s good should remain, from something that is bound to be past ? .. what’s good should come back, from something that should not have to remain ? ..

येष्ठ पूर्णिमा [jyeshta purnima] ..

the third and last full moon of spring in the hindu calendar,
a peak time dedicated to goddess [jyeshta devi] and to lord [shiva] ..

[jyeshta devi] is the almighty goddess of the never changing nature of humans ..
[shiva] is the almighty god of the ever changing nature of humans ..

they are as much different, as similar ..
they both express the two extreme facets of the same human kind ..

this third full moon of [jyeshta] is ..
a strawberry red alchemical full moon,
a beautifully glaze crystal deadly red flower ..
adorned with delicate dewy petals ..
and nasty biting throws ..

[jyeshta purnima] glorifies
the dual realm of the Scorpio’s heart ..
the home of absolute, but unfortunately for ordinary windy minds,
still dual love ..

.. [jyeshta devi] is the distant goddess of death to love ..
and the demanding goddess of love to death in the present ..

[jyeshta purnima] is the silver white blade and dark red jewel of desire,
the firm desire to finally meet the ultimate subject of love ..

.. to truly embrace the beloved one ..
pretexted subject of total virtual passion ..
pretexted object of no physical possession ..
.. a quest of an absolute truth,
within an ever changing field of reflection …

.. a need to really incarnate, within this lifetime,
the reflection of the strong and immortal nature
of an ever loving soul ..
the steady despair of a disappointed desire ..

[jyeshta purnima] the full moon of absolute love ..

.. love beyond ordinary absence
love beyond ordinary distance ..

.. love beyond ordinary hate ..
love beyond ordinary love ..

.. love beyond ordinary agreement ..
love beyond ordinary misunderstanding ..

[jyeshta purnima] is a strange dual and confusing moody space
.. full of love and hate ..
.. full of presence and distance ..
.. full of attention and absence ..

[jyeshta purnima] is the full moon
of non expected surprises,
.. but also of sudden accidents ..

of non expected progresses,
.. but also of sudden impeachments ..

of non expected improvements,
.. but also of sudden resignations ..

.. the beloved is not the «other », but somehow within the «other » ..
.. I see my reflection within the vibration of «other » ..

.. the higher «self» that is not a higher «me» shell, but somehow within me ..
.. I see its reflection within the vibration of «other » ..