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jyeshta goddess
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the 6th New Moon of Year XII ..

ज्येष्ठा अमावास्या [jyestha amavasya]

Monday 3rd of June it’s New Moon Day .. the sixth New Moon of this solar year 2019 .. ज्येष्ठा अमावास्या [jyestha amavasya] is opening the third moon of spring ,.. the third moon of the hindu year .. in the western world, she is the strawberry moon .. th seducing moon .. she witnesses the pollination of the air by all winds and bees ..

Karmic Astrology

Fast forward reading of the Sky for the 6th New Moon, on Monday 3rd of June 2019 at 12:04 am ( GMT+2) .. she is the Third and last New Moon of Spring ..

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode, .. 

येष्ठा अमावास्या [jyestha amavasya] is a Taurus New Moon
transiting through the [nakshatra] of [rohini] at 18°27 of Taurus 
she has a Leo solar Ascendant ..

this new moon is asking these eternal questions :

how can we seduce chance ? .. and get rid of physical problems ? ..
how can we attract love ? .. and get rid of evil’s eye ? ..
let’s start by getting rid of the seduction of our personal contradictions and our inconsequences .. by getting rid of the seduction of the impersonal promises we are not able to hold .. and honor ..

  • who ever we are .. what ever we believe in .. we have to behave intimately and act freely in consequence of what seems us to be true, just right now .. and then immediately we do have to forget it .. drop it .. and no more think about it .. ever .. no pride, no regret ..

-- words by Ramana Maharshi
/ translated by Dhyan Prakash --

according to the western astrology, counting in tropical mode, 

she’s a Gemini New Moon transiting  at 12°34’ of Gemini,
Second Decan, Dome of Mars,
in House X, with a Virgo solar ascendant ..

this new moon is giving this eternal teaching : 

who ever confronted us .. what ever we have been through ..
we have to transform wounds in wisdom.. and wisdoms in love .. 
we have to understand fully what this is all about ..
to forgive all .. and then to forget the whole thing .. for ever .. and ever ..

  • why bringing together in life, what will be separated in death anyway ? .. why separating in life what will be united in death anyway ? ..

-- words by Kriya Deva 
/ translated by Dhyan Prakash --


opening ज्येष्ठा मास [jyestha māsam],
the third new moon of spring,

.. and celebrating येष्ठा [jyestha],
the goddess of pure love
and total loneliness  ..

.. येष्ठा [jyeshta] is the goddess of ..
pure love beyond death and split ..
pure love beyond time and space ..
pure love beyond success and failure ..

.. येष्ठा देवी [jyestha devi] is ..
goddess of the non-ordinary wave of love ..
goddess of the non-predictable
rogue wave of death ..
goddess of the non-avoidable wave of casualty ..

.. she embraces our love and our end,
she embraces our chance and our bad eye,
she embraces our good intention
.. and our missed acts ..

.. she’s what we attract ..
she’s what we deserve ..

.. she is what we are really worth for ..
she’s what we secretly love
beyond appearances and loneliness ..

.. beyond morality and amorality
beyond chance and destiny ..
beyond duality of our mind ..