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Indriyas / Meditation

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Expansion of consciousness and psycho-acoustic with binaural sounds

Indriyas: Monroe and BMR techniques:
Experimental evening of Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

इन्द्रिय [indriyas] Development of Senses, Support for Meditation, Expansion of Consciousness, Out of Body Travel, Development of Intuition and Anticipation ..
Psychoacoustic technologies try to provoke the expansion of consciousness by stimulating brain waves.

The Monroe Hemi-Sync and SAM techniques will aim to directly promote brain waves:
alpha, beta, theta and occasionally delta ..

The BMR® (Brain Waves Modulation and Impulse Response) techniques of the Resonant Worlds Research Institute will aim to generate and incite the emergence of brain waves:
delta, gamma and mu ..

The systematic use of non-ordinary states of consciousness (ENOC) is an essential step towards a greater understanding of the meaning of one's own existence .
Psycho-acoustics allow this incredible experience inside oneself in full consciousness, without psychotropic, without particular religious belief and without experimentation of NDE ..

Journey in the Senses by the Essence of Sounds | Resonant Worlds Institute