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Workshop Indian Chanting with Lakshmi

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Dance with the chanting spirit.

Very special event of initiation to Indian singing ..
Traditional Ragas of Sanskrit Mantras ..
Let yourself be touched by the Voice, Mirror of the Soul, Sound of the Sacred ..

Lakshmi Santra

with a superb guest coming from Pondicherry: Lakshmi Santra ..
and Luca Carangello, tabla

Lakshmi Santra

Lakshmi Santra was born in Calcutta in November 1969. Her father was a talented tabla player hence Lakshmi grew up in an atmosphere of music. She studied Hindustani vocal classical music from 1983 to 1988 at the University of Allahabad. Lakshmi in her infancy was taught by her father, later she was trained by several well-known singers such as Shukla Bandyapadhay, Robin Chakrabarty, Shipra Bose and Arun Bhadhuri. At Present she is under the training and guidance of the well renowned vocalist, Shantanu Bandapadhay.

She sings traditional ragas, along with traditional songs of Bengal, Bhajans and Devotional hymns in Sanskrit. Since about 1985, Lakshmi lives with her husband Bibekananda Santra a recognized painter and their son Sreeman in Pondicherry. In 2000, she was invited and much appreciated at the World Music Festival in Chateau d’Oex in Switzerland. With great skill she teaches the art she loves, in both Pondicherry and Switzerland.

She has given several concerts and workshops in Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, Berlin and France. In the present 2015 Lakshmi performed in Budapest’s Indian Embassy; she also performed in Govedarou Art Gallery, in Greece.

With Lakshmi Santra’s mellifluous voice heard through selected compositions, I am sure you will enjoy an evening of great joy and inner peace.