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5th New Moon of Year XII ..

वैशाखर अमावास्य [vaiśākha amavasya] ..  वैशाखर मास [vaiśākha māsam] lthe moon of the flow of life and weight of existence  ..

Sunday 5th of May, it’s New Moon .. the New Moon of Wesak .. the 5th New Moon of this Solar Year 2019, वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya] .. opening वैशाख मास [vaiśākha māsam], she placed in भरणी [bharani]

Karmic Astrology

Reading of the Sky for the 4th Full Moon, on Sunday 5th of May 2019 at 00:46 am in the early morning ( GMT+2) .. she is the second New Moon of Spring ..

according to the traditional vedic astrology, counting in sidereal mode, .. 

वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākha amavasya]
is an Aries New Moon
transiting through the [nakshatra] of भरणी [bharani] 
at 20°03 of Aries with a Sagittarius solar Ascendant ..

.. reminding us that, ..  

she is the unconscious start of a long personal and lonely journey
through a symbolic rough desert ..
through a symbolic immense ocean .. .
through a symbolic endless continent ..
to meet our inside truth, beyond our credulity and our weakness ..

she is an unconscious attempt of a difficult and embarrassing search,
through our memories,
through our emotions,
through our experiences .. to encounter our true self ..

beyond all our expectations and our apprehensions  ..  

according the western astrology, counting in tropical mode,

she’s a Taurus New Moon
transiting at 14°11’ of Taurus,
Second Decan, in House IV, 
with a Capricorn solar ascendant ..

.. reminding us that, ..

she is the immersion in an hypnotic dream we had when we were a child ..
a dream of an earth we could touch and fertilize by the only power of our imagination ..
a vision of a body we could shape and incarnate by the only joy of our soul ..
with the help .. or for the please of no one .. just by ourself for ourself ..

the job of a mature being is to have the personal power and awareness to make this dream and this vision finally become true ..

vaishakha-amavasya tree

a magical dark new moon in a dark silver sky,
placed this year, in the [nakshatra] of  भरणी [bharani] ..

opening the moon cycle of वैशाख मास [vaiśākha māsam] ..
the gateway to the awakening 
and to the transcendence of the mind ..

वैशाख अमावास्या [vaiśākhā amavasya] is the inceptive dream
of a possible rebirth of the buddha’s spirit
within ourselves, ..
.. of a possible emancipation of the mind jail
within ourselves ..

she is a loss of an innocence,
.. but also a loss of ignorance ..

she is a loss of an easiness,
.. but also a loss of numbness ..

she is the loss of a conviction,
.. but also a loss of illusion

she is the loss of a stability
.. but also a loss of stupidity ..

[vaiśākhā amavasya]
is the beginning
of a difficult but mature awakening ..
.. and the end
of an easy but infantile indolence ..

a personal wandering
among our own darkness and willfulness ..

a personal wandering
through our untruth and uncertain ..

in [vaiśākhā amavasya],
we suddenly may discover that
.. nothing that is true may be really certain ..
.. nothing that is certain may be really true ..