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the 5th Full Moon of Year XII ..

वैशाख पूर्णिमा [vaishakha purnima]

Saturday 18th of May, at 23:11, it’s Full Moon .. the 5th Full Moon of this Solar Year 2019 :
वैशाख पूर्णिमा [vaiśākha purnima] the Full Moon of Wesak, .. the Full Moon of Buddha ..
.. and this year, she is a very shamanic and transformative Blue Moon .. 
she is the second Full Moon of Spring, she is called : the Full Moon of Flowers ..

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky for the 5th Full Moon, on Saturday 18th of May 2019, at 23:11, ( GMT+2)

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode, .. 

वैशाख पूर्णिमा [vaiśākha purnima] is a Scorpio Full Moon ..
transiting through the [nakshatra] of अनुराधा [anuradha] ..
the Sun is travelling within the Taurus Constellation Sky ..
this moon has a solar Scorpio ascendant ..

reminding us that, ..

  • if we want to embrace existence beyond duality, we will have to embrace the idea that the opposite of what we do believe in, may also be true ..
    and that the contrary of who we are on earth, may also have the right to exist .. and to confront us ..

-- words by Kriya Deva --

according to the new western astrology, counting in tropical mode,

she is a Scorpio Full Moon within a Taurus Constellation Sky, 
with a Sagittarius solar Ascendant ..
she is the Second Full Moon of Spring ..


reminding us that, ..

  • there is no need to try to separate during life, what is meant to be united within death
  • if purity, bliss and grace are not already within me, within my body and mind, .. 
    they will never appear within me, wherever I go .. whoever I meet .. 
    the mind sees only what it already is and what it will ever be ..
  • god do not exists, but we all bath in godliness, and godliness surrounds us
    .. we are all immersed in the same ocean ..

-- words by Osho --


.. the Wesak full moon is a kind of time shift ..

a time for inner magical transformations ..
a time for inner sudden transitions ..
a time for inner unexpected transmutations ..

a time for a human mind 
to get now awaken 
and get finally born, 
in a [buddha]'s mind,
.. or to be sunk more and deeper 
in ones own delusions ..

the second full moon of spring is ..
a time for nature to grow and multiply ..
a time for animals to molt and reproduce ..
a time for flowers to bloom and spread ..
she's called the flowers moon ..

the Wesak moon is
a time for the human mind to contemplate nature
.. and take a gentle break, ..
a time for the mind to be just a silent observer 
.. and listen to the full moon growing ..

the [vaishakha purnima] is 
a magnet for magical surprises ..
.. and an attractor for strange incidents ..
an incitation for subtile inner emergences,
.. or for insane drifts into inner boring chaos ..

a trigger for a sudden anguish, 
accompanied by elusive cold sweats ..
.. or a call for a deep despair, 
reinforced by invasive burning fevers ..
a beginning of a new easy deceit,
.. and an end of a painful denial ..

a loose of a convenient silliness,
.. and a flash of a deadly evidence ..
a break of a damn restrictive rhythm,
.. and a clearance of a futile conterbeat ..
an evil return of a hurting nagging,
.. and a clumsy search for a well-being ..

but most important evidence, 
at Wesak's time,
weird thoughts tend to grow and to multiply as weeds ..
specially within a windy mind ..
specially in absence of guidance ..

.. « thoughts are just like an aimless wind, 
blowing endlessly within my mind
sufferances, .. worries .. and finally boredoms ..
thoughts are easily blowing within 
my disoriented mind ..
.. they just pass through 
my « out of control » me, ..
.. and I can’t help it, 
I can’t avoid it, 
I can’t stop my mind thinking, ..
worrying .. and finally getting bored 
about everything » ..

.. « I’m totally loosing 
the pertinence of my observance ..
the pertinence of my discrimination .. 
the mastery of my judgement ..
.. I’m becoming the silly creature 
of my own windy mind »..

« what I see in the world, 
is only somehow, somewhere, within me ..
the mirror of my dual mind ..
the void and the darkness, 
the disease and the death, 
the boredom and the sufferance, 
.. are just mirrors of my dual windy mind .. 
.. they do not exist » ..

« they are only ghost resonances within me .. 
within my empty mind .. within my empty bubble ..
my vacant mind turns this infinite and complexe world I don’t know,
into the standard mirroring bubble I know .. my jail .. 
my mind turns the need of my usefulness
into the mirror of my uselessness ..
even if sometimes, 
I need the possibility to quit this bubble, 
.. just for a while ..
because she makes me feel so damned claustrophobic ..
but I can’t stand the vertigo to feel outside of my bubble, 
.. for too long » .. 

 .. this bubble is the deadly result of my dual mind  ..

« I will discover the holy world 
.. and the sacred purpose of my life ..
only if I open my overcautious mind 
.. and my chilly comprehension ..
I will then maybe meet my living body 
.. and my loving soul ..
I will maybe pass through all my stacked layers 
.. and my silly emotions .. 
I will maybe overcome my froozen memories 
.. and my steady fears ..
I will maybe master my windy thoughts 
.. and my cyclic moods » ..

.. « my body is my only way 
to experience the different layers of the world
my emotions are my only way 
to feel me and my soul alive ..
I’m my biggest enemy 
for my own happiness, 
I’m my biggest obstacle 
for my own bliss » ..

— words from Kriya Deva —
translated by Dhyan Prakash